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Chapter 1

The group's feet hit the ground of the new world as Mokona closed her mouth. She landed on Kurogane's head with a smile.

The travelers found themselves in a forest.

"We should make camp, the sun is setting. We should split up and look for food and a place to stay." Syaoran stated.

"Mokona go with Syaoran!" Mokona jumped onto Syaoran's shoulder.

"Alright; Mokona, Sakura, and I will hunt for camp."

"I'll go hunt for food. I need to let off a little steam anyway," Kurogane grunted and partially unsheathed Ginryu.

"I'll go with Kuro-puu! I'll keep you safe." Fai smiled.

"Fine, but keep quiet. I don't want to hear you babble." Kurogane grumbled.

The group split up, each heading in opposite directions.

Fai and Kurogane hiked for over two hours and traveled through forests and plains.

"We should probably turn around." Fai noticed how late it was getting.

A white Oni emerged from a nearby shrub. The massive Oni had glowing black eyes and extra long claws that were as thick as Fai's arm.

"He'll do." Kurogane smirked, fully unsheathing Ginryu.

A rustling noise came from behind the two. Fair turned to see a second Oni emerging from the underbrush. This Oni had fangs as long and just as sharp as Ginryu.

"Wow!" Fai said, amazed.

"Quit dawdling and help me!" Kurogane shouted, pushing the clawed Oni away with Ginryu.

Fai leaped into the tree above Kurogane after the Oni dug it's fangs in the ground where he once stood. The Oni lunged at the defenseless Fai once again, breaking the branch that he was standing on.

"I seem to have my own problems." Fai answered Kurogane.

The Oni that Kurogane was fighting pushed him back against a tree knocking him unconscious. The Oni turned and helped the second Oni with its attack on Fai.

Fai leaped from branch to branch trying to avoid the Oni's fangs. Out of the corner of his eye he saw a flash of white. Before he could react, the second Oni swiped Fai's side with its claws.

Kurogane just recovered from his daze as he watched the mage fall from the tree tops and land with a thud in the underbrush. He grabbed Ginryu that laid at his side and rushed to Fai's aid.

As the ninja hurried to the mage's side, the Oni honed in for another assault. The clawed Oni moved in first going for Kurogane's heart. Kurogane sidestepped around the Oni and cut it in half. The white Oni disappeared in a puff of smoke. The second Oni attacked from behind, but Kurogane twisted around before the Oni could sink it's fangs through his body. With a final thrust he severed the head of the second Oni. It too disappeared in a whisp of smoke. Kurogane turned back to Fai to find him in a terrible shape. Kurogane knelt beside him and flipped him over onto his back.

Fai was clutching his left side and gritting his teeth. His eyes started to cloud over as a result of blood loss. His normally pale face was draining even further of color. He was also breathing very heavily and raggedly.

"You've got to let go so I can see your wound."

Reluctantly, Fai removed his hands revealing his shredded side. "How bad is it?" He asked, not wishing to look.

"Pretty bad, mage. But you've been torn up worse than this before." Kurogane grunted.

"True," the mage smirked, and then grunted in pain. "But they never hurt like this." Fai attempted to stand, but couldn't.

"Here, not need to hurt yourself wizard," Kurogane lifted Fai up.


After walking for about a mile, Fai muttered that he had remembered seeing a river ahead.

They came to a stream that flowed from a distant waterfall.

Kurogane laid Fai on his back and scooped a handful of clear, cold water. He gently let the water trickle from his hand onto the gaping wound.


"Stop being such a baby," Kurogane snarled.

"NO! PLEASE! STOP! IT BURNS!" Fai started to whither in pain.

Stunned, Kurogane didn't know what to do. He grabbed Fai's arms and held them down, he feared that if he didn't the mage would hurt himself worse.

"Please don't do that again!" Fai whimpered.

"What the **** is going on?" Kurogane looked at Fai's wound to find that it had grown bigger and it appeared to be burned. "I'm getting you away from here." He then picked Fai up, who was still crumpled up in pain.