Chapter 3

Kurogane entered the shrine and walked to the room where Fai was recovering. The priestess was caring for Sakura at the moment and was in a whole other room.

Upon entering the room, Fai glanced up. He was still weak, but all color had returned to his face and his breathing was normal. "What's up?"

"You need your strength," Kurogane partially unsheathed Ginryu.

"Please don't," Fai wheezed, but it was too late.

Kurogane had already sliced his wrist and was dripping blood. He then placed his hand to Fai's lips.

Fai's blue eyes turned golden yellow as he gulped down the life sustaining liquid. Fai sat up suddenly knocking the ninja's hand aside. "Do you hear that?"

"What?" Asked Kurogane as he tore a piece of his shirt to make a makeshift bandage for his hand.

"Move!" Fai yelled grabbing Kurogane, knocking him to the floor.


A huge Oni crashed through the floor where Fai and Kurogane use to be. It's fangs and claws were longer than both of the other Oni's. It glowed pink and in the middle of its chest was another one of Sakura's feathers.

Kurogane leaped and slashed the Oni in half with Ginryu.

But, the Oni regenerated itself and grew bigger.

During their struggle, Fai crawled to the Oni. When he was directly behind it he let his nails extend till they were a foot long and as sharp as daggers.

Kurogane attacked again, but was blocked.

Fai stood up.

The ninja blocked a jab to the head with a sword parry. The Oni attacked with a blow that knocked Kurogane down. With Kurogane down, the Oni held his life in its claws. The Oni went for the kill, but stopped.

With a puff of smoke the Oni vanished.

Fai was holding the memory feather. He had gorged it out of the demon, during Kurogane's battle.

Fai then collapsed.


"So you're leaving?" Asked Yuki

"Yes, we are finished here." Syaoran stated.

"But so soon?"

"Leave them be! They still have a long journey ahead of them." Ordered the elderly priest.

"Thank you for your kind hospitality. We wish we could pay it back." Fai smiled.

Syaoran turned to the group. "Are we ready to go?"

Everyone agreed.

With that Mokona sucked them into a new world.