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Chapter 3


-"Huh? Kanda? What's wrong? Your face is a little red. Are you ok?"

-No! Don't make that face!"N-nothing! Now let's go!" I walk out of the train. Shit that was close. I couldn't stop myself. Allen comes up behind me a few minutes later. So we arrive in Magnolia. I just want this to be done with this.

*Kanda's POV

-Hey Kanda where do we go first?

-Some place called Fairy Tail. We are supposed to meet with the Head. His name is Markov Dreyar.

- I hear they use magic. Do you think it's true, he says with a look of innocent curiosity.

-Shit don't look like that. It makes you look cute. Wait. What the fuck? Cute? What the hell is happening!? I don't know moyashi.

-Hey is that it up ahead?

I look up and see a large, two-story high building that was apparently the headquarters of the Fairy Tail Guild. We walk in and the first thing we see is everyone partying and a verbal fight between a black haired guy and a (heh) pink haired guy. I look at moyashi and he seemed a bit fascinated. I look around to ask someone where the headmaster is when I see a short old man drinking beer while talking with a girl who has long white hair. We catch a few stares but I ignore them, then they go back to partying. We walk up to the old man. "Hey are you the head of this place?" I ask. He looks at me and says "Yes I am, but who are you?" Allen joins in. "We are from the Black Order. My name is Allen Walker and this is Kanda." "Ah yes. I have been expecting you. Please, come to my office." We follow him to his office. "So how may I help you?" "We came to see what the strange occurrences are that have been happening around here" said Allen. "Strange? What do you mean?" The finder speaks up. "Well we have heard that a white tiger has been appearing around town and killing strange monsters." "A white tiger you say?" "Well I did over hear some people talking about seeing one. And these strange monsters to" said a tall woman with red hair that reaches down to her waist had said. She also wore an armored shirt with a blue skirt. "Sorry to intrude master but as I was heading upstairs I overheard your conversation." "Master?" Allen said with a bit of confusion. "Ah yes Erza. Please do come in and introduce yourself to our guests." "Hello, my name is Erza Scarlet, S-class wizard here at Fairy Tail. Nice to meet you." "Hello. I'm Allen Walker, and this is Kanda Yuu. Were exorcists of the Black Order." "Exorcist I've never heard of you" Erza said. "Of course not. We are secret, not really well known" Kanda retorted. "Oh, I understand." Markov speaks up. "Ok I will let some of children go with you." "Children?" Allen asked. "Yes, every member of Fairy Tail are like my children. Here let me get the one who will go with you." The old man walks out. From inside his office we hear, "Quite down ya brats!" The noise calmed down. "Natsu, Gray, and Lucy, come to my office. I have a special mission for you!" the old man walk back in followed by a pink haired man wearing a black waistcoat with gold trimmings over his chest with no undershirt, white knee-length trousers, a thick black wristband on his left wrist, black open-toed sandals and a scarf with white scales. A blue cat lay on his shoulder. Followed behind is a dark raven haired man wearing no shirt, a necklace, which resembles a sword with a stone in it (similar to the Rave Stone from rave Master), dark green pants, black shoes, and a metal bracelet with similar chain attached to his pants. His mark is clearly showed on the right side of his chest. Followed behind him is a girl with blonde hair that reaches down to her mid-back with a part of it tied in an upward pony tail on the right side. She is wearing a white and blue sleeveless. The blue makes it look like she has a cross on her shirt. She is wearing a short blue skirt with a brown belt with some silver and gold keys. She also is wearing black high heel boots that reach just below her knees. "Children introduce yourselves." "Hello. I'm Lucy" said the blonde, "I'm Natsu, nice to meet ya" said the pink haired one, "and I'm Gray" the raven haired one said. "Hello I am Allen Walker and this is Kanda. Say hi Kanda." "Che." "We are exorcists from the Black Order, nice to meet you." "Anyway" Markov spoke. "This is how it goes. Erza, Natsu, Lucy, Gray, and Happy with show these people around town then set off on their search got?" "Yes" Natsu, Lucy, Erza, and Gray said. Happy had said 'Aye!' We walk out of the guild. And so begins this long annoying mission. Meanwhile while Kanda was thinks Allen had thought Thank god Lavi didn't come. He wouldn't be able to go 10 seconds without yelling 'STRIKE!', I hope we finish this soon.

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