Alice: New story… kind of!

Emily: I just read a major yaoi puppyshipping!

Alice: So now I need to write some puppyshipping.

Emily: So enjoy~

Alice: All I need to do is think of a plot now…

Title: Lemon Soup

Summary: Lemon! (Literally no plot. Just a lemon)

Pairings: Puppyshipping

Lemon Soup

The kiss consisted of nothing but pure hatred and pure love. Limbs wrapped around one another, tangling themselves in a furious connection. Jounouchi soon found himself trapped between the wall and Seto Kaiba, his worst enemy. Lips meeting, tongues intertwining, Jounouchi practically forgot how he ended up in the situation. Part of him didn't care. He continued to press himself against Kaiba, feeling his erection through his pants. Moaning, Jounouchi furiously began unbuttoning Kaiba's school jacket, mumbling to himself about how there were too many "damn buttons". Kaiba snarled, moving his lips down to Jounouchi's neck. Using his teeth, he bit down, hard, on Jounouchi's neck. Howling, Jounouchi finally managed to throw away Kaiba's jacket.

"Hey, bastard, that's going to leave a mark!" Jounouchi hissed. Kaiba smirked, leaning down so his lips touched Jounouchi's ear.

"Perfect. Then everyone will know you're my mutt."

"Goddamnit Kaiba, I'm not a dog!"

Kaiba just laughed, that same, sexy smirk still plastered on his lips. Growling, Jounouchi grabbed the back of Kaiba's head, pulling him harshly down and forcing Kaiba to kiss him, not that he minded. Kaiba slowly made his way down until he finally reached his goal: Jounouchi's crotch. His hands sneakily slipped down into his pants, squeezing harshly against Jounouchi's hard member. Kaiba let out a growl, squeezing harder, "Mine."

"Always," Jounouchi moaned out. Kaiba nodded, his expression completely serious. Kaiba smirked, his hand slowly moving inside of Jounouchi's pants. Letting out a moan, Jounouchi clung onto him, trying to keep the strength in his legs. Jounouchi gasped. "I love you!"

Kaiba's eyes slowly widened. Out of all the times, this was something new. Kaiba smirked. "Looks like the feeling is mutual."

Their lips met in a passionate kiss, filled with both love and lust. Kaiba swiftly pulled down Jounouchi's pants, smirking at him. He stared at the shirtless Jounouchi for a moment before his body overrid whatever he might have planned. Shoving Jounouchi up againt the wall harder, Kaiba leaned down, allowing his lips to trail over the bare skin of the younger boy's chest.


Kaiba growled, wondering who dared interrupt. He turned to see one of Jounouchi's friends, Yugi, standing there with wide eyes.

"W-what are you doing? What's… huh?" Yugi continued to blink.

Jounouchi opened his mouth to explain, to come up with some excuse. Kaiba beat him to it.

"Leave!" Kaiba snarled. "And close the door behind you!"

Jounouchi blushed red as Yugi flinched, shutting the door behind him. Turning back to Jounouchi, ignoring his flustered face, Kaiba smirked. "Now, where were we?"

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