I Got You

Chapter 10

"How did you forget the graham crackers?" Carly asked astonished as she glared across the fire to Sonny who just looked carelessly at the blonde who currently had the grocery bag in hand.

After a fun filled day on the boat, the group had decided to all head back to Carly, Sam and Johnny's house. Originally they were going to settle in with a movie, but the seven could not agree on one; the girls wanted a tearjerker, while the boys wanted an action. So Sam offered the idea of smores around the fire instead, which led the men being sent to the grocery store. Something that now seemed to not be such a great idea.

"I don't remember that being on the list." Sonny countered as he grabbed a marshmallow from the bag that was going around.

"There wasn't a list." Carly shrieked, "If I remember correctly you said and I quote 'There are three thing. What do you think I am stupid?'" She mocked.

"What does hot sauce and cream cheese have to-do with smores?" Emily asked as she looked at the items that Carly had dumped out of the bag.

"We couldn't remember what else we needed, so we just walked around and picked somethings up." Nikolas defended as he pulled Emily into his lap.

"That is the best excuse you can come up with?" Sam asked from her spot on Jason's lap as she popped a marshmallow into her mouth.

"How do people in you mind make smores?" Carly argued as she continued to glare at Sonny.

"With marshmallows and chocolate." Sonny answered.

"How do you hold them together?" Johnny asked as he tried to blow out the fireball that was once his marshmallow, the third one in a row.

"I thought that was what the chocolate was for." Sonny answered.

"The graham crackers are what stop you from getting all messy." Carly explained.

"Tell that to Johnny." Sam laughed as she stole Jason's smore and nodded towards the man next to her.

"Here." Emily offered as she handed an already made one to the man, who had marshmallow on his chin and hair.

"Are you going to make me one or are you just going to keep eating them?" Jason asked as he pulled the blanket around him and Sam.

"Maybe." Sam smiled as she placed the last piece into her mouth and then leaned up and placed a kiss on Jason.

"Why can't you be sweet like that?" Carly asked as she started in on Sonny again.

"Here we go." Emily laughed as she leaned her head against Nikolas's chest.

"I really need to find a girlfriend." Johnny groaned as he looked around the three couples.

"I don't know about that, the are sometimes not worth the trouble." Sonny grumbled.

"Who exactly is your girlfriend?" Carly asked with a frown.

"You are sweetheart even at times like this." Sonny answered with a smirk as he winked at the blonde.

"What trouble have you caused today? You were with us the whole time." Johnny asked as he happily accepted a smore from Sam.

"Haven't you check your Facebook today?" Sonny asked as he pulled out his phone, typed on it for a second and then passed it to the man.

"I don't even have a Facebook." Jason claimed as he took the phone from his friend, "Even if I did I would not obsessively check it like you do." He added as an after thought.

"I need to keep my followers updated." Sonny defended as he placed his hands in the air.

"What followers? Your only followers are in this circle and since we all spend every moment together, we already know everything you do!" Carly ranted.

"Followers is Twitter and Friends is Facebook." Johnny corrected.

"Lucky in a tutu?" Jason asked as he turned his attention from the phone to Sam, "Did you do this?" He asked as he glanced the woman on his lap.

"I got him drunk and the plan was to just leave him on the beach."

"Were you even drunk last night?" He asked.

"Technically I was buzzed, I might have just led you to believe I had a little more then I actually had." Sam smiled innocently.

"So you didn't jump on any other guys?"

"That is what you care about?" Sam asked astounded.

"Answer the question woman!"

"No you are the only man I have ever and will ever tackle."

"Good answer." Jason praised as he pulled her into a kiss.


"I love how peaceful it is here." Sam smiled as she leaned into Jason's hold as they sat on a lounge chair on dock that was right behind the house.

"How are you doing?" Jason asked as he leaned back in the chair and pulled Sam back down with him.

"Stuffed." Sam laughed as she positioned herself so she was laying on her stomach on top of Jason.

"Sam?" Jason said with a serious tone.

"Content." Sam said simply as she looked into her eyes. "Happy that things are finally settling down."

"It's been quite an emotional rollercoaster these last few days." Jason started.

"For someone who doesn't like to talk about his feelings you are trying really hard to get me to talk about mine." Sam pointed out as she propped her head up on his chest using her arms.

"I know you and you need to talk things out to get over them."

"I am hurt that both my sister's lied to me and for so long." Sam sighed, "I am not sure how to fix this or if I really even want too." Sam admitted as she moved to sit on Jason's lap.

"It's not your job to fix this. You did nothing wrong." Jason assured her as he moved the chair so he was low sitting up too, "You always feel like you have to take care of everyone, it's one of the many things I love about you." Jason smiled as he caressed her cheek, "But this is not your problem to fix, it is Maxie's."

"I know it's just, why did she have to come back and bring everything back up? Just when I thought I was finally able to move on."

"Is that what this is about?" Jason asked as concern shown through his eyes.

"I hate feeling like this Jase, but I just can help but second guess myself."Sam sighed as she avoided his gaze.

"Samantha, you are a fool." Jason smirked as he took her face in his hand, so she couldn't look away, "I waited three years for us to finally be together and I am not going anywhere." He added as he gave her a quick kiss, "I am not going to ever hurt you like that."

"Don't make promise you can't keep."

"Don't push me away because you are afraid of getting hurt." Jason countered.

"I love you and I'm sorry I just can't help it."

"If you ever doubt how I feel about you, come to me and I will show you just how much I love you."

"Well?" Sam said with a small smile. Jason just smirked before he pulled her into a deep kiss.

Just as the two broke apart for air, the sliding door opened and Johnny stood there with a distressed look on his face, "It's Kristina." He said with a frown as he walked over to the two and handed the phone to here.

"Kristina." Sam greeted as she picked up the phone confused. Ever since Sam left Port Charles, she had kept contact with her two youngest sister and they would visit her every summer for one week along with their parents. Kristina and Sam talked every Thursday night like clockwork and that's why this phone call made her sick to her stomach.

"Sam, you have to come home." Kristina sobbed into the phone.

"Sweetheart, what is it?" Sam asked her stomach dropped as she heard her sister's tone of voice.

"There was an incident at the PCPD, there was a shoot out and they got caught in it."

"How bad?"

"Mom is in surgery and Dad had swelling in the brain, so they put him in a medical induced coma."

"Where are you?"

"Please come home Sam, Molly and I need you." Kristina pleaded.

"I am on the first flight." Sam promised as she hung up.

"What happened?"

"My parents, I have to get back to New York." Sam said as tears started to fall.

"I'll get the tickets, you pack." Jason said as he pulled Sam into a tight hug before he stood and guided her towards the door.