*The Final Countdown starts playing*

Gob: *attempts fireballs* *obviously, he fails*

Me: *turns music off* Hey. I don't own Arrested Development. I do however own the counselor, Elle. This will be OOC and weird, just warning you.

Gob: You're weird.

Elle: *straightens glasses*So, folks, why do you think you're here?

Everyone: *refuse to admit that they're extremely screwed up*

Elle: This will be long and hard…

Tobias: I should have blown it off.

Michael: *buries head in hands*

Tobias: …what?

Buster: Mother told me to come…I think she wants to get rid of me.

Lucille: I'm right here!

Buster: Oh…I didn't see you…

Lucille: *rolls eyes*

Elle: Yeah, that's one topic we should cover. I'll start with Michael and Lucille. You fight all the time, but deep down, you really love each other right?

Michael: Of cou-

Lucille: I wouldn't be so sure.

Michael: Wow.

Gob: But you love me, right mom?

Lucille: No. You drugged me with a puppet.

George Michael: Wait, what?

Michael: Don't worry about it.

George Michael: How can you even do that?

Michael: I said don't worry about it.

Lindsay: I haven't said anything yet!The world might end!

Kitty: Whatever, bitch. This is the end. So say goodbye to these! *flashes counseling service*

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