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Chapter 1: An Unpleasant Start

Keitaro Urashima woke up from his bed in his room and stretched his arms and rubbed his eyes. He looked out of the window and figured that it would be an acceptable day. He got up and yawned as well going to the bathroom to get washed up and make himself decent thus his usual morning routine. After doing that, he went back to his room and got himself dressed and prepared to get ready for the day. He left his room and went downstairs to the dining room where he saw his father sitting in his chair and reading today's newspaper, his mother putting plates on the table with the meals, and Kanako sitting across from her father.

"Good morning," Keitaro greeted his family.

"Morning son," Kyoshiro replied.

"Good morning Keitaro," Nanami replied.

"Morning Keitaro," Kanako greeted back.

He saw that breakfast was on the table and sat next to Kanako. They began to eat their breakfast.

"Dad, will you need my help with the bakery today?" Keitaro asked.

"No, not today," Kyoshiro replied, "I think we will be fine for now. You go ahead and head for your grandmother's inn and see what she wants."

Keitaro nodded, "Okay."

Keitaro received a letter from his grandmother Hina Urashima yesterday to go see her at the Hinata Inn. It had been many years since he had been there. The last time he was there was six years ago and he along with his family went to visit her and his cousin/aunt Haruka.

"I do wonder what Granny wants to see me about," Keitaro asked.

"She didn't say in the letter?" Nanami asked.

Keitaro shook his head, "No, and I don't know why."

"Well, I'm sure you'll know when you get there," Kanako said.

Keitaro simply nodded, "Yeah, I guess…"

The four Urashimas continued to eat their breakfast.

Later on, Keitaro was out of the door of his home and was being accompanied by his parents and sister.

"All right, I'm going," Keitaro said.

"Keitaro, make sure you remember to register for your classes," Nanami reminded.

Keitaro smiled at his mother, "Yeah, I know Mom. I won't forget."

Keitaro went to his motorcycle, put on his helmet, and turned it on, "All right, I'll be back."

"Say hi to Granny and Haruka for us son," Kyoshiro said.

"Will do Dad."

"Be careful Keitaro," Kanako said smiling with her cat Kuro meowing happily at Keitaro.

Keitaro smiled at his sister, "I will."

Keitaro rode off on his motorcycle with his family waving to him. Keitaro was riding his motorcycle all the way to the Hinata Inn.

In front of the Hinata Inn and the Hinata Teashop

Keitaro finally arrived at his destination. He turned off his motorcycle and got off and looked at the place while taking off his helmet.

"Hmm, it's been many years," Keitaro said to himself.

Flashback: Hinata Inn's sandbox 15 years ago

Five-year-old Keitaro Urashima was playing in the sandbox with a girl who was around the same age as him.

"Say, did you know that if two people go to Tokyo University, they will find happiness with each other," the girl asked.

"Huh, really? Is that true?" Keitaro asked.

The girl nodded, "Yeah, it's true. So promise, we'll see each other again at Tokyo University when we grow up," the girl then went to Keitaro and kissed him on the cheek causing the little Urashima to blush crimson red.

Sometime later, the girl was leaving waving from the back of the van sadly, "Remember, we promise to see each again at Tokyo University."

Keitaro simply waved back and nodded.

Flashback End

Keitaro simply sighed and shook his head, "I never did bother to learn that girl's name. I don't even remember what she looked like. Oh well, I doubt that girl even remembers me or that promise and we were just little kids," Keitaro chuckled a little, "Well, I know it wouldn't have done me any good to keep myself bound for something that little kids would say though I wonder why Granny was trying to convince me that I should keep that alive," Keitaro shrugged, "Oh well, it's pointless to think about it now…I'll go see Aunt Haruka."

Keitaro went to the teashop and looked around, "Hello…"

A woman came showed up. She had long brown hair with a streak of red, brown eyes with an average figure wearing a blue dress, white socks, and black shoes with the Hinata Teashop apron.

"Yes, would you like a table?" the woman asked.

"Actually, I'm looking for Haruka Urashima, is she in?" Keitaro asked.

"Oh, unfortunately, Haruka had to step out for the moment. Is there something I can help you?"

"Oh…uh, no, not really, when she comes back, could you tell her that Keitaro was here and I'll be at the Hinata Inn?"

The woman was shocked, "The Hinata Inn? You're going there?"

Keitaro was confused, "Yeah, my grandmother Hina Urashima is expecting me there."

The woman raised her eyebrow, "Oookay, I'll let Haruka know."

"Thanks," Keitaro said as he left.

The woman was confused, "That weird, why would Hina Urashima ask him to go to that all-girls dormitory?" The woman then had a shocked look on her face, "Wait, does he even know that it's an all-girls dorm now?"

Meanwhile, Keitaro was walking the long stairs up, "That woman was giving me such a strange look. I wonder why she was surprised." Keitaro got to the front door of the inn and nodded, "I'm here," He touched the door and was able to push it back, "It's open…"

Keitaro let himself inside and called out, "Granny…Granny, where are you? It's me, Keitaro, your grandson." Keitaro looked around, "Is she not here?"

Keitaro walked in a bit more, "Granny…Granny…where the hell is she?" Keitaro looked around, "Is anyone here? Hello…"

Keitaro was starting to get a bit irritated, "I don't get. I'm here and at the time Granny asked me to be here so where the hell is she?" Keitaro sighed, "I guess there's no point getting irritated so easily."

Keitaro started to look around and then noticed some of the changes of the place, "It seems like it's not much of an inn for some reason…"

Keitaro then stopped at front of the entrance that read the hot springs, "Hmm, it's tempting to have a soak, maybe…" Keitaro shook his head, "No first I have to find at least someone, I'll relax in the springs afterwards."

"Who the hell are you?" a voice said.

Keitaro turned and saw a young woman with long brunette hair wearing only a towel and glaring at Keitaro. Keitaro was surprised to see a girl with only her towel.

"Uh…" Keitaro quickly looked away, "I'm see to see my grandmother, the owner of this place Hina Urashima."

"Oh really?" the girl replied rudely, "You didn't answer my question, just who the hell are you?"

Keitaro was getting annoyed at the tone of the girl he just met, "I'm her grandson, Keitaro Urashima."

"Well, I've never heard of you and I think you can stop lying."

"I'm not lying, I'm really Hina's grandson and I'm here because my grandmother asked me to come here." Keitaro countered.

"There's no way she would ask for some pervert to come to an all-girls dormitory," Naru shot back.

"Wait, an all-girls dorm?" Keitaro asked surprised looking at the girl.

"Yes, an all-girls dorm. Don't act like you didn't know," the girl said with anger.

"What the hell's going on?" Keitaro asked in his head, "When did this place become an all-girls dorm? Wait, was that the reason why that waitress at Haruka's teashop giving me such a weird response? Why didn't Granny tell me? Where the hell is she? I need her to explain why she invited me here and not telling me that she change the place?"

"It's time for you to leave," the girl demanded.

"Listen, I didn't that my grandmother changed this place, look, let me talk with my grandmother and then I'll leave." Keitaro replied.

"No, you will leave right now. I'll have you leave but not before receiving a painful lesson," the brunette girl said with venom, "and I'll teach you that lesson right now. The lesson of what happens to disgusting perverts like you trespass on a sanctuary for girls," Naru's towel was starting to slip part of her chest was shown. Keitaro saw a little and quickly looked away again and the brunette saw that he saw and was livid.

"You pervert!" the brunette screeched and decided to attack him with a punch.

Keitaro dodged the punch, "Hey! Calm down! I didn't see much anyway!"

"You saw! You saw! I was right, you disgusting pervert. Prepare for your judgment!" the girl continued to attack Keitaro while continued to dodge her attacks.

The girl threw another punch only this time Keitaro stopped it with his hand.

"Will you stop you psycho?" Keitaro said angry at how this girl was acting, "Just tell me where my grandmother is and we can clear all this."

"Shut up," the girl said steaming, "I will not listen to the words of a worthless, lying pervert."

"Naru, what's going on?" another girl said.

The other girl had dirty blonde hair with her eyes closed.

"Kitsune, there's a pervert here trying to peek at us," the girl who was identified as Naru said.

Keitaro let go of her fist and was angry, "I'm not trying to peek. How many times do I have to say it?"

"Oh, a male here in an all-girl house," Kitsune said.

"Will you listen?" Keitaro said becoming more irritated.

"Did I hear a male is here?" another girl said and this time it was a girl with long black hair wearing a gi and hakama with a sword in her hand, "That's pretty bold for a vile male to be here but you made the mistake of coming here and I see you're trying to have your way with Naru."

"What the hell is wrong with all of you?" Keitaro was about to lose it.

"Prepare yourself you pervert," Naru declared as she tried to punch him again.

Keitaro dodged the attack again and then the girl with a sword tried to slash him and Keitaro stopped the blade with both of his hands.

"That's a real blade," Keitaro said to himself, "I didn't know Granny allowed this."

Keitaro directed the sword with the wielder away from him and ran out to the living room only to meet another girl, one with blue hair who looked to be twelve to thirteen years old.

"Uuuaahh," the blue haired girl uttered nervously.

The three other girls caught up and saw them.

"Oh, there he is," Kitsune said, "Naru, Motoko, he's trying to hit on poor Shinobu," Kitsune said with a little glee.

"You monster, you get away from Shinobu!" Naru demanded

"Disgusting scum," Motoko said, "prepare to feel the wrath of my blade!"

"Shinobu, where are you?" another girl called out and this time it was a girl that was dark skinned, with blond hair wearing her school uniform and she saw Keitaro, "Hello, do you want to play?"

"Su, that's not a playmate, that's a criminal," Naru said.

"We'll catch him," Motoko added.

"Oh, it's a game of tag," Su said happily, "Okay!"

Su then went and attempted to catch him only to have Keitaro dodge him. Su thought it was fun.

"Oh, you're hard to catch, you seem fun," Su said.

"I don't think I can actually find it as a compliment," Keitaro said as he was now facing the girls that were living here, "Listen, this is not funny. Didn't my grandmother tell you anything?"

"Nice try, but you're nothing but a liar. I don't know how you found out about this place but you made the mistake in trying to peep on us." Naru said.

"This is stupid, just tell me where my grandmother is right now," Keitaro was angry, angry that his grandmother wasn't here when she said she would and being accused of being a pervert that girls he considered to be horrible."

"What's going here?" another voice said and this time it was voice and appearance that Keitaro did know. It was his relative, Haruka Urashima.

"Aunt Haruka, thank goodness, you're here, you mind telling what's going here?" Keitaro said only to be hit with a fan, "Haruka, what the hell?" Keitaro was angry at what Haruka just did.

"Haruka, this pervert invaded the house and was trying to pass off as Hina's grandson," Naru said.

"Haruka, let us handle this, we'll get rid of him right now," Motoko said.

"You will do no such thing," Haruka said surprising the girls.

"But Haruka…" Naru spoke.

"Haruka, what are you saying?" Kitsune said.

"This guy here is my nephew and he is Granny's grandson," Haruka said.

The girls were surprised.

"Wait, so he was telling the truth?" Kitsune asked.

"Yes, I was," Keitaro said angry and then turned to Haruka, "Granny asked me to come over and yet it seems she's not here. What's going on? Why is this place an all-girl dorm?"

Haruka sighed, "I think we all need to calm down and sit. I'll explain things."

That's it for this chapter. The scenario is different from what happened in the manga, I know. Next chapter, Haruka explain things to Keitaro and the Hinata residents and neither of them are happy and once Keitaro learns of his grandmother's intent, he'll be upset at what she was playing at and will refuse to accept it. Also, Keitaro is in college but is it Tokyo U, Waseda, or any of other colleges. Find out next chapter.