My Love Affair with Alex Kingston

This is the diary of a normal person who fell in love with an extraordinary woman.

The first time I met her.

The wedding was fantastic, my whole family in one room, simply celebrating and enjoying each other. As we were all staying at the same hotel we decided to celebrate our last night together as a family, all cousins together. It was my turn to go to the bar for another round and there she was. I couldn't believe it sat at the bar on her own was the most beautiful woman I have ever set eyes on. Alex Kingston. She was reading a book and enjoying a glass of wine. I was staring at her when my cousin Jamie and asked if I needed any help. It took me a moment to remember why I was at the bar. He grinned knowing what I was thinking about, that's the problem with Jamie he always knows what I'm thinking. Jamie and I grow up together; he was always been there for me and I for him. For the last 31 years we have been through everything together. As we were waiting for the drinks he turned to me and asked "it was really the woman from Doctor Who?" I answered "I think so". He wanted to ask her for a autograph but I stopped him as she looked so peaceful and engrossed in her book. Everyone deserves a little off time. We rejoined our load group in the corner but I never lost sight of her.

As the night went on the bar got busy, a group of what I think were supposed to be men entered the bar and recognised Miss Kingston straight away. As I returned to the bar for the third time, one of them, drunk, was telling her what he would like to do to River Song. She looked so uncomfortably that I decided it was time to say something. As the barman made up the first tray I turned to Miss Kingston and asked if she would take that to the table and that I would follow her with the second one. She smiled and said no a problem, dropping delicately from the stool she excused herself and picked the tray up. I packed her things up and followed her watching her walk was very enjoyable. As we got to the table my cousins just looked at her and then at me, questioning what had just happened. I simple pulled a chair to the side and offered her the safety of being in a group without having to interact with us. Her reaction was grateful and as she took her bag from me she said that she would just goes up to her room. I told her that she was welcome to stay, she wouldn't have to talk she could just sit with us. She thanked me saying that she was feeling a little lonely and with that she sat down and continued reading.

At some point there was only a few of us left and Alex (as we were told to call her) had joined us, we were still laughing and enjoying the evening before we all left for the corners of the world. We decided to have one more round not that we really needed it. This beautiful woman was also witty and funny, she had us all in stitches. As we finished our drinks, I decided to go outside for a last smoke, I said my goodbyes and turned to say to Alex that it was lovely to meet her and she said she would like some fresh air after all that wine and would keep me company. I couldn't have been happier. As she took my arm, I got goose pimples were we touched. It made me more lightheaded than the Rum I had been drinking all night. We stood together in the night air with a comfortable silence, starring at the stars, I turned to say something and saw her shivering in the night air, I removed my jacket and placed it around her shoulders. She smiled and I was bewitched. We walked back inside and she stumbled, I guess the fresh air didn't do her any good. I place my hand around her waist and guided her to the lifts. As we stood together in the lift she lowered her head onto my shoulder, I held her a little tighter feeling her breathing increasing in speed, as my own did. As we walked to her room all I could think about was how wonderful her lips were and where I would like to have them. We reached her room and I reminded myself that this was a very beautiful, witty but drunk woman, someone that I had watched on TV since I was 15 and someone I had fantasized about. She bent over, trying to get the key card to work. The view was more than I had ever hoped for. It took me a few minutes to realise that she needed help. I took the card from her and opened the door; she smiled and welcomed me in.

As soon as the door closed she pinned me against the wall and planted her full lips onto mine, her tongue fighting for access. At first I kissed back wanting to have her but then I realised that this wasn't something that I did. I pushed her off with a little more force than necessary and she fell to the bed and she burst into tears. I sat on the bed next to her, concerned that I had hurt her and explained why.

"Miss Kingston, you are a wonderful, witty and intriguing person. You are as beautiful on the inside as on the outside and have been in my dreams for so many years. I would love to take you now and relive my dreams in one night but I'm not that sort of person. We had both drunk so much that it wouldn't be right and I didn't want to be a one night stand."

I stoked her hair as she apologized for being stupid and for getting upset. I kept telling her that there was nothing to be sorry about. It was nice and if we hadn't drank so much, the situation would be different.

Slowly she fell asleep, as I got up to leave I decided to take a chance, I wrote my telephone number on a piece of paper with a note that if she wanted to she could call. I took one more look, feeling the temperature between my thighs rise, I kissed her on her forehead and decided it was best to leave.

The next morning I joined the family for our last meal. The conversation was light due to the heavy drinking last night. Jamie asked what happened between Alex and me. I said nothing but I knew that he could see that I was hiding something. As I went to get some orange juice a familiar voice behind him me, "Hello" My breathing became instantly shallow as I turned and saw the vision from last night. "How are you feeling?" I answered, said not great but she looked great to me. She asked if she could see me later. I explained that I had plans with the family and was planning to take the train back to Manchester this afternoon but if she wanted we could get Coffee this afternoon once everyone was gone. She agreed and asked if we could meet here. We set the time and I returned to my cousins with everyone looking at me. I said she was just thanking me for last night. The look Jamie gave me said that we would speak later but I had already decided that what happened last night was going to stay between Alex and myself. Nobody needed to know.

The morning was spent shopping, eating and saying goodbye. Everyone was flying back home - Toronto, Sydney, Spain… we are well spread out. Jamie was the last to leave for the airport; he hugged me and asked if there was anything I wanted to tell him. I wished him a good flight I told him I would ring when I got home. I really miss him since he moved to Germany but it would only be for another year and then he would be home again, that's what happens when you are in the army, you go where you're told. As his train pulled away I headed for the tube to go back to the hotel.

I arrived a few minutes late and she was already sitting in the corner where we were last night. She stood up as soon as she saw me and greeted me with the same smile that had bewitched me last night. We made some small talk and ordered Tea as we both don't drink Coffee. She looked uncomfortable and all I wanted to do was make her relaxed like she was last night, so I told her very simply that what happened last night was last night and no one would hear about it from me. She asked if she could hear about it as all she remembered was being in the lift and then waking up fully dressed. I told her she had nothing to worry about, a miss understanding. She asked how far it went and I told her. Very quietly and sheepish she muttered "I was thinking about doing that all night". My heart started to pound. I didn't know what to say, at that moment I had so many questions. She told me that she had the paper with my number on and was it still okay for her to keep it. I laugh and said of course but only if I could have hers in return. She took my cell phone and typed it in under Alexandra K. We sat for hours talking about everything and nothing; it was so easy with her. I talk about my family and the wedding that we had all been here for, she went quiet and I asked her what was wrong. She explained that her family were in America, that she had left her daughter who was 14 with her ex-husband to come and film here. She said that their relationship was good but over and she was now on her own. I corrected her and told her that she was never really alone.

After a few hours of drinking Tea and talking I had to leave, it had never been harder. As I got on the train the first of many text messages arrived from my new friend, which made the journey more enjoyable. Every time the phone lite up I jumped on it hoping it was her. She had enchanted me and I was hooked.

As I lay in bed that night I couldn't get it out of my head - I was kissed by Alex Kingston.