Well my lovelies I'm back again and with a new bunny that took during Christmas break, but never got to writing. I've been having a sort of block with my other stories and was in need of something to get me past it…hope you enjoy my fun little drabble!

I think I'm Gonna Marry You...

Chapter 1

Edward's POV

I think I loved you even before you were born.

Every time your mother came to the Cullen Training Center to talk to her husband, I would immediately follow her around.

Talking to you.

Rubbing the protruding flesh safely carrying you inside of your mother.

Renee always claimed that you were the most active when I was near.

Said we were soul mates.

My mother would laugh and our fathers shook their heads and continued to train.

Fighting was the blood that ran through my veins, but you...you are the air I breathe.

Chapter 2 will be up in about 30 mins