Fandom for Autism

Fandom: Twilight

Penname: Reyes139

Title: Oh Shit, the Baby's Coming Outtake from I Think I'm Gonna Marry You

Pairing: Edward/Bella

Rating: M

Summary: It took you nine months to get here…sixteen hours of labor and pains for your mother to give birth and exactly one second for me to fall irrevocably in love with you.

Disclaimer: Twilight Isn't Mine

Bella's pregnancy had been a relatively smooth one.

Minor back pains here and there that were to be expected and a small bit of nausea in the morning, but nothing too bad. The major problem for her was the aversion she discovered she had and harnessed throughout her pregnancy with bad smelling perfumes.

It never failed to make her sick if she ever encountered a nasty scent.

Elizabeth's Taylor's White Diamonds was her kryptonite and a big no no in any vicinity we inhabit at the moment…I learned that the hard way.

It was after her six month check up that the above mentioned occurred.

Needing to get out of the city for a bit, and thinking a bit of shopping would do us good, we headed to Cali for a much needed break. The car ride was relatively calm, with only three stops to pee and another two for snacks.

Let's just say that the Golden Arches and I became fast friends throughout her pregnancy, at all hours of the day and night.

My child had a strange fascination with their McFlurry's and fries that I will never understand, but as long as both my treasures were happy and satisfied, I could honestly care less.

Well, back to said incident…

We had just arrived at a little children's boutique, when the sales lady approached and began to show us all the one of a kind furniture and custom carriages they carried.

My sweetness began to look a little green around the gills and sweat formed atop her brow. The poor sales lady began to fret over her and try to make her comfortable, but nothing seemed to work.

With each close encounter Bella continued to look worse.

Finally noticing the scrunch in her nose, and the way she kept trying to evade the poor woman bending over backwards to make her comfortable, I stepped in.

"What's wrong sweetness…do you wanna go or are you just nauseous over her perfume?" A small chuckle escaped my lips and her hand flew toward me, punching me square in the nuts.

"Fuck," I spluttered and keeled over…her strength having magnified by the thousands while pregnant.

"Madam," the lady squeaked and rushed over to help me.

"Don't touch the asshole," my girl threatened in a growl and the lady, whose name I would later learn was Leah, backed away, slowly, probably wondering if she would be next or if she should call the cops and report a domestic disturbance.

My entire lower half hurt and she still stood there with her hands on her thick hips and glared at my traumatized form.

"I'm okay," I squeaked and attempted to right myself…Bella was having none of that and stood her ground with her dainty flip flop covered foot on my chest.

"It's not funny now is it you ass?"

Not wanting to upset the missus any further, I softly said a small, "no," and began to apologize after being let up.

"Sorry sweetness." My hand rubbed her belly, while my lips trailed her neck…right below her ear on that magical spot that always calmed her down and made her putty in my capable hands. "You're right…that wasn't nice…especially since I know how uncomfortable and queasy you've been lately."

Her eyes misted and her lip trembled…my poor babies.

"I'm so sorry, Snake," sniff, "it's just that horrid smell and then you laughed and and…" she broke apart in my arms.

Poor Leah watched the entire exchange and even apologized profusely a few times over her perfume. According to her, she was the same way when she was pregnant with her son Embry. She even went as far as 'decking,' her words not mine, her husband one day for bringing her a bottle of a popular French perfume on their anniversary.

He thought it was sweet…she puked and then punched him square in the jaw…landing him on the floor.

She begged us to come back tomorrow, and even went as far as giving my girl a huge discount for the discomfort she caused by mistake, and the blow to the nuts I took.

"How are you holding up mama?" Her cheeks were flushed and her breathing began to pick up as another contraction came close.

"It hurts Snake." Big fat tears rolled down her cheeks and my heart clenched. I knew that this day would be hard on her, but I could never imagine her like this.

Holding her breath, sweating and crying as another wave of pain took over her lower back and legs.

"They're coming baby, in a few, to give you something for the pain…I'm so sorry you have to endure this to bring our miracle into this world…I love you."

"I love you too, but we're never having sex again…do you hear me…never again!"

"As long as you're with me, I'm fine…you are all I need baby…you and our child."

"Ready for that epidural, Isabella?" Dr. Reyes questioned while putting on her gloves and spreading my sweetness' thighs a bit further apart.

"Looks like you are about six centimeters at the moment and should progress rather nicely within the next two to three hours." The nurse, who had been quiet this entire time, came over and helped my girl sit up over the edge of the bed.

The anesthesiologist came in within minutes and began to prep my girl.

Needles and catheters were put in place and all the while I watched the wall. I could tell she was okay by the constant tension on my fingers from her death grip on them.

Once everything was taped into place and the medication began to distribute itself throughout her system, she relaxed…even took a nap.

My mother and hers came in at various times to get updates and make sure she was comfortable.

Her father and mine only poked in their heads and rushed back out, afraid to see anything they never should.

Rose and Alice cried as they saw her sleeping and Emmett and Jasper wore proud smiles…we were all so excited for this day and the new member joining our family.

"Will you finally tell us the sex? We know you know, Edward," my mother pestered on her trip numero 1,000 into the room.



"Yep." God, I loved fucking with her like this…I was sure she was close to smacking me, but it was her nosy ass' fault. We told them all to wait til the blessed day…make it a surprise for everyone, except me and my girl, but they just wouldn't stop asking.

"Yep, you'll tell me! Oh my God, baby…I swear I won't tell a soul…you are the be..."

"Mom, stop…I'm not telling you now or anytime between now and the birth…now go back out with the other members of our family and tell Renee to come in."

"Fine." She stomped her foot and left.

"Do you think they'll be okay with us not telling them, Snake…I kind of feel bad about keeping this a secret?"

"They'll be fine sweetness. This is our choice, not theirs and they need to understand that."

"I know that baby." Her teary eyes looked into mine and she sighed. "It's just that they have been dying for this day to come and I feel like we'll be cheating them by keeping it a secret…you know?"

"I do, but they will just have to get over it…trust me, when they meet our child for the very first time, they will be overcome with joy and it will all have been worth it."

"Okay." Is she agreeing with me…just like that…no more convincing needed?

"Yeah?" My smile was wide and hopeful.

"Yeah…let's do this baby."

"You needed me son?" Renee whispered as she walked in and walked over to my chair. Her hand began to run through my hair just like her daughter did every time I was stressed. She was aware of my nerves and fear that something would go wrong.

I had approached her a few weeks ago, after Bella kicked me out of the house and told me to and I quote, "Fuck off and let me breathe."

"I'm scared, Renee…she's so tiny and her stomach's enormous, how will she be able to deliver without complications?"

"She'll be fine, Edward. We are talking about my daughter…who is just as stubborn as her mother and one hell of a woman. She can do this and will…trust me, she will be fine." Her warm eyes, just like her daughter's, twinkling and shining with love.

"How can you be so sure?" I hedged…I wanted to believe, to be able to enjoy these last few weeks of her pregnancy, but this nagging fear was making it too hard.

"I know because I'm her mother and brought her into this world. She was a huge baby at 20 inches and 8.5 pounds. It was hard and oh so painful, but worth every moment…and trust me, the moment that baby is in her arms, the last few painful hours won't register. All she will care about is you and that baby…nothing else."

Her words did calm me down a lot and when I arrived at home, I showed my girl just how much. A calming bath and rub down after and she was forgiving me for my every last sin.

"How is she?" Renee asked while kissing her daughter's forehead.

"Better than a few hours ago…the contractions were hard on her." If I could have traded places with her, I would. My girl began to stir and I stood up to be by her side.

"What time is it Snake?" She was still groggy, but absolutely radiant. The motherly glow was out in full swing and encompassing her every pore.

"It's almost ten at night babe...You've been out for the last two hours. Feeling any better now?"

"Actually yeah, I feel rested and my headache is gone…is everybody out in the lobby?"

"They are baby and they all want to see you for a minute, if you feel up for visitors at the moment?" her mother asked, while my girl nodded and hugged her mother tight before Renée walked out the doors.

"Can you get me some ice chips Snake? My mouth is so dry." Walking over to the small table next to her head, I grabbed the glass filled with ice and held it out to her. Taking a few into her mouth, she sighed in appreciation and relaxed further into her bed as her thirst was quenched.

We talked for a few minutes about what the doctor had said on her last round and the progress she had made. From what she said, we were hoping to have our little bundle of joy in our arms within the next hour.

Bella was ecstatic to finally be there and so was the troop that came in for a two minute visit.

They all kissed her forehead and gave us strength with their love. Her mother would be in the room with us for the big moment, per my girl's request and mine. She needed her mother's comfort and I couldn't begrudge her that.

The following hours passed by in a flash…

Nurses, an anesthesiologist on hand and her doctor all occupied the small room. Preparations for both the birth and after care were ready and I was a nervous wreck.

The doctor sat in her lovely stool and began to say 'push' in intervals of ten long ass seconds. Her mother and I held her legs open and up towards her chest. My girl cried and screamed, but never quit.

My jewels were threatened and promised to the first stray dog she found numerous times.

Her mother would laugh along with Dr. Reyes, but it was all good…she loved my cock way too much to really cause him any harm.

I lost count of how many times we did the stupid count after my child let out their first cry. Tiny, bloody and perfect is what they were. Bella's face was blue, purple and swollen after all was said and done.

Her mother gasped as she noticed what we had and thanked us for letting her experience this joyous occasion. They placed our bundle on her mother's stomach long enough for Bella to see and kiss its forehead…what a beautiful sight.

My wife was still in the process of delivering the placenta when she looked at me and told me to go over and check how our child was doing. I believe the small shrill cry of pain that prick on its heel caused, broke her heart.

Her mother stayed with her and promised to not leave her side until I returned.

Tests were run, measurements jotted down, and all the while I preened like the proud poppa I was.

After both of my treasures were attended to, I prayed to God and thanked him for the many blessings he had bestowed upon me. He gave me my wife…my soul mate, my child and enormous family.

We were all healthy and happy…what more could I ask for?

"Ready for everyone to come in and greet our little one, sweetness?" She counted their ten toes and fingers…placing a single, sweet kiss on each and nodded. Our smiles were huge and so full of love for each and every member of our family.

"I love you, Snake," she whispered, voice hoarse and full of emotions too big to hide.

"I love you too, baby…so much. Thank you…Thank you for loving me and giving me this little treasure. You two are my life and I will protect, love and cherish you for as long as I live." Our lips met in a sweet kiss, which quickly turned to a bit more.

Nothing R rated…more PG 13 then anything else, not that it couldn't have been, but having a small wonder crying out…quickly put a stop in our adult celebration.

"And so it begins..."

"Jesus, cock blocked already!"

"Just wait till you get home and are in need of some alone time," my father said while giving me a small glare. "Feel my pain, son…feel my pain."


"Edward, I swear to God I will personally kick your ass if you don't step out of the way…let me see my grandchild dammit!" Yep, you guessed it…Carlisle strikes again.

"Carlisle…you watch your tongue," Renee chided and I moved out of their way.

The room filled with gasps and "Oh my God, she's beautiful."

The men all grimaced as we knew that she would be trouble where boys were concerned, while the women gushed and cried.

"I'll buy you a gun, son," Carlisle and my father offered.

Emmett and Jasper offered to be bodyguards and beat any snot nosed, pencil dick that tried to get close.

I loved the men in this family.

"Oh hush... and come meet the newest member of the family," my sweetness said while mock glaring at our bunch.

My body instantly answered her call and I took my place by her side. My daughter placed within the safety of her arms, between us both…my eyes watching her every adorable move.

Her tiny fist found my finger and latched on, causing the room to erupt in laughs and awws.

"Let me formally introduce to the newest member of our family…Lucia Jada Masen."