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Karakura Town; 6 years after Aizen's defeat…

The whole group was gathered at Ichigo's house, they were celebrating a special event of sorts.

"Well Ichigo, congrats on the new kids." Chad said with his usual tone, looking over at Tatsuki, Orihime, and Rukia (and Isshin) cooing over the two babies at the table. The first baby was a girl, she was asleep, but you could clearly see her fine, black hair. While the first was sleeping, the second was still awake, sucking on a bottle. He had his mother's purple eyes and Ichigo's orange hair. They were fraternal twins.

"So what are they named?" Orihime chirped the second she looked at Ichigo.

"Well, Rukia named Hana, the girl, and I named Kasai, the boy." Ichigo stated.

"I'm surprised you actually had kids with Rukia however…" Uryu added.

"HEY, WHAT'S THAT SUPPOSED TO MEAN!" Rukia yelled at Uryu. Uryu's calm and collected self seemed to fade for a second.

"Nothing, nothing… I just thought he would end up with Orihime given the whole 'Aizen and the Arrancars' thing." The Quincy replied.

"Well… I guess you got to talk to the writer about that." Rukia stated as she went back to her children. Uryu sweat-dropped.


(A/N: If you hadn't figured out Rukia is the mother, I'm shocked.)

Ichigo was having the time of his life. He had married Rukia, the Gotei 13 created a 14th Division for Human-World related matters and promoted Ichigo as the captain, and now he has kids! Could Ichigo's life get any better? Suddenly, a Senkaimon gate appears out of nowhere, opening to present several of the Shinigami: including Renji, Byakuya, and Captain-Commander Yamamoto himself.

"Captain Yamamoto! What are you doing outside of the Seireitei?" Rukia asked out of sheer shock, it was surprising to see Yamamoto outside of the Seireitei nowadays given all of the governing for Soul Society and his health.

"We've heard that you and the Kurosaki boy have had children…" Yamamoto responded; Ichigo was a bit irked to find that- even after he became a Captain- that Yamamoto still referred to him as 'the Kurosaki boy'.

"Unfortunately, Central 46 believes that your children could be a threat if they have Shinigami abilities. We have come to warn you…" Yamamoto stated.

"If your children show signs of being a possible threat to Soul Society, we will have no choice but to execute them." Yamamoto said in grave tone.

"What! They can't! I will not let them take my kids!" Ichigo shouted at Yamamoto.

"If the children do exhibit powers, but aren't a threat, you can continue living peacefully…" Yamamoto walked slowly back to the Senkaimon gate, he looked back at the group.

"I would suggest that you immerse them in the workings of Soul Society, so that they know not to rebel against Central 46." Yamamoto finished as he alone walked into the gate, leaving the other Captains and Lieutenants to look at the babies… well, more like examine them. Although it was hard to break the now uncomfortable atmosphere, the majority of the Captains and Lieutenants were looking at the twins; Toshiro, Kenpachi, and Byakuya were talking with Ichigo.

"So Kurosaki-taichou, what are plans now involving your kids?" Toshiro asked, his calm tone would send chills up the spine of any lower-ranked Shinigami… not like his reiatsu wasn't able to freeze people alone.

"Yeah, are you gonna teach them to fight?" Kenpachi added, typical of him to make his first sentence about fighting.

"Better yet, you should get as far away as possible from here in case they have powers…" Byakuya finished, something said that Byakuya was still angry at Ichigo for impregnating Rukia nine months ago.

"Like Gramps said, teach them about Soul Society so that no confrontation will happen… if they have powers…" Ichigo was in deep thought about the now uncertain future.

"Chances are more than likely, with Rukia being a full Shinigami and you being half." Toshiro claimed. Ichigo looked over to his kids to see his father making funny faces to make one of them laugh.

"I guess only time will tell…" Ichigo stated.

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