The last 3 weeks have been amazing, having Alex here, living together has been more than I could hope for. She had decided that spending 6 weeks in a hotel was something she wasn't interested in so she had arrange to rental car so that she could make the hour's drive to work in peace and spend the free time she had in her favourite spot, my balcony. We had been like a normal couple, eating breakfast and dinner together, curling up on the sofa watching evening television… The gloom from her last visit seemed like a distant memory, we had talked about it a few times but not with the sorrow or despair that had been there the last time we were together.

We had even been able to celebrate her birthday in person. It was hard for her without her daughter. She didn't want anything big so we went to my aunt's restaurant for dinner the night before and enjoyed a romantic dinner. We stayed up all night in a state of mind - blowing bliss and celebrated the moment the clock stroke 12.00am with a bottle of Champagne. The crew had planned to take her out for her birthday so that evening she had a few drinks with them before heading home back into my loving arms.

We had also survived a family breakfast. There were a lot of questions in the beginning but as the 2nd pot of tea was delivered to the table everyone seemed to settle down. The whole family had grown up watching the BBC so Alex's face was nothing new apart from that it was sat on the picnic table in my mum's garden. Cyrus had taken to her straight away sitting on her knee, calling her Auntie and pulling on her curls. She looked total at peace with him; I couldn't keep the smile off my face.

We weren't public but we also weren't hiding it from the people who were important to us, well at least the people that were important to me. Other than Matt no one from Alex's private life seemed to know exactly who I was, I know that she had told her sister that she was seeing someone but it was complicated. I knew her concern was not so much what everyone else would say rather what they would say to her daughter. It didn't bother me all that much, I had her and when I looked into her eyes the whole world disappeared anyway.

Things were about to change, Alex's daughter was arriving this morning; I was nervous, excited, happy and sad all at the same time. Alex still didn't know about the phone calls and text messages and as we drove to the airport I wondered if I she tell her. She was so excited to see her daughter, she couldn't sit still. The plan was that while Salmone was here they would stay in a rented cottage in Wales and they would spend the long weekend in Surry with Alex's family. I was to join them on Easter Monday. After 3 weeks of having her to myself I wasn't looking forward to sharing her but I knew that if we were going to be together then this week had to go well.

Although Alex's work was important to her nothing was more important than Salmone. I knew if she said that she didn't want Alex to go away she would stay in LA. I also knew that if Salmone didn't take to me that would probably end the relationship.

We arrived and stood in the arrivals lounge waiting for her heart to be complete. Salmone's plane had been 20 minutes delayed and I thought Alex was going to burst as she waited; she wasn't the most patient women. I pulled her into me, whispering that she'll be out soon. She laid her head onto my shoulder and explained that she knew that but, she couldn't wait much longer. She remained there in a half embrace until she saw her daughter's face. She ran to her and throws her arms around her the same way she had done to me in Euston. They both approached me with matching smiles; I beamed back, enjoying seeing the woman of my dreams so happy. Alex introduced me and Salmone smiled, a little unsure how to act. I took hold of her hand saying that it was lovely to finally meet her and that her mum had told me so much about her. She seemed to relax at that point knowing that I hadn't told her mum about the contact that we had had. We walked to the car both of them talking excitedly about what they had planned for the next two weeks. I stopped to pay for the parking and Salmone stayed with me as her mum carried the suitcase to the car. I told her not to worry, Alex knew nothing, and would never hear it from me. Salmone thanked me not only for that but also for making her mum so happy. Turning and seeing Alex grinning in our direction I corrected Salmone and informed her that that smile had nothing to do with me, that was all her.

We drove down to the cottage talking and laughing, the two of them enjoying each other and I enjoyed being a part of it. By the time we arrived in Wales you would not have noticed that this was the first time I had met Salmone. Alex left to get some shopping in, she had been staying with me and there was nothing in the fridge, Salmone didn't seem to register that her mum had not been staying there the whole time she was in England. We had moved her stuff down the day before, with the plan that I would be around but I was not staying with them. Alex didn't want us to be apart, she also didn't want Salmone to know so for the next 2 weeks we would just be 2 good friends. By the time Alex returned, Salmone had given in to the jetlag and decided to try out her new bed. We agreed that she should sleep until lunch and busied ourselves in the kitchen. We packed the shopping away and then, with a fresh made teapot, went and sat outside in the small garden.

As soon as we were outside, I set the pot down and took her into my arms, kissing her softly and unrushed, enjoying the sensation. I wanted to commit the feeling of her body to memory as I knew that this type of contact was not going to happen as much as we both wanted. I could feel her enjoyment and pleasure caused by my actions and I continued more fiercely, one hand in her hair the other touching lower and lower. She pulled my hand away, telling me not to start something that we couldn't finish; I smiled and lowered myself onto the bench. She straddled me, grinding our hot spots briefly together, teasing me. I moaned out of disappointment as she removes herself, grinning at the obvious pleasure I had felt. Pleased with herself, she poured the tea and settled into my arm, enjoying the warm sea air.

The weekend flew by so quickly, not that we did much. Saturday I left after lunch so that Alex could rebounded with her daughter, it was hard leaving them but I also didn't want to rush it.

Sunday I arrived before Salmone had woken up. Alex and I had planned that I would come down early and spend the whole day with them. I arrived around 7am and let myself in with the spare key she had given me. The house was so quiet, I crept up to her bedroom and opened the door slightly to check that she was alone. I moved as quietly as I could not wanted to disturb her, she looked so beautiful and at peace. I sat down onto the bed, leaning over kissing her softly. She moaned and continued sleeping, I curled up next to her under the covers. She must have sense me as she rolled into my side, sliding her leg on to mine and nuzzling her face into me. I lay there playing gently with her hair. Her smell filled the room, I had missed that last night, in my apartment was somewhat colder when I arrived home yesterday. Alex started to stir after a while, waking with a smile on her face as she realised that I was there. We enjoyed having each other so close again and after hearing Salmone moving in the bathroom we begrudgingly parted. I wanted so much more but I understood that this was how it had to be.

I started to make tea as Alex made pancakes for breakfast. Salmone joined us almost immediately kissing her mum good morning. She walked over to where I was standing, and kissed me good morning as well. I was a little taken a back but Alex smiled. We ate breakfast outside, enjoying the morning sunshine and sea air. I couldn't help grinning like an idiot as I watched Alex and her daughter, I was happy to be a part of it. Alex went to clear the plates and Salmone turned to me. I could see she wanted to say something. She opened her mouth but nothing came out, closing it again she looked straight in my eyes trying to find the words to express what was in her mind. I sat still looking straight back at her, giving her the time to give her thoughts words. Eventually she just said, "You're good to Mom" I smiled and added that she was good to me as well. I could see that she wanted to say more, but she wasn't sure. "Will you ever tell her?" was the next thing to come out of her mouth after a long pause "No" was my answer "You should, but when you are ready. She doesn't need to know". She seemed to relax a little at that and we continued talking about what she was going to do this week while her mum was still filming. Alex had to work till Thursday, so Salmone would go to work with her and spend time on the set, playing with cast when she can and reading. She explained that she loved reading and that there wasn't much else to do on set. It didn't seem to bother her, she was used to it. As Alex re-joined us she asked if I would be coming down for lunch when mummy was working. Before I could answer Alex said that that probably wouldn't be possible as I had to work and it was a long drive to get here. I added that we could look into it.

We spent the rest of the day walking, eating and swimming. We took a picnic down to the beach, although it wasn't as warm as LA Salmone wanted to go down and swim. I sat with Alex watching Salmone from a far as she swam and played with some other kids that looked about her age. I could tell that Alex had something on her mind and as soon as Salmone was out of earshot I asked her what was in her head. She smiled and said that she didn't think it was fair on me that I had to keep driving to and fro. I didn't answer, just continued smiling at her. I wasn't sure if this was one of those times where she just needed to say what she thought or if I was supposed to respond. She continued telling me that I didn't need to indulge her daughter's every wish, she would understand. I pulled her close so that I could whisper in her ear not because people would hear but because I wanted to feel her close to me, I explained to her that this was the first time I had meet her daughter and that I wanted to make a good impression plus if I come down for lunch I could see more of her, a win win situation. I felt her breathing hitch a little. She kissed my check gently, telling me she wished she could show me her appreciation. The day was wonderful, just the 3 of us. Salmone asked questions constantly and by the time we returned to the cottage she knew everything about my family, my life before Alex and my work. As soon as we returned back to the cottage and I started cooking. It was an automatic reaction; I tended to do the lion share of the cooking when we were at home. Salmone just smiled, I explained that I would cook tonight to give Alex a break as she would be doing the cooking all week. She seemed to realise that something was going on as her mum had not questioned my being in the kitchen. She didn't say anything she just moved over and started stirring the pot on the stove as I throw the ingredients into the pot. Alex sat at the kitchen table with a glass of wine smiling at her daughter helping me. As I lent over to check that everything was as it should be, Salmone whispered that she thought that I should stay the night. I was a little shocked and just looked at her. She added that her mum would like that and she didn't mind. I smiled and answered that I couldn't as I had work in the morning.

The dinner table was loud, full of love and laughter, Alex looked as she couldn't have been happier and I couldn't have either. As the sun started to set, Salmone excused herself she wanted to ring her dad, I was secretly glad to have a few moments with Alex alone. We went and sat outside so that we would not be heard but also to give Salmone space to talk without being heard. I curled up into her side as we sat on the bench and watching the sun drift behind the trees. We both knew that I would soon have to leave but neither of us wanted to voice it. I placed soft kisses on the neck and collarbone basically anywhere I could, her hand on my thigh softly drawing patterns.

I had never been in a relationship like this, she was different from anyone that I had been with before. There were the obvious differences but the things I noticed was that we talked so much more when we were apart and when we were together there was a comfortable silence. There was no need to do anything and that was everything to us. Her private life was important to her but more it was important that it stayed private. She wasn't willing to share more than she had to with the rest of the world.

We hadn't been cuddling for long when we heard Salmone shout from the door. As soon as we hear her voice we sat upright, not wanting her daughter to find us, she didn't come out she just said good night. There was something in her voice, Alex heard it straight away. We had expected a good half an hour before she would be joining us and suddenly she was heading up. I told Alex to go and see what had happened, I would wait. It was getting late but I didn't want to leave her. I decided to have a smoke while I waited. Alex was on at me to quit and I had cut down a lot when she is around but when I was on my own I feel into old habits. After 10 minutes Alex came back out saying she wouldn't talk to her, something had upset her but all she would say is that she was tried. Looking into her eyes I could see pain and confusion clouding those brilliant green eyes that I so loved. I stood up and said that I would try. All I got was a small smile, she wasn't sure I would get anywhere and didn't know if it was a good idea to push it.

I knocked on her bedroom door, and was told to go away she was fine but wanted to sleep. I answered saying that you should never go to sleep crying, as you would wake up with a heavy head. There was no response from that so I asked if I could come in. After a while I heard her sniff a yes. I found her sat on the bed hugging her pillow, not even trying to look like things were alright. I sat in front of her and asked what had happened. Nothing was her first answer, but after a while she started to open up. Her dad had had no time to speak to her, when she rang her mum regardless to what time mum always had time but he just brushed her off saying he was having lunch in a restaurant with the girlfriend and he would ring her when she woke. I listened to her talk about the girlfriend and how her dad didn't want to hear what she was doing away from him not that the way mum did. I let her talk herself out, she was just like Alex, when she was finished I offered my thoughts. I didn't know her dad but I knew how hard it was for Alex when she rang. Alex loved hearing her daughter's voice and always wanted to hear her happy but putting the phone down was sometimes heart breaking. She smiled at hearing this and commented that she felt the same. I continued suggesting that perhaps her dad wants her to just enjoy the short time she will have with her mum and maybe that was why he cut it short. I don't think she bought it but it calmed her down. I asked her to come back down and have a drink with us before I drove home, Alex was making cookies. She said no she wanted to write some emails, but I was to save her some. I grinned and left her to it.

Alex was in the kitchen which smelt of fresh baked cookies, she was bending over putting another batch in the oven as I came down. I stood watching for a moment, enjoying the view. She saw me and asked if she was alright. I said she was writing emails. Alex looked at me as if to say that wasn't what I asked. I explained that we were to save some cookies. The look I got was hard to avoid, I walked to her and kissed her, and said that when her daughter was ready she would talk to her. I didn't like hiding things from her but I didn't want to betray Salmone's trust. Once the cookies were finished we sat on the sofa, watching TV. Slowly I felt Alex's curls push up against me as she rested her head on my shoulder; I slide my hand onto her thigh gently caressing her through her jeans. I caught myself drifting off and realised that I need to leave now otherwise I would never make it home. I lowered my head, and whispered to Alex that I needed to go home and she had to be up early for work. "Don't leave me" was all I got in return from her. I told her that I had to but I would be back. She opened her eyes and smiled saying today was lovely and she didn't want it to end. I kissed her again, pushing her upright so that as we parted I could stand up. I knew I was in danger of not leaving. Leaving her on the sofa, I stood and gathered my things, readying myself for the long driver home. We walked to my car hand in hand, talking quietly about when I would be back down. I suggested that I should stay in Manchester tomorrow giving her time with her daughter and I would see her on Tuesday. She agreed, but didn't look happy about it. Since she had been back in England we hadn't had a day where we hadn't seen each other but with her daughter being there things had changed. We kissed goodnight, lingering as long as we could before I got into my car and drove away. As promised I texted her to say I had reached home safely but there came no reply, not that I expected one. I slept peacefully with thoughts of my beautiful lover, her sweet teenager and the wonderful cottage near the beach.

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