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Flashback: Fifteen years ago, Hinata Inn sandbox

Five-year-old Keitaro was playing in the sandbox with six-year-old Mutsumi.

"Say, did you know that if two people go to Tokyo University, they will find happiness with each other?" Mutsumi asked.

"Huh? Really?" Keitaro asked, "Is that true?"

Mutsumi nodded, "Yeah, it's true. So promise, we'll see each other again at Tokyo University when we grow up."

Mutsumi then kissed Keitaro on the cheek, surprising him and Mutsumi gave Keitaro a warm smile. Sometime later, Mutsumi was feeling happy when the promise was made between her and Keitaro as she was holding her Liddo-kun.

"We'll be able to see each other again at Tokyo University," Mutsumi said with glee.

After some time later on, Mutsumi walked a bit and then saw two-year-old Naru. She saw that Naru was feeling sad and looking at Keitaro. Mutsumi had felt sorry for Naru because she was ill and she couldn't really do much.

Mutsumi went Naru and faced her eye level, "Hello Naru."

Naru was quiet and was still sad as she looked at Keitaro. Mutsumi looked at Keitaro who was drawing something on the ground, and Mutsumi looked at Naru.

"You like Keitaro, don't you?" Mutsumi asked.

Naru simply nodded.

"Would you like to be with Keitaro?"

Naru nodded again with a smile this time.

Mutsumi saw that Naru was feeling more cheerful and it made Mutsumi glad. She stood up and looked at Keitaro and then Naru and smiled.

"I guess it's better this way," Mutsumi said and then looked at Naru, "Naru, Keitaro and I promised to be in see each other again in Tokyo University. You can have that."

Naru was a confused.

Mutsumi continued, "You can be Keitaro's promise girl to see him again at Tokyo University. That way, you can be happy again. Make it your motivation to get well again," Mutsumi smiled warmly, "get well soon and be happy. You'll find happiness and I know that Keitaro will bring you happiness as well."

Naru was excited and smiled, happier than she has been before and it gladdened Mutsumi. Mutsumi then gave Naru her Liddo-kun plushy.

"For you Naru, as a symbol for your promise and your pursuit of happiness," Mutsumi said with a glee.

Naru was opened her mouth with happiness and gladly accepted the plushy and hugged it. Mutsumi looked at Naru and smiled. When Mutsumi was sitting on the ground picking flowers, Hina came by and kneeled next to her.

"Oh hello Granny," Mutsumi greeted.

"Hello Mutsumi," Hina greeted with a smile and then she looked at the flowers Mutsumi was picking, "those are nice flowers you're picking."

Mutsumi nodded, "I'm collecting them for Naru, to help her get better."

"You really are kind Mutsumi. You know, I saw what you did earlier. That was nice of you, promising Naru to Keitaro."

"Yeah, I was just doing what I can to make Naru get better, it's sad when you're sick and I just want them to be happy."

Hina smiled as she and Mutsumi stood up and Mutsumi smiled with all the flowers she picked.

"They will be and when that happens, it will be a wonderful day for them and for you because you made it happen," Hina said with a warm smile.

Mutsumi smiled and nodded, "Mm!"

Flashback End

"And there you have it," Mutsumi said.

Keitaro crossed his arms, "So let me see I got this right. You and I promised to go to Tokyo University as kids in the sandbox, you and me."

"That's right."

"But then, you saw Naru and wanted to do something to help her get better so you decided that a way to help is to promise her that she and I could be together when going to Tokyo University, which made the promise itself already completely invalid."


"So my grandmother saw and knew what was going on as she saw it happened."

"Yes Keitaro."

Keitaro uncrossed his arms, "I see…so all this time, all these years. Now I understand…Mutsumi, is it also the reason why you rejected me four years ago?"

Mutsumi flinched and nodded sadly, "Yes…I was…I thought that it was better this way but I was wrong and I know was unfair. It was unfair for what I did…I wanted you and Naru to be happy and I thought that when the promises were made, that you two would find happiness."

"Mutsumi, when you saw Naru again, you actually recognized her, didn't you?"


"I see," Keitaro said thinking about what was told and figuring things out.

"Keitaro, I am so sorry," Mutsumi said.


"I know it was unfair to you. The thing is that I wanted to tell you all these years but I just didn't know when would be a good time and how I should do it. I…I wanted you to know the truth because when you told me what happened at the Hinata Inn, I figured why your grandmother was doing the things she was doing…and to why she was being well, very rude to Miyabi."

"Mutsumi, you…"

"I just want you to know that even after all of this and what I did, I want you to be happy and live your own life and not be tied down to some child promise. Keitaro, I…probably don't have the right to say this, but I still consider myself to be your friend and I want to support you in whatever you do and I'm very fond with Miyabi as well. Truth be told, I would be sad if you and Miyabi were not together anymore."

"You mean that Mutsumi?"

Mutsumi nodded, "I do, I consider Miyabi to be my close friend just like you and you two are so happy to be together," Mutsumi smiled, "I know just how much you two care for each other and how you make each other very happy and I really enjoy that. You two truly deserve each other and I would hate to see that end and I won't let anyone make any attempt to destroy that, not even your own grandmother."

Keitaro was intrigued and felt happy, "Mutsumi…you…you really are a kind person."

Mutsumi had a sad expression, "I don't know about that. If I really was, I would have told you the truth from the start about the promise and I…"

"But you didn't and it was because you felt that it didn't matter anymore, right?"

Mutsumi was taken back, "Oh, um, well…"

"Mutsumi, it's because you're one of my best friends and that I've known you for so long, I know how clever and smart you are."


"If you really wanted to me fulfill that promise we made as kids, you would done subtle ways to remind me and set me up with Naru, but you didn't do any of that. You would have said and try to do things in kind of the way my grandmother did but you didn't and even though you recognized Naru at the cram school campus, you admonished her actions and didn't excuse her behavior."


Keitaro put his hand on Mutsumi's shoulder, "Mutsumi, thank you, thank you for telling me."

"Are you okay with it though?" Mutsumi asked with concern.

Keitaro nodded, "Yes, I know that it wasn't easy for you and what you said revealed that your true feelings on this, I still consider you to be one of my best friends and I would be sad if our friendship ended, especially for the reason of finding out something that really doesn't matter."

"Keitaro," Mutsumi said feeling happy.

"Mutsumi, I think I understand now about what my grandmother was trying to really do."

"So then what will you do?"

Keitaro thought about it, "Well…hmm…I really don't know just yet but I'll figure something."

"I see, okay Keitaro," Mutsumi said.

Kanako was listening on their conversation behind the counter, "So that was Granny's intention all along…"

Hinata Inn

Haruka was speaking with someone on the phone.

"Yes, that's right," Haruka said.

The person on the other line spoke and Haruka nodded.

"Yes…yes…okay, thank you," Haruka said and then hung up the phone.

Haruka sighed and then went to the kitchen. It was then that Kitsune showed up.

"Oh Haruka," Kitsune called.

Haruka turned to see Kitsune, "What do you want?"

"Haruka, I want to ask you about Urumi."

"Urumi, what do you mean?"

"Is there something else you can tell me about her…like whom her boyfriend is?"

Haruka narrowed her eyes at Kitsune, "Kitsune, you had your chance to ask her when she was introducing herself, you chose to leave and decided that you hate her and now all of a sudden, you're asking me about her?"

"I know, I know, I wanted to apologize for the way I acted earlier but she didn't want to talk to me and I was curious about her some more. I figured since she wouldn't talk to me, maybe you can tell me, anything at all."

Haruka had her thoughts, "What are you really up to Kitsune? You must be scheming, that's the only thing that I can think of why you're asking me," Haruka shook her head, "Kitsune, if you really want to know, ask Urumi herself and if she doesn't feel like telling you, that's her business."

"But don't you know more about her? I just want to know our new dorm mate, that's all."

"I might know more but I'm not going to tell you just because you ask. I didn't do that with regarding you and the others girls so I won't that with Urumi as well. If you want to know, ask her yourself and if she doesn't tell you, then just drop it."

Kitsune was disappointed and sighed, "Fine," Kitsune walked away and had her thoughts, "well, that was disappointing. Looks like I'll have to find some other means…I'll ask Su, she does have her ways…"

Later on, Kitsune went upstairs and went to Su's room. She knocked on the door calling for Su and then Su opened the door and had a depressed look.

"Huh? Su, what's wrong?" Kitsune asked.

Su looked down and shook her head and Kitsune put her hand on her shoulder and then afterwards, Su told her what she overheard regarding Motoko.

"Motoko will be going back to Kyoto?" Kitsune asked surprised.

Su nodded sadly, "I heard Motoko's big sister talking. She intends to take Motoko away from us and take her back home."

Kitsune couldn't believe what she was hearing, "I don't believe this."

"Kitsune, what are we going to do?" Su asked, "Hey, let's tell Naru, maybe she would have an idea."

Kitsune sighed, "Su, honestly, I doubt Naru would be willing to help us."

"Huh? Why?"

"Naru is just upset and it seems like she's not interested in helping…and all because Motoko lost to Keitaro."

Su thought about it for a moment and then had an idea, "I think I have an idea."

"Hmm, you do?"

Su nodded, "I was in the process of creating something that would help Motoko beat Keitaro and make her a strong swordswoman again. If Motoko can be shown that she is strong, maybe she will be allowed to stay."

"I don't know…but maybe…just maybe…"

Meanwhile Shinobu was in her room and Urumi was helping her with her homework assignment. Urumi was pointing things out to Shinobu and showing her how to do the problems and Shinobu was able to get how to do and she felt very grateful and was happy she was able to do them. Shinobu finished with all of her homework with thanks to Urumi's help.

"Wow, thank you so much Urumi," Shinobu said feeling happy.

Urumi smiled, "My pleasure Shinobu."

"You really are smart, I struggled so much with them but with your guidance, it made it seem like so easy."

"It's no big deal, all I did was showed you, you did the rest on your own and figured things out."

"I don't know if I'll ever be as smart and strong as you or Miyabi or Keitaro for that matter."

"Don't sell yourself short Shinobu," Urumi said as she rubbed Shinobu's head.

Shinobu giggled, "Hey…um, Urumi, can I ask you something?"


"Will it be okay if I call you Senpai?"

Meanwhile on the third floor, Motoko was walking through the hall and was heading for the balcony for some practice with her bokken. For Motoko, things had gotten worse for her for not only was she kicked out of the Kendo Club in her high school, but she was also being told that she would be heading back to Kyoto to live with her family as well as change school and learning that it was highly likely that was not going to be the heir of the God Cry School anymore and it made for feel even worse. Her sister, Tsuruko was going to be with her as Motoko would be at court for the charges against her made by Keitaro and as she would head back after the case was settled. As Motoko kept moving, she saw Naru and Naru saw her and gave her a glare.

"N-Naru," Motoko spoke.

"Hmph, Motoko," Naru said with a bit of venom and walked passed her.

"Naru, I'm sorry."

"Oh, yeah, sure, you're sorry all right," Naru responded sarcastically.

Motoko sighed sadly and just went on her to the balcony.

Next day, Tokyo Airport

Hina had just got off the plane and had arrived in the airport. She then grabbed her bag and got out of the airport and then she waved a taxi and a taxi pulled up and Hina got in. As Hina got in, someone else got in the taxi as well and it was Ryuichi.

"Ryuichi," Hina spoke surprised.

"Ms. Urashima, we need to talk," Ryuichi said.

"How did you know I would be here?"

"Coincidence really, I saw leaving the airport and just had to catch up with you."

Hina shrugged as she signals the taxi driver to go and told him the destination.

On route

Ryuichi continued, "Ms. Urashima, I had been trying to contact you for weeks, I would have appreciated it if you had told me you had left for your world tour again. Is it over this time?"

"Ryuichi, first off, I'm not obligated to tell you anything, secondly no, my world tour is not over but I had to come back because something happened that I need to take care of and my tour group won't wait for me this time."

"Ms. Urashima, I lost my job doing you a favor."

"And that's my concern why?"

"Ms. Urashima," Ryuichi said surprised, "how…how can you say that?"

"Ryuichi, I had already known that you lost your job but that was your own fault when you went and talked to Ogi."

"I didn't know that Ogi was going to tell the people at my job what happened and I sure as hell didn't know that he was going to record our conversation."

"You know, if you had done what I asked you to do, you wouldn't be in the situation you're in now, it's out of my hands."

"Ms. Urashima, please, I need your help," Ryuichi pleaded.

Hina shook her head, "Sorry, I can't, I have other things that are in need of my attention and I don't have the time to help you because of your own screw up Ryuichi."

Ryuichi was shocked at what Hina said. The taxi arrived at the Hinata Inn and Hina was getting out of the taxi and paid the driver and had her bag with her.

"Ryuichi, I can't solve this for you, you're on your own on this one," Hina said.

"So that's it," Ryuichi responded upset, "after I went out of my way to help and working for you loyally at your inn, this is the thanks I get from you."

Hina sighed, "Ryuichi, you're the one who didn't think things through, you have no right to be upset with me about anything so grow up."

Hina headed up to the Hinata Inn and Ryuichi had his hands on his face and the taxi driver looked at Ryuichi.

"Hey, do have a place where you want to go or do you simply want to keep my meter running?" The taxi driver asked.

Ryuichi looked at the taxi driver.

Hinata Inn

Hina entered the inn and looked around, "Hello, anyone here?"

Kitsune and Su appeared and were surprised to see Hina.

"Granny!" Kitsune said surprised.

"Yay! Granny is here!" Su said with excitement.

Naru, Shinobu, Motoko Tsuruko, Haruka, and Urumi came downstairs and saw Hina.

"Granny, you're back," Naru said with smiles.

"Hello girls, I'm back," Hina greeted.

"Are you back for good this time?" Kitsune asked.

Hina nodded, "Yes, this time, I'm here to stay."

Naru, Kitsune, and Su were excited to hear that and Motoko smiled and hoped that Hina could help her while Shinobu just acknowledge the fact.

Hina looked at Shinobu, "Hello Shinobu, aren't you happy to see me?"

"Um, y-yes, sure Granny," Shinobu simply said and then looked away.

Hina didn't feel that Shinobu meant it and it was not unnoticed by the other Hinata Inn tenants.

Hina looked at Tsuruko, "I'm sorry, I don't believe we have met."

Tsuruko nodded, "No we haven't."

"Um, Granny," Motoko started, "this is my older sister Tsuruko Aoyama."

"Oh, so you're Tsuruko," Hina responded, "Motoko has told me a lot about you."

"Yes, I'm sure she has," Tsuruko replied.

Hina then looked at Urumi, "And you are…?"

Urumi waved her hand, "I guess you're Hina Urashima. I'm the new tenant here. I'm Urumi Kanzaki. I just started living here yesterday."

"Oh, I see," Hina replied.

"Granny, she's a mean lady," Su complained.

"Not only that, she's friends with Miyabi and Keitaro," Naru added.

"Oh brother," Shinobu said rolling her eyes.

Urumi simply smiled cheerfully.

Oh, is that so?" Hina said and then looked at Haruka, "Haruka."

"Hello Mom," Haruka greeted.

Hina had her hands together, "Well, I'm back and this time I'm here for good. Oh and Haruka, we need to talk, privately."

Haruka simply shrugged not surprised at Hina's request, "Okay, where?"

Naru, Kitsune, Su, and Motoko smiled as they figured that Hina would solve their problems and give Haruka a serious talking to while Shinobu and Tsuruko were preparing what Hina had in mind and Urumi was coming up with whatever she needed for whatever scenario that would be thrown to her thanks to the warning she got from Keitaro and Haruka.

Urashima Bakery/Residence

Keitaro had just arrived at his parents' bakery and Miyabi was with him as they were helping out with the bakery for a bit.

"Are you sure you want to help Miyabi?" Keitaro asked, "I can do this by myself and you could just sit and wait. It won't be long anyway."

"Don't worry about it Keitaro," Miyabi assured and starting stroking her boyfriend's hair, "I don't mind helping you out."

Keitaro smiled, "Well, if it's all right with you, then it's okay."

Miyabi liked Keitaro's response, "I'm happy to hear you say that."

"So anyway Miyabi, about this weekend…"

"Oh yes, the theme park," Miyabi smiled, "I'm looking forward to it. Oh by the way, Urumi said she will be coming as well and Onizuka."

Keitaro nodded with a smile, "That's great."

"Also, Urumi wants to bring Shinobu along as well."

"Shinobu, huh, well, if it's all right…"

"Great, I'll let Urumi know as well."

Keitaro continued to work in his parents' bakery with his girlfriend Miyabi helping out as well. Meanwhile, in Kanako's room, Kanako was sitting on her bed and her friend Kyoka was there with Kuro relaxing on Kyoka's lap. Kyoka felt happy that Kanako's cat was resting on her lap.

"Kuro is so cute," Kyoka said happily.

Kanako chuckled, "Kuro really likes you. He's like this with my parents and brother as well. He doesn't do this with just anybody."

Kyoka chuckled, "Guess I'm lucky."

Kyoka petted Kuro and that got Kuro to purr.

"So Kyoka, will you be able to come this weekend?" Kanako asked.

"To the theme park…yes, I'll be there. Oh, it's going to be so much fun."

"Great, I'm glad you're coming along."

"Hey, will it be okay if I bring a friend along?"

"Sure, absolutely."

Kyoka hugged Kanako, "Kanako, you're awesome."

Kanako simply smiled.

Mutsumi's Apartment

Mutsumi was sitting on her floor and looked at a photo. It was a photo of her, Keitaro, and Naru as children playing in the Hinata Inn's sandbox from fifteen years ago.

Mutsumi sighed, "You can't go forward if you keep looking back," Mutsumi then put the photo down and then smiled, "well, I'm looking forward to go to the theme park with Keitaro, Miyabi, and the others."

Hinata Inn

Hina and Haruka were at the balcony and Hina was looking at Haruka with a serious expression.

"Haruka, we need to talk and for what will happen from here on in will depend on what you tell me," Hina said.

Haruka crossed her arms, "Is that so? Fine, okay Mom, so, let's talk."

That's it for this chapter. Next chapter: The case with Motoko and Hina tries to smooth things over for Motoko.