Mai and Naru

Chapter One


I'm Mai Taniyama. I am 17 years old and assistant to Kazuya Shibuya, I call him "Naru." Naru is a paranormal researcher. That basically means that we hunt ghosts.

"Mai, tea!" Naru shouted to me, as he always did.

"R-right!" I said back to him, leaving the room.

When I came back, Naru was speaking with an elderly client. "I am Takeshi Takahashi," the man said, sitting across from Naru.

"What seems to be the problem, Mr. Takahashi?" Naru asked.

"Well, Mr. Shibuya, I am from a rather wealthy family, and we have many workers. Well, you see, almost all of the female workers have been attacked by something no one can see."

"And you think that it is a spirit."


"What happened to the women who were attacked?"

"Well, most of them were unconscious for several days after the incidents. My youngest daughter, though; she has been in a coma since this all started three years ago."

"She's been in a coma for three years?" I shouted in disbelief.

"Yes, Mai, he just said that," Naru said, in a mater-of-fact tone. "Why did you not seek help until now?" Naru asked Takashi.

"I've tried. No one will take the case. Will you help me?" Takeshi asked.

"I will try my best."

"Oh, thank you!"