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Music is Nervousness

Chaos ensued in Naruto's garage during their usual end-of-the-week practice.

"I always knew you were gay..."

A very high-pitched squeal came from the blonde headed girl of the band. "You guys seriously kissed?" Ino practically yelled, hastily cupping her hands to her mouth.

"I've been bi for a long time, Kiba. And yeah," Naruto confirmed as he scratched the back of his head nervously. He was beginning to wonder if telling his bandmates everything that's happened between him and his stoic, raven-haired friend (has the status even changed after all that?) was a good idea.

"Oh my god, he kissed you back?" Ino asked with a huge smile dominating her face.

Naruto grew more red by the second. "I thought I already told you all about that, Ino!"


"Are you both dating now, then?" Kiba abruptly finished Ino's question for her. He pulled a blushing Hinata to his side and wrapped an arm around her waist.

"I don't know. To be honest, I never got around to asking him yet..."

"You're an idiot," Kiba insulted the leader of the band.

"Naruto, how could you? After all that's happened, you didn't even think about making it official?" Ino questioned, knocking Naruto on the head. "What's wrong with you?"

Naruto rubbed on the abused spot and glared at his attacker. "Hey, I haven't had the chance to go over to his house at all after that. And we only see each other in school. I'm not going to ask him out in school! That's just low."

"W-why couldn't you go to his house, Naruto-kun? I-I thought you made a deal to do so everyday," HInata stuttered out, gripping onto the front of Kiba's shirt tightly.

"Uh, the thing is," Naruto started as he fiddled with his sleeve. "Things got awkward between us... For some reason, we don't really talk as much as we normally did."

This time, it was Kiba who smacked Naruto upside the head.

"Ow! What the hell was that for?" Naruto bellowed, placing a hand on his head in defense.

"Things only get awkward if you make it awkward. You better start going to his house again tomorrow and make things right," Kiba demanded forcefully.

"I have to agree with Kiba on this one," Ino followed suit, crossing her arms. "This is the first time I've seen you being so flustered over someone. This is a pretty big deal, Naruto. I recommend for you to not mess it up."

Naruto let out a long breath and released his hold on his head. "How can you guys be more supportive than I am? I mean, isn't it weird to suddenly find out that your steaming hot band leader is bi?"

"Don't get too full of yourself now, shortie," Kiba stepped in with a crooked smile, moving his hand from Hinata's waist to her shoulder. He placed his free hand on top of Naruto's head and playfully ruffled the other's hair. "It doesn't make you any different to us just because you are gay."

"I'm not gay, I'm bi," Naruto corrected. "And what are you talking about? You and I are about the same height."

"Yeah, whatever. But you're still shorter than me by two inches." Kiba smirked.

"Oh, I'll make sure you shrink," Naruto growled and fisted his hand.

"Naruto, stop it! And you too, Kiba," Ino intervened, taking a hold of Naruto's shoulder.

"Bring it on, shortie. I'll take you on any day." Kiba completely ignored Ino and made a fist of his own.

"Kiba-kun!" Hinata protested, lightly glaring at her boyfriend.

"But Hinata," Kiba whined, changing his expression into a pout instantaneously, "he started it!"

"You keep bullying him first," Hinata exclaimed - her voice still soft. "A-and if you continue to do that, I won't allow you to kiss me f-for a week." Before Hinata began to date Kiba, she was in love with Naruto for several years and Kiba and Ino were the only ones out of the group to notice that (Naruto was known to be extremely dense). Even though she is utterly infatuated with Kiba at the moment, she still tends to look after her first love from time to time.

"Damn, Hinata! You're awesome!" Naruto cheered all of a sudden, causing Hinata to blush in embarrassment.

And Kiba was not too happy about that. "Okay, Hinata and I are done with practice for today. Come on, Hinata. We're going to my house now," was all Kiba muttered before he dragged a confused Hinata along with him out of the garage.

Naruto stared in bewilderment. "What was that about?"

"I feel so bad for Hinata." Ino sighed.

"What, why?"

"Her pure self is being corrupted by a beast. It's just too sad," Ino explained, shaking her head.

"I'm totally lost here," Naruto said, frowning.

Ino looked up at Naruto and furrowed her brows. "I don't get how you can still be so clueless after everything we've done together."


"Nevermind. Well, I'm done for today as well," Ino announced as she began to pack up her instrument. Once she was done, she threw the bag over her shoulder and held onto the strap. She walked over to her close friend in order to give him an encouraging pat on his back. "Good luck with your predicament, Naruto. I'm sure you'll be able to win that cold guy's heart with your idiotic innocence."

"Hey, he's not cold! He just has a hard time expressing himself," Naruto defended his crush almost immediately. "And I'm not an idiot." He pouted.

Ino smiled and stroke Naruto's cheek in a gentle manner. "It's because of your selflessness that made me fall in love with you at one point. I'll see you around, Naruto," she bade and left.

Naruto exhaled intensely. Despite having strong support from his long-time friends, he felt disheartened. He wasn't sure if his experience with past relationships was going to be enough to help him in this dilemma.

It was until lunch the next day that Naruto managed to get enough courage and actually talk to Sasuke.

"I'm going to resume my deal and start hanging out with you again," Naruto informed in the time that he placed his tray down on the table and sat across from the raven-haired teen.

"What made you stop in the first place?" Sasuke asked, still focusing on the thick book he was reading.

"What's with you and ridiculously huge books?" Naruto countered with another question, raising a brow.

"Answer my question."

Naruto picked up his pizza and took a bite out of it. "Do you want me to be honest?" he asked between sloppy chews.

"Hn." Sasuke quietly turned a page in his book and momentarily glared at Naruto.

Naruto heavily gulped down the contents in his mouth. "I felt like everything got more awkward between us after... that," there was a slight falter in his speech.

Sasuke raised a brow and closed his book - putting it down. "From what I've gathered, isn't it natural for awkwardness to settle in the beginning?"

"Since when did you become interested in learning about relationships?" Naruto widened his eyes in astonishment.

Although Sasuke was glaring heatedly, Naruto swore that there was a bit of discolorment on Sasuke's normally austere face. "That's none of your concern," Sasuke muttered, picking up his book to depart.

"No, wait!" Naruto abruptly dropped his pizza onto his tray and grasped Sasuke's hand. "I apologize for being a total asshole there. I was just," he paused, catching Sasuke's eyes within his view, "shocked that you'd actually consider-"

"And I am a bit perplexed to see that you're not-"

"No! I am - I really am," Naruto interjected. He lowered his gaze onto their joined hands and calmly rubbed his thumb over the other's in small circles. "I can be shy when it comes to asking out a person I like. I'm not always direct with my feelings, you know."

"Aren't we already in a relationship?"

Naruto shot his head up and looked at Sasuke in confusion. "Huh?"

"After everything that's happened, I thought it would be obvious," Sasuke rationalized, rolling his eyes.

Naruto bursted out laughing - throwing Sasuke off guard. "In order for a romantic relationship to start, one has to ask the other out," he said amid laughs. "It's like an unspoken tradition."

"That's unreasonable." Sasuke grimaced.

"Not really. It's kind of like asking the other for permission to own them," Naruto explained, wiping away a tear drop at the corner of his eye with a hand that wasn't occupied.

"That's pathetic. After violating one's personal space completely in that manner, it doesn't make sense for them to not be together in a... formal relationship," Sasuke uttered and diverted his gaze away from Naruto.

"So, does that mean that I don't have to go through the trouble of asking you out? We're already together?" Naruto broadened his eyes and gripped Sasuke's hand harder, feeling hopeful.

"Hn." Sasuke pulled his hand away and grabbed his book, taking his leave. The bell that signaled the end of lunch time rang right at that point - making it appear as if Sasuke predicted for it to happen.

"Wait!" Naruto hollered, picking up his tray to discard it. He easily managed to catch up with Sasuke's stride. "How the hell do you leave right before the bell rings? Are you psychic or something?"

"I look at the time, idiot," Sasuke spoke.

"It didn't seem like you were though!"

"I was."

"Hmm." Naruto looked at Sasuke sideways and beamed suggestively. "Since now that we are dating, am I allowed to fill in some PDA?" he asked as he leaned closer to the brunet, wiggling his eyebrows.

"Public display of affection is not permitted in school."

"Please?" Naruto pleaded, employing the famous puppy-dog face.

"No, get to class," Sasuke rejected sternly and turned to enter his classroom.

"Hold on." Naruto encircled Sasuke's wrist within his fingers and forcefully pulled the other teen into a kiss, shocking virtually everyone in the hallway. He broke the kiss almost immediately, closed his eyes, and pressed his forehead to Sasuke's - unable to conceal his mirth. "I'll see you after school, then," Naruto whispered hotly against Sasuke's lips, threading his fingers through the back of the latter's hair with a vacant hand. He drew away after a few seconds and ran to his class without a word - basically left Sasuke to fend for himself.

Naruto had a feeling that rumors were bound to spread around rapidly after that stunt he pulled off, but he honestly didn't care. As long as people knew that Sasuke was solely his and his only, he didn't have anything to worry about.

According to what Naruto and Sasuke agreed upon (more like Naruto forcing Sasuke to be willing), Naruto ended up going to Sasuke's house after school. As soon as they arrived, Naruto was in front of Sasuke's refrigerator - invading it like it was his own.

Naruto sighed. "You can at least be considerate enough to stack your fridge for me since I'll be coming over all the time," he complained, resorting to pulling out something to drink. He took out a carton of orange juice and closed the door. Then, he went to place the beverage on the counter, opened the cabinet above, and took out two cups. "Orange juice for you is fine, right?"

Sasuke rolled his eyes. "You're supposed to ask me before you close the refrigerator door, idiot," he stated as he closed the cabinet and stole the cups from the blonde, setting them down. He began to uncap the container and poured the drink into each cup. "Why would I think about filling it with foods that are high in saturated fat when you stopped the deal?"

"Hey, I was just about to do pour the juice. And I didn't stop it, I merely took a break from it," Naruto denied, scratching his nose in habit. Despite having his job made easier for him, it still hurt his pride to not be able to help.

"Hn." Sasuke ignored Naruto's secondary comment. "You're a guest," it seemed as if Sasuke read the other's thoughts. "The host is supposed to be treating their guest properly."

"Again with that whole guest and host thing. No one gives a fuck."

"I do," Sasuke answered abruptly. "It makes the host look bad if they are to be treated by their own guest." He closed the lid and put the carton back in its rightful place.

"You're such a stickler for correct conduct. Loosen up!" Naruto smiled and walked over to Sasuke - positioning his arms around Sasuke's torso. He impulsively picked up Sasuke and twirled around, laughing the whole time. "I prefer you being like this."

Sasuke scowled, but the expression was totally diminished by the indistinct blush on his cheeks. "I don't. Put me down now," he commanded - less rigorous than usual.

"No," Naruto declined as his laughter died down. He started his journey with Sasuke to the sofa in the living room.

"Moron, you forgot about our drinks." Even though Sasuke was being immobilized, he didn't contemplate about struggling at all.

Naruto smirked. "I know. It's all for a good reason," he established before he gently tossed Sasuke onto the couch and followed after by laying himself on top of the sprawled out body.

"And what would that be?" Sasuke arched a fine brow inquisitively.

Naruto took his time leaning in. "Wouldn't you like to know?" the tone was alluring while he closed the gap thoroughly and connected their lips together. He couldn't refrain from feeling amused at the slight gasp that passed through Sasuke's mouth. Naruto proceeded to grab Sasuke's cheek with one hand as he tangled his fingers through Sasuke's surprisingly soft locks of hair with another.

As Sasuke imitated Naruto by closing his eyes, a deep moan escaped him - due to the younger teen's ministrations. He grasped both of Naruto's cheeks within his hands and stroked the scars on them with his thumbs. Speaking of which -

Sasuke broke the kiss all of a sudden and pushed Naruto back a little, taking the latter by surprise. "Where did you get these?" he asked seriously, intensely inspecting the marks.

Naruto bursted out laughing. "You stopped just to ask me that?"

"Answer my question," Sasuke said, glaring up into blue eyes.

"Okay, chill." Naruto calmed down. "I got them when I was little. I somehow managed to get stuck underneath a sink in an indoor public swimming pool bathroom and got these in the process of trying to free myself," he explained, beaming. "I have to say that I'm quite proud of these. It makes me look like I have whiskers."

"Idiot, that's nothing to be proud of."

"Yeah, it is! It means that I'm like part animal or something."


"Shut up, teme!" Naruto prompted to silence the bastard by fastening their lips together again. This time, he didn't hold himself back and pressed his tongue to Sasuke's lower lip, indirectly asking for entrance.

Being the inexperienced one of the two, Sasuke was taken aback by the sudden gesture and parted his mouth slightly - enough to let Naruto intrude. Tongues met in an awkward waltz, which made Sasuke feel all the more strange about this "making out" thing. He wasn't used to this weird form of contact at all, but since he was known to be a part of the Uchiha family, he was a fast learner at everything. Within a few seconds of being inactive, Sasuke got the hang of it rather quickly and initiated his own movement - utterly throwing Naruto off track.

Suddenly feeling competitive, Naruto snapped out of his astonishment and forcefully pushed back into Sasuke's territory, provoking the brunet to let another moan slip. He smiled victoriously as he ran his tongue over the roof of Sasuke's mouth and then tangled it with the older teen's tongue again. Once he deemed that Sasuke was running out of breath, he broke away and adjoined their foreheads. Fingers that used to be in Sasuke's hair somehow ended up intertwined with his boyfriend's. His other hand stayed on Sasuke's cheek and vice versa for the strict teen.

Naruto opened his eyes and smirked at the sight of Sasuke being a bit breathless. "Not bad for a beginner," he remarked, lazily rubbing Sasuke's pale skin with his thumb.

"Hn." Sasuke has yet to open his eyes.

"I like how you don't look so perfect at the moment."

Sasuke chose this time to reveal his eyes and glared at the blond - the expression holding no malice whatsoever. "I already stated that I'm human. It's obvious that I would have weaknesses."

"Sorry, sorry." Naruto chuckled and maneuvered himself lower to lean his head on Sasuke's chest, causing him to release his hold on Sasuke's cheek. Their hands remained united though. "I'm just incredibly happy right now. Especially since I got you to open up more to me," he reasoned.

"Isn't that the whole purpose of being in a relationship? To let your partner be aware of characteristics that aren't divulged to anyone else?" Sasuke inquired and hesitantly wove his fingers through Naruto's unkempt flock of hair for the first time.

"Stop being so uptight and say 'boyfriend' already." Naruto purred appreciatively. "And sorry for having such messy hair. They tend to get in knots easily. I remember Ino always complained about that while we used to date," he recalled, laughing timidly.

"I don't mind it," Sasuke admitted, trying to mimic what Naruto did to his hair the previous week.

"Liar. You seem to be having trouble brushing through my hair right now." Naruto chuckled.

"I don't mind it," Sasuke reiterated, tenaciously trying to do his task at hand.

Naruto grinned genuinely. "Thanks."

The two of them stayed in that position for a couple of minutes in peace - Sasuke absentmindedly playing with Naruto's hair while Naruto calmly listened to Sasuke's heartbeat. Naruto was entirely confounded by the feelings that overcame him. With Sasuke, he was at ease - his heartbeat always accelerated whenever he was with the student council president, but to him, it felt like it was a positive thing.

During his single relationship with Ino in the past, he could never reminisce ever feeling this way towards her. They only dated in order to subdue their curiosity of wanting to know what it was like to be romantically involved with someone. Well, that's how it was like in Naruto's case. As for Ino, she actually was smitten with Naruto at the time (Naruto was clueless throughout). In spite of the fact that Naruto didn't really have much experience, he has always been attracted to both genders.

"Sasuke, I have a question," Naruto blindly announced, picking at the fringe of Sasuke's shirt.

Sasuke lightly tugged at a thick strand of hair. "What?"

"Even though you apply gel, how does your hair stay soft? I don't do anything to my hair, but it's still so stiff compared to yours."

"That's because I take good care of mine, whereas you don't."

"Wha- I do take good care of mine! I shower every night!"

"I assume you don't brush it though," Sasuke said as he began to run his fingers through Naruto's hair repeatedly again.

"I thought it doesn't need brushing. My hair is too short."

"You still need to brush it if you want to keep it untangled."

"That seems like a waste of energy."

Sasuke shrugged. "Then, it's your loss."

Naruto grunted and sat up, stopping Sasuke's movements. "Let's watch a movie," he suggested, being one to change topics at random times.

"I have shelves full of DVDs for you to choose from," Sasuke informed, propping himself up on his elbows. He directed his gaze to the said shelves. "Get one and place it into the system."

Naruto pouted. "But I want you to choose a movie for us to watch," he said, poking Sasuke in the chest.

"Stop acting like a teenage girl." Sasuke rolled his eyes. "I suggest for you to move if you want me to get up."

Naruto happily let the brunet stand by moving to the other end of the sofa and watched the latter walk over to the front of the room. "So, what do you have in mind?"

"Nothing," Sasuke replied before he hastily took a DVD case from the very top of the collection and inserted the CD into the player. Then, he stood up and started to head back to the couch - only to find Naruto waiting for him with open arms.

Naruto frowned as Sasuke utterly ignored his invitation and situated himself on the opposite side of the furniture. "You're supposed to come here so we can cuddle, teme," Naruto growled out softly, lowering his neglected arms.

"Hn." Sasuke paid no mind to the speaker and reached for the remote on the table, turning on the television and Blu-Ray player. He pressed the play button and leaned back in his seat.

"You suck," Naruto disparaged, scooting over to the older teen. Once he got closer, he wrapped an arm around Sasuke's shoulders and inclined the other to himself - resting his chin on top of Sasuke's head. To see that Sasuke didn't pull away made Naruto feel ultimately happy. No, happiness was an understatement as to what he was truly feeling during that point of time.

Although a movie was currently flashing before him, Naruto can honestly say that he wasn't paying any attention at all - it was being aimed towards Sasuke instead. He couldn't help but wonder if he was the only one who felt so strongly for the other.

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