Nottingham – The Abbey Of Kirklees

Nuns in habits lined the pews of the abbey. Their heads were bowed, hands folded, murmurs of Latin leaving each of their mouths in perfect unison.

At the front of the abbey, stood erect and proud, a gold guilt depiction of Christ on the Cross. The light from the high windows and flickering candlelight of the altar made it shine brighter than the rest of the dark room.

Due to the fact that the windows were high and small, and the edges contained deep alcoves, the room had an almost purple darkness to it.

The only sources of light were that of the hundred candles lit on the altar.

In front of the crucifix stood an older woman, far older than the young novices around her.

Her habit was a different colour, darker in grey than white.

The gold cross around her neck also seemed to shine in the candlelight, her piercing eyes staring around the young girls before her.

Vaisey and Guy entered at the back of the hall just as the service was drawn to a close.

The woman raised her hand and the novices all bowed their heads, turning and filing from the room, heads bowed, hands folded.

Vaisey removed his leather gloves, smacking them on Guys arm, indicating he had no desire to hold them anymore.

Guy frowned and sighed, taking them from his 'master.'

"I have decided Guisborne..." Vaisey said as they began to walk down the aisle towards the woman. She had since turned her back to them, and was lighting a candle on a long splint, holding it between skeletal fingers.

"That prancing peasants and wailing widows do not even compare to a nun who is..." Vaisey chuckled darkly to himself, "Nonchalant."

"Do you intend to speak about me as if I cannot hear you?" The woman turned to address them over her shoulder.

Vaisey grinned, "The Abbess of Kirklees." He inclined his head and Guy did the same.

"It would serve you well for this to be important... I do not allow men into the abbey normally; it is a place for women." She turned fully and waked passed them and back down the aisle.

What he called after her made her stop walking, turning to look at them over her shoulder as he grinned.

"It is about Robin Hood."

Nottingham Town

"A gift from Robin Hood."

Marian smiled at the woman as she handed her a small bag of money. No one got any more, or any less than anybody else than anyone else.

Everyone was treated the same, there were no serfs or lords under Robins Hood's care.

The woman hugged her before she walked off with her family.

Marian stared after the group, watching as they children skipped around her feet, giggling and shouting. She stared, stood still in the centre of the bustling market as the woman smiled down at her children, before looking up as a young man crossed over to them, who she knew to be her husband.

Marian watched as the man kissed his wife on the cheek, before being down to scoop his daughter into his arms. He then ruffled his son's hair, and then turned to lead them away.

The sound of their laughter made Marian feel as though she was in a tunnel, it rang in her ears, making her heart beat faster.

"Watch out!"

She broke free from her thoughts as someone caught her, arm, pulling her quickly forwards. She blinked a couple of times, swaying slightly on her feet to stop her from falling over as Will gently released her wrist.

She looked over her shoulder as a large wooden cart pulled by several horses rode passed her, not a few seconds from where she had been standing.

She swallowed, gasping for breath slightly at the shock movement but turned back to Will.

"Thank you."

He smiled but his eyes were anxious, "Are you alright?"

She nodded, "I am fine... I just... didn't see it coming."


She snapped her head around to see Robin walking over, his face anxious.

Will excused himself as Robin came to stand by his wife's side.

"What's wrong?" He asked and reached up to cup her cheek, attempting to run his thumb across her jaw bone.

"Nothing... I am fine" She batted his hand away and looked away from his face.

He sighed, "Marian..."

"Come on." She said firmly and took a step away from him, "We have more money to give out."

Robin sighed in frustration as he watched her walk away from him, running one hand through her hair as she went to hand money to another old woman.

"Is she still not speaking to you?" Djac walked up to stand beside her friend.

Robin sighed, "She is speaking to me... she just isn't talking to me."

They both looked back to Marian, but their eyes snapped up when the sound of fan fare came from the courtyard of the castle.

"People of Nottingham!" Vaisey's voice was easy to be heard.

"Come on." Robin said and rushed off towards the sound.