Confused, Matt jumped from the carriage to follow Addie. "What's going on?" he asked.

Addie took the baby from Isabella's arms and handed him to Matt Dillon. "The baby was not born early. He came at full term. This is your son."

There was no awkwardness in taking the baby. Holding the child was as natural as anything he had ever done. He looked at the precious bundle squirming in his large hands and knew her words were true. The sun was shining in the infant's eyes and he turned to shield him from the glare. The little one made a face like he was going to cry, miniature fists broke free from the confines of his soft white blanket. Intuitively, Matt rocked and jiggled. The baby calmed and blue eyes locked on blue. Dillon was captured by the miracle. Gladness illumined his face. "Hello there little fella." He whispered. He glanced down briefly into Addie's eyes seeking an answer, and then turned back to his son, there would be time enough to ask the how and the why later.

Even though the movement brought pain, Kitty had turned to watch, her pulse hammering through her body. She had not heard Addie's words confirming paternity, so the emotion she felt now was pure. No voodoo potion or words of scripture were as strong as the love of a mother for her child. She watched transfixed as Dillon walked to her with the newborn.

As he neared she held out her arms, and he placed their child in them yet he still maintained his hold so that the child, conceived in love, remained encircled in the arms of his parents.

the end