Spellbound Kanda

Chapter 1

"Ka…..Kanda this doesn't feel right." "Shut up and let me finish" "but this position…..it's….well….it feels weird". Kanda looked up at Allen who was blushing slightly. "What are you talking about? It's fine." "B…but" he said with worry. He didn't like the feeling of Kanda staring. Not one bit. "Ok. Done." Kanda took the blindfold off Allen and put it on a nearby table. "Where are we?" With an evil grin Kana smiled saying "Komui's lab." Allen feeling fear build up inside looks down at his position. He was laying down on a metal table with his arms and legs strapped down. "Greetings Allen! Welcome to my lab!" "K...komui? Why am I here? What's going on?" "Oh Allen. You should know why." "I should? Because I don't." "You are here by being guilty of…" "Of?" "Of making my dear Lenalee cry!" "What? That wasn't me! It was Lavi!" "NO EXCUSES! YOU SHALL PAY FOR YOUR CRIME!" Suddenly he pulls out a huge drill and puts on a hard cap. "NOOOO!" BAM! "Ouch, what the hell?" Allen being confused looked around at his surroundings. My room? It was dream? Thank god…. Knocks at the door can be heard."Oi. Moyashi." It was Kanda. "Moyashi Komui wants us to help with cleaning his lab. Hurry up and meet us there." Allen listens as he hears the footsteps fade until there was absolute silence. A shiver snakes down his spine at the mention of Komui's name. Getting dressed Allen heads out and heads for his lab.

*At the lab*

As Allen enters the lab he notices Kanda moving boxes around. The cover of the boxes read: Dangerous and Fragile. Beware. Allen doesn't want to know what is in those boxes, and hopes he won't ever find out. "Oh, Allen you're here. Excellent. Help Kanda move those boxes into the closet over there." "Ok." Allen walks over and picks up the boxes. He carries them to the closest. Not knowing, Allen bumps into Kanda. A little blue vile falls out and spills on Kanda. "Watch it Moyashi!" "Sorry Kanda didn't see you." Pissed as he was Kanda shot Allen a death glare and stormed out of the room to his room to clean himself off.

*Kanda's POV*

"Damn that stupid Moyashi. What the hell is this stuff? It smells fucking awful!" What the fuck. I feel dizzy. What's wrong with me? After cleaning myself off I walk over to my bed and try to take a nap. But as I close my eyes my head fills with images and flash backs of the Moyashi. "Hey, Kanda." "Good morning Kanda." "BaKanda! It was your fault not mine!" Angry, annoyed, and confused I get up and go to the training area and try to meditate to clear my head. In the distance I hear faint voices. "L-Lavi I don't think this is a good idea…" "What's wrong Allen? Afraid?" "No it's just that what if Komui finds out. You know how he gets when he is mad." "I know, that's why we're doing this." Block it out. Block it out. Come on Kanda you can do this. Just concentrate and meditate like you usually do. "Lavi lets go back before it's too late!" "No can do Allen. You already agreed. Hang on who's that over there." Lavi points at me. "Is that who I think that is? It is! Allen look its Yu-chan." "Kanda?" Shit! This isn't what I need right now.