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Music is New Experiences

Crowds, heavy screaming, pounding music, and having a guitar in hand with a microphone stand in front were all of Uzumaki Naruto's fortes. Playing and singing with his band for huge audiences is what he absolutely enjoyed doing.

There was a school event going on and The Fire Lit Leaf was the main entertainment. Always being the center of attention, Naruto was the main singer and guitarist - he led the band with his strong vocals and self-composed lyrics. He was also responsible for managing the band, being the one to have formed it. The bassist that accompanied his guitar playing was his ex-girlfriend, but still closest blonde friend, Yamanaka Ino. Even while they were dating, Ino was akin to being a very supportive friend more than anything.

Next, the beat maker of the group was Naruto's best friend since childhood, Inuzuka Kiba. By having a wild and arrogant personality, Naruto thought that it would do the band justice to put Kiba in charge of the drums. Last but not least, the one who followed Kiba into the band was his shy girlfriend, Hyuuga Hinata. Knowing that Hinata was a piano prodigy, Naruto had to let her in. The Fire Lit Leaf was formed during their freshman year, so people wouldn't say they were amateurs in the least.

They were getting the crowd going with light-rock music for this event. The school organized the event to get students pumped up for the exams and Naruto made sure to not make anybody have qualms over it. And he figured he was doing a good job until he saw one student walk out of the auditorium -

"I can't do this anymore!" Naruto exclaimed loudly as he set his guitar down during one of the band's weekly practices. The Fire Lit Leaf usually had their practices in Naruto's garage to perfect their future performances or merely for fun.

"What the hell? Are you still fretting over that guy who left during our performance yesterday?" Ino asked, placing her own bass guitar down to stand in front of the vocalist. She lightly knocked Naruto on the head. "Stop worrying so much. He probably had to go to the bathroom."

Naruto huffed childishly. "He never came back though!"

"I'm going to start thinking you're gay," Kiba interjected. He shrugged at his best friend's glare. "Dude, you've been talking about that the whole day. You're obsessed over a guy you don't even know."

"As a leader of this band, I just want to make sure that no one hates us. Have you ever thought of it that way?" Naruto asked spitefully, flailing his arms a bit. He stomped over to the quiet girl of the group. "Hinata, do you think I'm being obsessive?"

Hinata twiddled her index fingers together and immediately looked down. "U-um, yes... b-but I don't think your intentions are wrong, N-Naruto-kun."

Naruto fabricated tears of joy. "Hinata-"

"Stop taking advantage of my girlfriend's kindness, idiot," Kiba barged in at the same time that he wrapped an arm around a blushing Hinata's waist possessively, not forgetting to whack Naruto upside the head with one of his drum sticks. "Do you plan on not playing because of one guy? And seriously, he might've had something important to do."

Naruto rubbed on the abused spot. "Why is it always my head?"

Ino joined the mini circle with a smile. "Because it's the easiest way to knock some sense into that brain of yours."

"More like knock out my brain cells..."

Kiba jeered. "Didn't we already conclude that he doesn't have a brain to begin with?"


Ino hugged Naruto, silencing him. "Stop overreacting and let's continue practicing, alright?"

Naruto relaxed and released a calmed breath, giving into the girl's warmth. Ino always seemed to have a good effect on him, whether it'd be as a girlfriend or not. "Fine, let's continue," he spoke in a hushed tone, pulling back to give Ino a small grin. "Yeah, that guy probably had a good reason to leave."

Kiba felt propelled to hold Hinata closer at the sight. "Mhm, listen to the ex-girlfriend and not the ultra-mega-known-you-since-diaper-years best friend."

"You know what they say - fighting fire with fire will only cause a bigger fire," Ino paused to smile playfully. "Which in your case, would be putting two idiots together."

"Hey!" The said idiots yelled simultaneously. Kiba mocked a look of betrayal when Hinata giggled. "You can't put me on the same level as him - anyone can beat him when it comes to grades!"

"Shut up, dog breath! There's a reason as to why I have low grades!"

Kiba emitted a low chuckle while he fully embraced Hinata from behind and rested his chin on her shoulder. "Playing video games does not count as a valid reason."

"That's not it!"

"Guys, break it up!" Ino interrupted, placing a hand on Naruto's shoulder. "We have a lot of work to do."

Kiba sighed. "Alright, fine," he gave in, pecking his girlfriend on the cheek before he withdrew from his hold on her and moved back to his spot. He turned to Hinata and sent her a wink. "Just rock it as you normally do."

Hinata blushed another ten-fold. "O-okay."

Naruto gagged at the exchange. "One room for two please."

Ino giggled as Hinata immortally grew more red and Kiba rolled his eyes. Ino pushed Naruto lightly to his position. "Stop torturing the poor girl and let's start."

Naruto smirked and picked up his guitar, nodding at Kiba once he and Ino got their instruments strapped on.

Kiba raised his drum sticks in the air. "One, two, one, two, three, four!"

The next day, Naruto had been sent to the office for his "weekly visits" with the principal. He got caught listening to his ipod during class and was promptly ordered to sit where he was at the moment. He was somewhat surprised because he usually got sent to the office for situations like talking back at the teacher or throwing things at his friends, but not for listening to his music - he never got caught till then. He simply figured that he was having an off day.

Naruto absent-mindedly looked up at the sound of the door opening and closing in front of him and blinked, vaguely recognizing the person who just stepped out. There was something about his oddly shaped hair that stood out to him - Ah! "Hey!" Naruto shouted, practically leaping out of his seat to grab onto the guy with the strange hairstyle's shoulder. "You're the dude who walked out of the auditorium during my band's performance the other day!"

The victim of Naruto's interest looked at the hand on his shoulder for a brief moment before he raised his head to face the owner of it, showing no emotion whatsoever. "It was loud," was all that he uttered. He gave Naruto's hand another blank stare and removed it off of his shoulder.

Naruto let a quizzical expression show at that awkward movement. He shook his head. "Psh, at least it was good music, right?"

"No," the other teenager stated rather abruptly. "Which obviously explains why I walked out."

Naruto's face slowly contorted into a sneer. "So you didn't like my lyrics?"

"That's basically what I just said." The tone was really cold.

Naruto released a small cough and glared. "But everyone else liked it-"

"You can't generalize and say that everyone liked it. Not everyone enjoyed listening to it and that's including me," the impassive man declared, cutting Naruto off. "It's not only your music - music in general is pointless."

Naruto couldn't help but gape. "Okay, you are totally insane," he stuttered. "How can you say that? Everyone loves music!"

"Not everyone-"

"Alright, fine, most do!" This time, Naruto was the one to cut the other off. "How can you not like music? There are tons of genres out there - you're bound to like at least one of them."

The taller teen let out a small sigh. "I find it too noisy and pointless to listen to."

"A-are you human?" Naruto asked, utterly flabbergasted. Who the hell is he? "What's your name?"

The older looking teen raised a brow. "Isn't it rude to ask for another's name before you introduce yourself?"

Naruto huffed. "Fine, I'm Uzumaki Naruto. You are?"

"You must be a complete idiot if you haven't noticed my school I.D. by now." The other student directed Naruto's vision to the I.D. that has been dangling on the front pocket of his uniform shirt all along.

Naruto began to redden in embarrassment. "Shut up," he paused for a second to read the I.D. "Sasuke! Cocky bastard. Speak for yourself about being rude. You called me an idiot when you barely know me."

"You jump to conclusions too fast." Sasuke rolled his eyes. "I was merely making an assumption, not insulting you."

Naruto refused to budge. "Don't lie!"

"Now, I'm calling you an absolute idiot."

"Gah, prick!" Naruto yelled, raising a hand to scratch at his nose. He glared. "I'm a fucking senior, so take that back, fresh-"

"You sure don't act like one." Sasuke sighed, then continued, "You're more hopeless than I thought. My I.D. states that I am a senior."

Naruto swore he saw fire. "When's your birthday?"

"July," Sasuke replied, emanating an air of total confidence.

The fire died. "October..."

Sasuke scoffed. "That's what I thought," he said and started to walk away.

"Wait!" Naruto bellowed, gripping onto Sasuke's shoulder again. He continued as Sasuke furrowed a brow. "Don't you dare think that I gave up on the music topic yet." Sasuke tried to speak, but Naruto wouldn't let him. "Considering how I got the whole school to like my songs, it shouldn't be that hard to get one bastard to as well."

Sasuke returned to being emotionless. "Not the whole school."

"Whatever! I'm going to get you to appreciate music, damn it!"

Principal Tsunade chose this time to call for Naruto and went back into her office once he responded in the affirmative.

Sasuke coldly brushed off Naruto's hand. "You can try," he muttered and finally sauntered off.

Naruto stood there and blankly stared into the direction that the other walked to for a few moments, taking in all that took place. Tsunade called for Naruto again from her office, but Naruto was oblivious to it for he was lost in his thoughts. He wasn't sure what he was supposed to feel - nobody ever dared to defy his prowess until that day. Eventually though, a mischievous smile appeared on his face.

Uchiha Sasuke was going down.

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