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The caravan sat on the ground, exhausted and tired after slaughtering those annoying Mus. There was easily three dozen of them, but they managed to take care of them.

"I hate Mus!" Frey huffed.

"We all do," Alexander said as he cast a cure spell on Serenity, the last of the injured members.

"Lets just get moving," Mathew said as he stood up and moved towards the opened gate.

The rest of the group followed him.

"Well, this is just great," Ashton said with sarcasm, "The bridge is out! It's a dead end!"

The caravan stared at the destroyed bridge, seemingly impossible to cross.

"The monsters must have destroyed it when caravaners first came here," Charter stated.

"Oh well, we'll just have to leave and come back some other time," Nate said as he tried to walk away.

"You're not going anywhere!" Serenity yelled, grabbing the back of her cousin's shirt collar.

"We can still cross," Moroka said.

"How?" Alexander asked, skeptically.

"When in doubt, do what the Selkies do," Frey said, "And that includes scaling walls, or in this case, bridges, to get to our goal."

And with that, Frey began to scale downwards by gripping the broken wood and hopping from one stray plank to another to get to the other side of the Miasma-tainted river.

"You can't be serious," Ashton said dryly.

"Not everyone can do back flips and scale walls like Selkies," Alexander pointed out.

"It's fine," Charter said,"Its not that far of a drop, and we can use magic to build a bridge to get across."

"That could work!" Serenity cheered happily.

Charter smailed.

"What are you waiting for? Get moving! "

The group jumped at the Lilty's outburst and Charter quickly cast a spell to line up the stray planks to make a bridge. Mathew just rolled his eyes.

Charter and Alexander jump down to the bridge and, being the gentlemen that they are, decided to help the girls down. Ashton strongly opposed sexist ideas, but still demanded that she be treated like a lady, leaving the boys to be constantly walking on thin ice.

Then there was Nate and Mathew.

One second, Nate was fidgeting over how he was going to get down safely.

The next, his face met bridge.

Because Mathew pushed him off.

"What?" he asked when they all looked at him angrily, "Someone had to do it."

He then jumped down and walked across the bridge. The others made sure Nate was alright before joining Frey and Mathew on the opposite bank. They climbed up the bank to find another fork in the road.

"Which way now?" Moroka asked.

"Lets see..." Frey said as he looked down both ways. "To the right we see a fuck-ton of monsters in a huge field with no chance of a surprise attack. And to the left, we see a Hedgehog and a gate."

"Gates mean there's something important, right?" Nate pointed out.

"That seems to be the case so far," Ashton agreed, "To the left way, we go."

Charter and Mathew charged at the Hedgehog, slicing it to bits in a matter of seconds. The others decided to just stay out of the way, seeing as they only had to deal with a lousy Hedgehog and a few Mus that dug their way out of the ground.

Mathew quickly sliced the Mus in half, a crescent moon shaped key falling out of one of the corpses. Charter picked it up and set it on the pedistal, causing the gate to gradually open.

Asher ran ahead excitedly, only to be let down with a fork in the road, one way being a dead end, the other being the begining of the Path.

Mathew's jaw dropped open.

"You've gotta' be fucking kidding me!"

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