Somewhere in the world, near a vast forest lay a grand mansion. Inside, in one of it's many quarters sat a man looking out the window. This man was dressed elegantly and was holding a picture of none other than Crash Bandicoot holding a fruit on his one hand and giving a thumbs up with the other. Suddenly, the man heard the door opening.

-You are late, Dr. Neo Cortex.

The man spun around in his chair and looked at the balding scientist with an N branded on his forehead who had just entered the room.

-It would have been easier if you have given me clealer directions. Cortex replied.

-It doesn't matter. At least you are here and we can begin our meeting. The man said while gesturing Cortex to sit in the chair on the opposite side of the table.

After Cortex sat down, the man offered Cortex some wine which he politely refused.

-Now then Dr. Neo Cortex, is it true that for many years, you had certain trouble with your creation Crash Bandicoot.

-Indeed I have. That really annoying rodent has always been a nuisance in my world domination plans. In fact, I have been obsessing over that bandicoot so much that I cannot really think anything else. And now I am in hiding because Uka Uka is going to offer me as a sacrifice because of my repeated failures. Cortex said while constantly slamming his fists on the table in anger.

-Calm down Cortex. I might have to deal with that mask later. Still, I am quite surprised that this Crash Bandicoot has constantly wrecked your plans. That means, he is more powerful than most Naturals combined. Ever since I took you in and gave you a new life, I wanted what was the best of you. Now look at what has become of you. A sad little man who cannot squash even a cockroach. Still, I am willing to offer you and your minions my services and I just know what we must do...