It had been a long stake-out, and was still going on. For the past two weeks they had been watching a Business called "Ling's Fortune Cookies". They were trying to bust an illegal gambling ring, but so far the had no evidence. Peter had been falling asleep, so Jones sent him home, but was now regretting it.

"Will you please sit still." he said very annoyed with a pointed look over at the CI. Neal had been bouncing his leg up and down. Neal looked down at his bouncing leg and when he saw he was indeed bouncing his leg he stop.

"Sorry," he said giving one of his famous Neal Caffrey smiles, "didn't even know I was doing it." He leaned back in his chair and grabbed his baseball from the tabletop, and started to toss it and catch it. After a while he threw it up in the air again only to find it caught by Jones.

"Is there anything that doesn't annoy you?" Neal asked Jones.

"Peace and quite." was Jones' reply. "Why don't you go get some air or some coffee at the corner market. I'll take mine with two sugars and cream." he add with a smirk.

"What do I look like? A coffee boy?" Neal asked.

"I'll take mine with three sugars and no cream!" came the voice from the front. Jones gave him a pointed look.

"Fine." Neal grumbled.

He stood up and donned his jacket and fedora. He stepped out of the utility truck. He put on his jacket and his hat with his famous flourish, and pulled it low over his eyes. He walked down to the corner store. He had a weird feeling he was being watched. He shook of the feeling off, telling himself that he only felt that way because he was on a stake-out.

He walked in to the corner market. There was only one other person there,a lovely blonde women, besides the cashier. He went over to the coffee station. After he got the coffee he decided to get something to eat. He noticed that the blonde women was on the same isle. As he was reaching for a bag of chips, the coffee started to slip. When he tried to steady the coffee he knocked the bag of chips off the shelf. He chastised himself for being so clumsy in front of the lovely women. As he bent down to get the chips, a hand shot out and picked them up.

"I couldn't help but notice that you need some help." She said with a smile on her lips. Neal hadn't noticed how beautiful she was. She had long blond wavy hair with high and low-lights. She had beautiful storm-green eyes And bright red lip stick.

"Thank you." he said with his smile as she responded with a "your welcome." He watched her walk down the isle to the register.

He paid for his things and walked out. As he was walking down the street he noticed someone following him. He waited to verify if they were really tailing him. He rounded the corner. They followed.

"Jones I think I'm being followed. What should I do?" he said into the receiver in his ear he heard a crackle of static and then he heard Jones' voice in his ear; " Keep walking for a few more blocks. Make sure not to pass the van though. See if you can lose them, then double back. Got it?" he said. "Got it." Neal replied.

He kept walking for two more blocks, going down an alleyway to avoid the surveillance van. He noticed them pull something out of their coat pockets as he rounded the corner. As soon as he was out of sight he dropped the coffee and chips, and started running. When the guys turned the corner they saw him. One of them shouted something, but all Neal could hear was his ragged breathing. He saw no place to hide on the street so he ran into the alleyway. He came up short. Standing in front of him was the lady from the market.

"You!" he said gasping for air.

"Yes me." she said with laughter in her voice. She took out a small hand gun and shoved in just where his rib cage ended.

"Tell me where Agent Burke is or I will blow a hole through your lung."

"Like I'd ever tell you!" he spat at her.

"Well I'm sorry you feel that way." She smiled and then he heard the report of a gun. He felt a searing pain in his ribs as he crumpled to the ground. He found himself staring up at the night sky as he felt something warm spread over his chest and stomach. As he lay there he could hear someone yelling in his ear. 'Jones' he thought.