Kirklees Abbey

Vaisey burst into the abbey, the guards still following him.

"Where is he?" He demanded.

His eyes landed on the slumped figure in black in the middle of the aisle. He growled and stormed forwards, turning guy over into his back and shaking him.

"Robin Hood escaped!" He yelled in his face.

Guy drew back as Vaisey practically spit feathers at him.

"He's gone!" Vaisey screamed, "And you decided to take a nap?"

"My lord I was taking confession..." Guy's feeble defence was cut off by Vaisey.


"You have failed me again..." He hissed and shook his lieutenant harder.

"I do not tolerate your stupidity Guisborne... Argh." He dropped Guy to the floor as a novice entered the abbey.

"My lord?"

Vaisey spun to glare at her, "What?"

She inclined her head, face betraying no emotion, "The Abbess has requested that you and your male guests leave the abbey forth with, she has arranged a carriage for you."

"What?" Vaisey snapped, "We have our own horses."

"I am afraid not sir." The young novice had to fight not to smile, "Robin Hood and his gang took your horses from the stables, they have left none in their place."

Guy raised his eyes to glare at the ceiling as Vaisey spluttered slightly, his left eye twitching.

Sherwood Forest – OUTLAWS CAMP -

"So..." Robin let out a breath and smiled, "You took Guisborne's confession."

Marian and Robin were lying on their backs in their bunk staring up at the ceiling.

He had his hands behind his head, his bare chest gleaming in the flickering and dying candle-light that barely covered the room.

Marian was snuggled against his chest, her raven hair fanned about her face across his shoulder, as she held the blanket over herself.

"Yes." She said quietly.

Not that she felt she needed to apologise, but that she did not want to wake the others sleeping in their own bunks, or to ruin the intimate moment that her and her husband had just shared, by shouting.

"It was what was right at the time that is all. The opportunity for escape presented itself and I took advantage of the situation. I had no choice."

"No." Smiling with a soft, Robin used one of his hands to rub her arm. He moved his hand from under his head to do so.

"Everything is a choice... everything we do."

Marian smiled sadly and ran her hand over the side of his chest.

"Things will be different tomorrow." Robin said quietly, "We will go to Clun and Nettlestone in the morning, and see if the carpenters wife is well, she is due to give birth any day now... Djac wants to see that she has everything that she needs."

Marian said nothing as he continued to talk, but she could feel a strange sensation in her chest.

It was almost as though her heart was creeping up the back of her throat, and her thoughts were pushing against her lips from the inside.

Robin chuckled "And then of course the snow may come, and Much will be frantic over us having enough food, but we will be fine, I will look after you I and our people, but Much just won't..."

"I am having a baby."

Marian's sudden words made Robins eyes snap down to look at her.

"What?" He whispered.

She raised her head to stare at him and swallowed.

"You are going to be a father."