For those waiting on the Sequel for IHLYW, it has a beginning, an ending, and a middle but with a few holes here and there. As soon as this is posted, the first chapter of HMYRW will go up.

Without further delay, here is my first and most likely only Bones fic.

Chapter 1: Interloper

Bones stood over the remains while Clark and Cam looked on."I estimated his age to be about 35 his height about 5"8."

Not having gone to the crime scene, Cam observed from the smell, "He was obviously submerged in something foul before being brought here."

Picking up on the same scent, Clark looked over some papers, "Says in the file he was found in a sewer."

"That is correct. Booth and I investigated the space this morning." Bones put on her gloves.

Forgetting his position, Clark frowned, "Then why are we only seeing this now?"

"Some prefer to bath thoroughly after entering environments high in feces content."

Pushing off from the side railing, Booth approached meeting her gaze. "Not some, Bones, all. Don't even try and tell me you didn't appreciate the shower."

"You're implying you were following a rule to which I am a rare exception."

Hodgins snaked the file from Clark, "How about reading for content? He was found in the sewers of Cumberland prison."

Cam chirped, "A shawshank?"

"We'd need an ID first."

Bones looked at Cam. "I have heard of the Shawness but not the Shawshanks. You have reason to believe he was a member of this tribe?"

"That's it. You and I are starting a must see list."

Seeing Booth frown, Clark intervened, "Dr. Saroyan was referring to a late 20th century film in which the protagonist escapes a prison by tunneling into the sewers."

With raised brows, Cam commented, "I'm impressed."

"Film history was a course included in my college's general requirements. I did not see it but I learned the premises well enough to answer any possible questions the professor might put on an exam.

"Okay, I'm less impressed"

"Well, I can't discern if he was incarcerated in the prison above his sewer until I discern ID."

Booth smirked at Bone's explanation. "So there are limits to your super powers."

"Even the most intelligent humans cannot disrupt the flow of logic. Evidence must be compiled before conclusions can be drawn"

"Where's the fun in that?" Those on the platform turned towards the new voice, but Brennan continued looking at the remains, "In some cases, 'fun' is not the primary consideration."

The towering African-American stranger stepped just outside the platform's card reader. "Now I know your just messing with me."

"Aside from my work here, it's what I excel at."

"Girl, you excel at everything."

"True, very true"

"Bones, you know this guy?"

Bones nodded as she moved to swipe him onto the platform. "Booth this is Caleb Trevelian. Cal this is Agent Booth."

As they walked back to the remains he gave her a half hug of greeting. "The partner."

Booth scowled. "In and outside of work"

"Alphaway alemay ypetay"

Bones smirked. "Ebay icenay."

Hodgins gave the two a dirty look which Cam noticed but couldn't understand.

"First Dr. Edison with the movie knowledge then you with the Pig Latin."

Booth wasn't so amused. "I raised a kid guys - can't you switch to an actual language?"

"Knew I should have paid more attention in Spanish class."

Bones turned to give him a full hug. "Do you have a gig here or is this just a lay over?"


Cal answered the agent's inquiry. "I play sax, but this is more of a reunion. A few buds of mine been talkin bout getting together for a while now. Figured I'd come up, play some, hang some, and drop in on my favorite scientist."

"I'm just finishing up here, so if you don't have plans tonight you should come over for dinner."

"Sounds good to me, but before I head back, I'm taking you out - you and Booth. What do you say?"

She hedged. "We would love to eat somewhere with you."

Hearing her tone, he warned, "Tempe."

She didn't even pretend to misunderstand. "The issue of who pays for the meal will work itself out."

"Game on." Waving to the remains, he let pulled away. "Well, I will just rearrange things in your office while you work."


Booth noticed her watching him walk away.

"Old friend?"

Her faint smile grew concerned. "Should I have consulted with you before inviting him to dinner?"

"It's fine Bones."

Convinced, she directed her attention back to the case. " I need to get this skull to Angel for facial reconstruction."

Hoping to wheedle more information about the 'old friend,' Booth followed her to Angela's office.

She heard them enter and smiled at the site of an extremely pregnant Brennan.

"How are you feeling today?"

"Quite well thank you." She quickly changed the subject of conversation. "Caleb is here. You remember Cal right?"

Angela's expression dropped for a second before she responded cheerily, "Of course I do. He filled the lab with music for an entire afternoon - pretty memorable guy. Is he staying long or just a quick visit?"

"He didn't specify, but I have hope. He's in my office now and coming over to dinner tonight."

"Let me take this off your hands so you can squeeze in some more visit time."

Regretfully, She replied, "I still have to finish my examination of the rest of the skeleton."

"Which will take a few minutes and then Clark can finish whatever you need."

Bren looked pleased by her logic. "I think I will take your advice."

She left with a backward glance and Angela's smile which looked forced to begin with fell away entirely. "Now she listens to me."

Booth picked up on the tension. "So you've met Bones' Jazz bud before."

"On his last visit 6 years ago."

"She never mentioned him before."

She scoffed, "Come on Booth, when does Bren ever offer up personal details? "

He nodded grudgingly. "They seem close."


That seemed to confirm his suspicions. "So they were involved."

"Worse." She frowned. "They're bestest friends."

He felt the beginning of a grin. "So I have no need for jealousy since you got it covered."

She snapped, "Mock my pain and I'll mock yours." Amending her tone, she sighed, "Things will just be a lot smoother once his visit ends."

"There something I should know about?"

" You will. My advice, though, is to stay clear."

Understanding now wasn't the time to push, he sympathized, "It was nice of you to encourage their visit."

"I didn't do it to be nice." Her comments worried him, but she continued adamantly, "I'm telling you Booth, this is a proceed-with-caution kind of situation."

"Take it easy Ange. I'm sure he won't be here for long." He paused in the doorway to offer comfort.

"Soon enough, she'll be all yours again."

Seeing him walk out, she mumbled, "If she ever was."