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A little one-shot from Dylan's perspective.

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The Queen of Hearts

He stirred gently, not wanting to wake and dislodge himself from the rather comfortable surroundings. He was just the right amount of tired. Not too shattered and not too restless. Content. The temperature was also favourable this morning. The heating wasn't on, but the warmth from the sunlight glowing behind the curtains and the insulation from the blankets was just enough. He couldn't remember the last time he had felt so relaxed.

He really should be getting up... now. Okay... now. Now he'll get up. After several failed attempts to rouse himself he decided that he would abandon that particular task for the time being.

Instead he focussed on what had happened the night before, and consequently, the entire day. He could recollect flowers. Lots of simple white flowers, with a few purply ones thrown in for good measure. From a particularly thoughtful relative...? No. It had been a very busy day too. But he hadn't minded. It had all been worth it. A lot of smiling people, more so than usual for him, including many of his colleagues. They'd all had a good day. Great even. No, definitely absolutely spectacular.

The stretch of time between last night and the morning he was currently enjoying had been pretty good too.

He smiled weakly, trying to stretch his arms out in front of him, but meeting something tender and warm.

It groaned.

"Watch it, Grumpy."

Samantha rolled over slowly to face him, stretching her own slim arms above herself before folding her hands beneath her cheek on the pillow.

They simply looked at each other for a few moments.

"Wow, no snarky comeback. Somebody's in a good mood."

He smirked.

"I don't think I know of many men who 'snark' at their wife the morning after their wedding."

"Yeah, but then again, this is youwe're talking about." She slipped her arms around his neck and let them rest there loosely, "The veritable king of snarkiness."

"Then that makes you the Queen of snarkiness, doesn't it? Somebody's not on the ball this morning."

"And Dylan Keogh has returned. I was getting worried."


He caught her attention. She frowned very slightly, confused.

"That's my job."

She smiled and turned over again, letting her back settle against his chest and his arms slide around her.

He smiled too, a proper one, and let his face bask in her soft dark blonde hair.

What he had done to deserve her, he would never know.

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