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First of this is NOT a Kick (Jack and Kim) story there are far to many of them and please don't hate me for it but they are best friends in the story.

Rated T for various reasons like violence but could be rated K+

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Jack POV

I stared at my opponent and he stared at me, my arms were brought up just in front of my chest as I waited for the battle to begin.

If I win this battle, the dojo will become the best dojo in the Bobby Wasabi chain and I will finally become a green belt.

My opponent was from the Black Dragons.

The Black Dragons have seriously had it in for me ever since I beat a few of their members up at school on my first day and I doubt their going to go down without a fight.

"GO JACK!" My friends Kim, Eddie, Milton and Jerry along with my sensei Rudy yelled at the top of their lungs.

I closed my eyes for a moment before the referee yelled "Fight!"

My opponent's eyes narrowed before he closed his fist and swung it towards me.

I dodged it along with his other six attempts before I gave him a hard kick in his stomach.

He landed hard on the mat before the referee came and grabbed my arm, lifting it high in the air.

We had won.

My friends rushed over to me and I gave high fives to each of them, what a fantastic feeling.

I didn't think my life could get any better but when my future looked it's brightest everything began to go wrong…

Frank POV

He's done it. Jack has once again made a fool out of the Black Dragons.

Fire was burning deep in my stomach as I struggled to control my anger.

If it wasn't for Jack, the Bobby Wasabi dojo would not even be there anymore and neither would this embarrassment...

That gives me an idea

If I get rid of Jack all these problems would be over and since he's clearly not going to join the Black Dragons there's only one way to go...

I have to kill him.


Jack you have to watch him…

In case you didn't know Frank is the one who struck Jack on the leg at the tournament in the first episode.

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