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~20 years later~


A beautiful young woman stood on the balcony of the hospital, holding her newborn baby. A handsome baby boy, and third child of his family. Faye Spiegel looked down on him. "You know," she said, gently tickling him, "You have your father's eyes."

She looked up in the sky at the planet Mars. "The same eyes that stared back at me 20 years today." Faye looked back down to her sleeping son. She smiled and laid him in the nursery cradle next to her, kissing him gently. Spike soon joined them, kissing them both on the cheek.

"He's beautiful." He whispered in her ear. Two little girls ran up to Faye and hugged her legs. "We missed you Mama!" they said in unison. Faye smiled as she bent down to hug two of her little angels. "I missed you two." She replied.

"We're here!" Ed and Jet, along with another woman walked up to them.

"Happy anniversary Mikako." Faye said to the woman. She smiled. "You as well."

"So how did it go Ed?" Spike asked. Ed smiled and handed a diploma to Spike and Faye. Jet and Mikako smiled proudly. Jet put his arm around her, letting her lay her head down. Spike whistled. "Magna Carta!" Faye looked at Ed. "You deserve it Ed."

"Thanks Faye. I worked for it and I finally got it, right Dad? Mom?" Ed turned to her adoptive parents. All three of them hugged, as one of the Spiegel girls tugged on her daddy's pant leg. "Dada? What does that stuffs mean?"

"Well Jennie, it means that Ed did very very VERY good in school. Now she can get a good job." He replied. "Ohhhhh………" she pondered. Faye laughed.

"Say." Jet said. "Why don't we all go down and get dinner? One big family? Just like old times."

"I ain't paying for it Hon so forget it." Mikako said. Everyone laughed and looked up at the stars one last time before picking up the baby and bringing him inside to get ready for his first time in a restaurant.