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Unwilling and Unwavering

"Granny, there is one other thing," Keitaro spoke looking at Hina.

"What now?" Hina responded.

"Even if I were to run the inn, I would do things differently."

"Like what?" Hina asked wonder what was more Keitaro was going to say that would upset her.

"Well, for one, I would convert it back to a regular inn, as in not a girl's dormitory."

Hina and the residents were shocked.

"You can't be serious grandson," Hina said.

"Oh, I am," Keitaro responded.

Naru stepped up a little, "Hey, you actually think that we would just stand by and let you just making changes in our home without us involved in the matter."

Keitaro glared at Naru, "First off, it wouldn't be up to you since you really have no ownership of the place at all, you're just tenants, nothing more and second, you wouldn't have to worry about it anyway because the second thing I would do is cancel your leases and have you all evicted."

This surprised the Hinata Inn Girls and Hina was mortified at what Keitaro said.

"Keitaro, you cannot be serious, you would actually do that to them?" Hina asked disgusted.

"Absolutely," Keitaro simply responded.

"This can't be real," Hina said in her head, "this is a nightmare. This is just a terrible nightmare."

Miyabi also had her thoughts, "This may make Keitaro's grandmother think twice before she decides to bother Keitaro again."

Hinata Teashop

Haruka had called all of her employees that were working today in the back since there weren't many customers in at the moment.

"Really? You're being sued boss?" A male worker that was tall with slick back brown hair said.

"But why would Sakura do this?" A female worker with short black hair said.

"Ah man, this is not good," A second female worker with long wavy hair said.

"So Haruka, what are you going to do?" A second male worker with glasses and brunette hair tied a ponytail asked.

"Obviously, I'm going to fight this," Haruka declared, "They think they can sue me for such ridiculous accusations."

"The accusations are not ridiculous and they're actually true."

"Ryoji, how can you say that?" The first female employee berated.

Ryoji pushed up his glasses, "C'mon Mamiko, we all knew it was going to happen sooner or later."

"You better watch your mouth Ryoji," the slick back headed worker warned glaring at Ryoji.

"Calm down Tetsuya," the wavy haired girl said.

Tetsuya turned to her, "Are you not bother of what he had just said Risa?"

"Of course I am, but we need to be calm," Risa replied and turned to Haruka, "How are you going to fight this?"

"I know a good attorney, I'll give her a call," Haruka answered.

"Is there anything we can do to help?" Mamiko asked.

"No, I can handle this; I just wanted to let you all know what was going on."

"Hey Haruka, you want us to try and talk some sense into Sakura?" Tetsuya asked.

"Yeah, I bet she would realize that what she's doing is wrong," Risa added.

"If you want, I won't stop you but anyway, that all I wanted to tell you so go ahead and get back," Haruka said.

The three nodded and Ryoji just pushed his glasses. They were starting to leave.

"Ryoji, stay back a bit, I want to talk to you," Haruka said as the others left and Ryoji stayed behind, "Ryoji, I didn't appreciate the things you just said. Must you always have some rude comment to say to me? You seem to forget that I'm your boss."

"Sorry Haruka but I did try to tell you what would happen. I've seen the way you've done things like spilling tea on people because they said things that you didn't like, docking Sakura's pay and making her work overtime, hell, you did the same thing to me."

"So you're going to whine and complain about how I do things too."

Ryoji shook his head, "I'm going to say that you won't win this lawsuit."

Haruka got irritated by what Ryoji said, "Well, it's a good thing you don't have a law degree, I don't have to listen to the words of an arrogant punk."

Ryoji glared Haruka, "You treat your own customers like crap and you're calling me arrogant? It doesn't take a law degree to know that you broke some laws. You don't know how to treat people right, not even your nephew."

Haruka was taken back, "What?"

"I heard from Sakura how you acted towards your nephew and I saw what happened when you returned here with those tenants at that dorm and your nephew. He was right to call you out on your behavior."

Haruka was angry but calmed down, "So you think you know everything all of a sudden. Well, if that how you feel then you can continue acting like that…somewhere else. You're fired Ryoji. Take that apron off and get the hell out, in fact, never set foot here again."

Ryoji simply shrugged, "Fine…"

Ryoji took off his apron and dropped it on the floor and walked out. As Ryoji was walking out, he noticed Mamiko, Tetsuya, and Rika were looking at him.

"You should have just kept your mouth shut," Rika said.

"So you heard all that," Ryoji simply said.

"This is what happens when you act like you know better than Haruka," Mamiko said, "you're just like Sakura."

"Ryoji, you're a dumbass, what the hell were thinking talking to Haruka like that?" Tetsuya added.

Ryoji shrugged, "I don't regret what I said and Haruka needed to hear it. It's like I said, she will lose this case."

"You don't know that!" Mamiko said losing her cool.

Ryoji just simply walked out of the teashop.

"He was always such a jerk," Rika said.

"Tch, for someone who's a Todai student, he doesn't have much good sense," Tetsuya commented.

"Well, it doesn't matter at this point; the question is what is Haruka going to do?" Mamiko added.

"Haruka said that she can handle it, let's leave at that," Rika said as one of the customer was calling for service, "we should get back to work."

Hinata Inn

"Keitaro, why can't you understand?" Hina asked upset.

"Why can't you understand Granny?" Keitaro asked upset.

Hina was about to lose her temper but stayed calm, "Keitaro, you weren't serious of what you said about what you would do, were you?"

"I don't joke around on things like this Granny," Keitaro stated.

"Keitaro, this isn't like you at all. You're not someone who would do such a cruel thing, right?"

"Granny, I'm serious and besides even if I didn't right away, I know that these tenants would continue with their appalling behaviors and I would have to evict them. I have no patience for people who are disrespectful and who would cause trouble. Any other sensible dorm manager, man or woman for that matter, would do the exact same thing."

"Would you stop saying bad things about us?" Kitsune demanded, "Why do you always have to say cruel things?"

"You're the one with the appalling behavior," Naru added, "we try to talk some sense to you and all you've done is insulted us repeatedly."

"Please, could you please stop saying terrible things about us?" Shinobu pleaded.

Motoko turned to Hina, "Granny, I know he is your grandson, but with his terrible attitude towards us, allow me to challenge him to a duel so that I can teach him some manners."

Keitaro and Miyabi laughed at what Motoko said and that irritated the young Aoyama female.

"You two find this funny?" Naru asked angry, "Motoko is good and would actually cut you down. You better watch yourselves."

"Yes, we do find it funny," Miyabi responded, "this samurai wannabe probably thinks that Keitaro has no skill and that he would be beaten easily," Miyabi turned to Motoko, "you really don't have any idea."

"A weak woman who's depended on that male has no right to say things like that to me," Motoko countered.

"Hmph, pathetic, you don't really know what a strong and independent woman really is."


"Stop it Motoko," Hina interrupted and turned to Miyabi glaring at her, "Miyabi, don't say such rude things to Motoko."

"Ignoring the fact that she just insulted Keitaro yet again," Miyabi said.

"It just how it is," Keitaro said.

"Keitaro, listen, I told the girls that you are really a nice person but I can't help but feel that you're actually acting this way because of her," Hina said pointing at Miyabi.

Keitaro was disgusted at Hina's accusations, "Granny, don't try to pin this on my girlfriend and it seems that you're not bothered at your tenants' behaviors."

"Keitaro, listen to me," Hina said as she got up and went to Keitaro, "Keitaro, my hope for you was to get along with the girls as you ran the inn. I ran this place for many years and I'm getting real old. Sure, I could have asked your Aunt Marumi, I could have asked Kanako, but when I look at the girls with what they went through and the things that had happened in their lives, I decided to help them and for them to make sure they had a place to stay where they would worry about the things that are going on in their lives. Keitaro, I ask you to take my place so that you could get along with them as well and help out just as I have been doing for them."

"Granny…" Naru spoke.

The other girls were amazed at Hina and were grateful to her and it reminded to them that Hina was someone who understood them. Keitaro, on the other hand, was not moved with his grandmother's speech.

"Help them out? More like what you really want me to do is baby and spoil them, like what you and Aunt Haruka have done," Keitaro said.

"Keitaro, you're not-" Hina tried to point out.

"No Granny, since I've met them, they've done nothing but insult me and tried to physically harm. You should have told them about me when you told me to come here but you didn't for some reason and you expect me to just be nice to them when they just called me a liar and a pervert and would just make such terrible and false accusations."

"I keep telling you, it was all a misunderstanding and I'm sure that the girls-"

"Why do you insist on making excuses for their behavior?" Keitaro interrupted, "you say that I could help them with their problems, I'm not a therapist, and if you want them to get help you should take them to see a real one."

"Are you saying that we should be in an asylum?" Kitsune asked insulted.

"Seeing a therapist doesn't automatically mean being taken to asylum," Keitaro pointed out.

"Keitaro, they are not really bad people, they just have difficulties, but I'm sure that if you take the time to know them, you'll see that they are not so bad," Hina argued in their defense.

Keitaro shook his head, "I'm out of here, Granny, never bother me to run this inn again because it's obvious that you don't understand anything and that you're too selfish to understand that not everything can go your way."

Hina got upset, "So just like that, you're just going to walk away from this place, the place that would be your inheritance."

"Not interested," Keitaro then turned to Miyabi, "let's go Miyabi; I'm sorry that you had be put through this."

"It's okay," Miyabi said smiling at her boyfriend.

"Well then fine, go then and don't come back," Naru spoke in anger.

"Yes, we don't need you around anyway," Motoko added.

"Granny, I say that this should stop," Kitsune said, "it doesn't seem like he's going to take interest.

"Yeah, he's too much a meanie," Su added.

"Girls, stop it!" Hina demanded making the girls feel a bit shock.

"But Granny, why?" Naru asked.

Hina just turned to Keitaro, "Grandson, don't you dare walk out of that door."

Keitaro and Miyabi turned to Hina.

"Granny, there is nothing further to discuss; this is getting real pointless and old real fast. No matter what you say or how you try to justify things, my answer will always be the same."

"Keitaro, just tell me why you don't want to do this?"

"We've been over this," Keitaro was losing his patience.

"Just tell me why you don't want to do this," Hina said being insistent.

Keitaro sighed angrily, "The reason is that I already made plans of what I'm doing and running the inn is not part of it and besides, I don't feel like doing a favor for someone who has no regard for her own family."

"What are you talking about?" Hina asked upset.

"Oh, so you're going to try to pretend and deny the fact that you're actually a hypocrite and since you're used of having things go your way, you can't stand the fact that I won't do what you request and the fact that through all of this, you still won't be straight with me or with anyone else for that matter. It's also obvious to me that you never bother to correct the bad behavior these girls have and since that's the case, I know that most of them will act like they own the place. You're like a bad parent that spoils their children rotten and won't do anything to correct their bad behavior and always give in."


"Stop picking on Granny you jerk," Naru demanded, "you don't know anything about us so don't act like you do," Naru countered.

"Yeah, I mean, c'mon, sure it wasn't all that great but Granny is really trying and you're just blowing her off just like that," Kitsune said.

"Please stop saying mean things Keitaro," Shinobu pleaded with a strain tone of her voice.

"Just what give you the right to judge them harshly like that just because of what happened yesterday?" Hina asked.

Keitaro shook his head, "You actually need to ask, fine, I'll start and I'll start with Naru," Keitaro looked at Naru, making the one in question be taken back, "You, Naru, when we first met, you greeted me in a rude manner and accused me of lying without any base for your accusations and ordering me to leave when I kept telling you that Granny told me to come here and trying assault me without any provocation."

"That was because-" Naru tried to explained.

Keitaro interrupted her, "Your refusal to listen and your continuous baseless accusations of me lying and even when Aunt Haruka tried to explain things, you still repeatedly insulting me during the meeting. Your idiotic accusations of me peeking on you when I was looking away when your towel fell and telling me that I had no business being in this place without even listening to even Haruka and completely ignoring the fact that my own grandmother invited me her and you feel that it's okay for her to just dump the responsibility of the running this place on my lap with her damn lies?"

Naru was furious at the things Keitaro said to her and then Keitaro looked towards Motoko.

"What?" Motoko spoke rudely when Keitaro looked at her.

"You Motoko, the fake samurai," Keitaro said.

Motoko got angry, "Fake samurai?"

"Yes, you say that you an honorable warrior but that's not how I see it. What I see is an immature sexist brat."

"How dare you!" Motoko replied and about to draw her sword.

"Remember what I said," Keitaro replied quickly able to stop the young heir of the God Cry School, "you point your sword at me again and I will press charges."

Motoko gritted her teeth and was still willing to try.

"Motoko, stop it right now!" Hina demanded making Motoko stop in her tracks.

Keitaro continued, "If you were really much an honorable warrior as you claim, you would have ascertain the situation and you wouldn't have attacked me without provocation and making your stupid accusations of me trying to have my way with anyone here. Not to mention, you accuse me of being disrespectful to Aunt Haruka while ignoring the fact that my Aunt Haruka hit me on the head for simply addressing her as aunt and condoning the fact that my grandmother lied to me to get me to come here. That shows that you don't really have any honor otherwise you wouldn't agree with what my Aunt Haruka of what she did when we first met not to mention joining with Naru with her stupid accusations and it's for one reason."

"Really and what would that be?" Motoko asked still angry.

"You don't really like me just because I'm male and you believe that all males are just vile perverts, which is sad really. I don't know when and why you feel that way but I actually pity you for having such a mindset."

"Well, I don't need your pity Urashima!" Motoko countered.

"Hey, maybe you should stop," Kitsune suggested upset with what was going on, "you're not being fair."

"Oh, this coming from someone who fanned the flames here by making the accusation that I was trying to hit on Shinobu," Keitaro countered, "and was doing it with a glee, that tells me that you like make stuff up and probably like to play tricks on others."

"You know, it was a joke, you didn't have to take it so seriously," Kitsune said trying to play it off.

Keitaro got annoyed, "Do you hear yourself, why would you think it would be funny to make a horrible joke like that? You're disgusting!"

Kitsune got offended and Hina and the rest of the girls couldn't believe what Keitaro just said.

"You're calling me disgusting?" Kitsune asked upset.

"Yes I am, because you are and to think you got all offended just because I said I didn't find you or any of your friends here attractive. It's not like I said you were ugly but to me, I wouldn't really pay attention to women who are vain and think that looks and figure are what make someone attractive," Keitaro turns to Miyabi and wrapped her around his arms, "now my girlfriend Miyabi is very attractive and not just in looks, she's not vain, she has a kind personality and she's not arrogant and doesn't look down on people and she's very caring."

"Keitaro, you're embarrassing me," Miyabi said blushing but liked the gesture.

"I'm just being honest," Keitaro replied happily.

"And yet, she with a rotten male like you," Motoko said.

"Really? She could do much better than to be with a loser like you," Naru added.

"Stupid man haters like you two shouldn't be saying things like that," Miyabi countered annoyed with what the pair had said.

"Okay, that's it, I've had it with you," Naru said with the intent to teach Miyabi a lesson.

Keitaro glared at Naru, "You come near her and try to harm her, you'll be sorry."

"You-" Naru was interrupted by Kitsune putting her hand on her shoulder giving her the notion of not to go through with it.

Keitaro released Miyabi and then Su went to Keitaro upset.

"Are you going to say mean things to me to?" Su asked.

"You insisted on chasing me thinking it was tag when I repeatedly told you that it wasn't and you say that you were going to use me for your 'toys'. I'm pretty sure that I don't want to play any 'games' that you have in mind," Keitaro turned to Shinobu, "Shinobu…"

"Y-Yes?" Shinobu replied.

Keitaro sighed, "You just seem like you're just following along. It seems like you get why I'm against it and you said that you agree that it's not right of what is going on but you seem to still follow along with what my grandmother wants. Why is that?"


"Leave Shinobu alone," Naru said and turned to Shinobu, "Shinobu, you don't need to say anything. Just ignore this idiot."

"That's right Shinobu, you don't say anything," Motoko added.

"But he asked me-" Shinobu tried to say nervously.

"You need not to say anything," Naru insisted and turned to Keitaro, "Shinobu has nothing to say anything to you Keitaro."

Keitaro and Miyabi shook their heads.

"Now how are you going to just speak for her?" Keitaro asked appalled at what was happening.

Miyabi whispers to Keitaro, "It seems like this girl is bullied by these two."

"That maybe the case," Keitaro whispered back to Miyabi.

"I'm appalled," Hina said.

"Appalled?" Keitaro repeated.

"Yes Keitaro, I'm appalled that you would say such terrible things to them, you need to apologize to them right now."

"Not going to happen and we're leaving."

Keitaro and Miyabi were setting out of the inn.

"Keitaro!" Hina raised her voice.

"Remember what I said Granny, if you continue to try to get me to do something that I'm not obligated to do and harass people close to me or try to get Kanako to go with you on your world tour, there will be severe consequence for you Granny."

Hina was shaking her fist, "You disrespectful, ungrateful grandson…"

"Let's make this the last time and let's not go through this again, good bye Granny and bye you tenants."

"Bye, everyone," Miyabi said as she and Keitaro left the inn.

"Granny…" Naru spoke and saw Hina very upset.

"Um, Granny…" Kitsune spoke.

"This is…" Hina spoke, "this is…horrible…just…"

"Don't be angry Granny," Su said trying to assure her.

"Granny Hina, I'm sure that we can get through this," Motoko said.

Shinobu felt sad and then looked at Hina and her fellow tenants and then without anyone noticing, she just left and went to her room. She knew that she had a lot to think about.

Stairs of the Hinata Inn

Keitaro sighed as he and Miyabi were walking down the stairs.

"Are you okay Keitaro?" Miyabi asked.

"Well, I don't know, I'm annoyed about all of this. We were supposed to have a nice date and they had to ruin it," Keitaro turned to his girlfriend, "I'm really sorry about this Miyabi, I never meant for this happen. This all happen because my grandmother wouldn't just let go."

"I keep telling you, it's okay," Miyabi assured, "I know you didn't plan for this to happen and I'm real proud of you, you stood your ground and didn't let any of them intimidate you. You were very cool."

Keitaro chuckled, "Thanks Miyabi and thanks for backing me up, I really appreciate it."

"It was nothing, it was the least I could do," Miyabi replied smiling.

The couple continued descending the stairs and then a woman in a dark blue dress suit that had long black hair and was wearing glasses appeared and headed for the Hinata Teashop. Keitaro and Miyabi looked at the woman and then just went on their way.

Hinata Teashop

The woman in the dark blue business suit came inside and Haruka saw the woman.

"Reiko, thanks for coming," Haruka said.

The woman named Reiko went to Haruka, "I received the fax you sent regarding the lawsuit. Can we go somewhere private?"

Haruka nodded, "I have a room, we won't be bothered there."

Reiko nodded, "Okay."

In a room that had a couch and a table with two chairs, Haruka and Reiko sat on the chairs and Reiko had out the documents in regards of the lawsuit against Haruka.

"So Reiko, what can you tell me?" Haruka asked.

Reiko sighed looking over the documents, "I checked on the legitimacy of the lawsuit against you."


Reiko sighed again, "Haruka, I'm going to be honest with you, it's not looking good for you."

"What do you mean?"

"You don't really have much a case as they have enough to hold against you. You have nothing that you can counter against Sakura Tanigawa or on any of the people that you decided to 'teach them a lesson'.

"C'mon Reiko, you mean to tell me that there's nothing you can do to help me?"

"The only thing I can say is that you only have two options. One is that you go to court and have the high chance of losing this case and the second is that you settle."

Haruka didn't like what she heard puffed her cigarette, "I'm not going to settle and I won't lose this case."

"Haruka, I'm being honest with you on this and settling is the best chance you have. I can help with that so that you won't lose so much."

"You expect me to give in, that's not acceptable," Haruka said upset.

"This all we can really do, don't let your pride blind you of what's happening," Reiko warned, "it will only get worse if you go to court and no doubt lose."

Haruka shook her head, "Forget it; it seems that it was a mistake to ask you for help Reiko. It would be best if you leave right now."

Reiko didn't like what Haruka said, "So that's it, you don't like what I said and can offer so you're just having me leave. I came to help you since we've known each other from our time Tokyo University."

"You're not helping me by giving me bad advice, just leave right now Reiko," Haruka replied.

Reiko huffed and got up, "Fine, then you're on your own. It seems that you really become a foolish and bad business owner. It's really sad."

Reiko left the teashop and Haruka was thinking of what she was going to do now. She decided to go to the Hinata Inn and ask Hina, thinking that she had a solution to her problem.

Hinata Inn, Manager's Room

Hina sat in the room upset about what happened, "Keitaro…I can't believe that boy actually threatened me," Hina breathed through her nose, "I need to teach that boy some humility…but not now," Hina thought about another thing, "I should probably hold off of seeing Shinsuke Aoyama for now and have a talk with the girls. I'm sure this has been real hard for them. I better see how Haruka is doing regard the lawsuit that was filed against her. I should pay a visit to Sakura though. I need to find out who put her up to this. Someone must be putting her up to it."

One Month Later, Shichimura Apartment Complex

Keitaro was in his new apartment in the building that was owned by his father's friend, Shinsuke Aoyama. He was getting ready to start his second year as a student of Tokyo University of the Arts. He left his apartment and headed for the exit of the building. As he went to the exit, he saw a male high school student in his school uniform that had short red hair, green eyes, and average build.

"Oh, good morning Keitaro," the high school boy greeted.

Keitaro smiled and greeted back, "Good morning Takeru, here to walk with Nagisa to school."

Takeru smiled, "Always, how about you? Are your way to your college?"

"Yep, I'm heading out right now."

"Well, have a good day Keitaro."

"You too Takeru," Keitaro said as he left the building.

Keitaro was outside and when he was, he noticed someone staring at the building. It was a young woman with long brown hair that went down to her lower back and tied to a braid and brown eyes and wears a green buttoned long sleeved shirt with a brown sleeveless dress over it and brown shoes.

Keitaro was surprised as he recognized the young woman as one of his close friends, "Mutsumi? Mutsumi, is that you?"

Mutsumi turned to see Keitaro and smiled, "Keitaro," Mutsumi then went to Keitaro and gave him a hug, "I'm happy to see you again."

Keitaro was taken back at Mutsumi's gesture but was happy to see her again and hugged back, "Yeah, it's great to see you again too."

Keitaro and Mutsumi let each other go.

"So what brings you here?" Keitaro asked.

"Well, I stopped by at your parents' bakery and Kanako told me that you moved here," Mutsumi answered, "I wanted to see you again."

"You came here to see me? That's very nice of you."

Mutsumi giggled, "It's only natural that come see my dear friend. Oh, you are on your way to your college?"

"Yeah I am, how about you?"

Mutsumi put her right hand on her cheek, "Cram school for me since I failed to get into Todai again."

Keitaro sighed as he couldn't help feeling sorry for his friend, "You would have gotten in if it wasn't for you…'condition'.

Mutsumi agreed, "Yeah, that's true. Do you mind if I walk with you while I go to my cram school?"

"Uh, sure, I don't mind."

Keitaro and Mutsumi walked with each other.

"So Keitaro, how's your girlfriend Miyabi doing?" Mutsumi asked.

"She's doing wonderful, she had a great time in the UK last month and she's ready for her second year as well."

Mutsumi smiled, "That's wonderful, I'm glad for her and you as well."

Keitaro smiled at Mutsumi, "Thanks Mutsumi, Miyabi said that she wants to spend time hanging out with you when you two have the time."

"Oh really? Well, I'm sure that would be wonderful," Mutsumi said happily but then she looked the down and had a bit of a sad look.

Keitaro noticed and got worried, "Mutsumi, are you okay?"

Mutsumi looked at Keitaro and brushed off her sad expression, "Oh, I'm fine, it's nothing but you're right, Miyabi and I should hang out some time. Of course, you and I should catch up as well."

Keitaro nodded and smiled, "Sure."

Mutsumi had her thoughts, "Keitaro…if only I had…" Mutsumi shook her thoughts, "No, I can't just keep regretting it. I did what I felt was right and I want Keitaro to be happy…my dear Keitaro…"

Campus for the Cram School

Naru had just arrived at the cram school and she had her hair tied long twin braided ponytails and wore thick glasses along with a Salem hooded sweater, high water pants with sneakers and wearing thick glasses. For Naru, things had not been easy in the Hinata Inn since that meeting with Keitaro and Naru despised Keitaro very much as she still think that he was one of the worse people she has ever met and she couldn't help but remember how things went bad for Haruka with her lawsuit and what was happening with Su as retaliation for eating those brownies in the bakery that was owned by Keitaro's parents. The only thing that Naru thought would be the best at the moment was concentrate on her studies and just make sure she passed her exam for Tokyo University. As Naru headed further, she noticed two people that were coming by. She recognized one of them as Keitaro but she didn't know who the young woman was that was with him.

"It's that idiot Keitaro," Naru said with a scowl, "but who that with him. That's definitely not his girlfriend Miyabi. So who…" Naru then had a thought and was shock, "wait, don't tell that…that bastard is cheating on his girlfriend with another woman. That's it, that's the only explanation, I knew he was bad news, that pervert and Miyabi will be so sad, not that I would actually feel sorry for her," Naru then decided to do something about it, "that poor girl, she has no idea that she's with a slime ball. I think I better go over and save her from that bastard."

Naru decided to go over to where Keitaro was and teach him a lesson.

That's it for this chapter. Next chapter: the aftermath during that month period of Keitaro and Miyabi's meeting with Hina and the Hinata Girls. What will Hina decide to do since it is now obvious to her that things will not go as she planned and Marumi visits Haruka.

I would also like to thank Grey Wolf 4 for the idea of dialogue regarding Keitaro pointing out of the Hinata Girls.