Author's Note: After the flattering success of Robbed I decided I would continue with a sequel. Seriously I want to thank all of my fans because you guys really inspired me to write as best as I could on that story. I wanted to please you all so much and I always looked forward to your reviews. I hope the sequel is just as exciting and I hope it captures your attention and keeps you guessing to the very end just like Robbed did. I should point out that this story picks up right where Robbed ended. Might as well get the disclaimer out of the way: Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, and Dragon Ball GT and all related characters are property of their respective owners, and this story is simply for the pleasure of Dragon Ball Z fans everywhere. Enjoy the story everyone!


They say time heals all wounds. I hate to disappoint all the optimist out there, but from my experience I highly doubt that's true. Before we delve into my life philosophy let me tell you my story first. My name is Son Goten. You probably wouldn't believe it but my dad is actually an alien from another planet. What's even more incredible is that my dad is the strongest man in the whole universe. I'm proud to be his son. Sometimes I wonder if he knows just how proud I am. He says he's not perfect and maybe that's true, but he's my hero and for years he has been my support and that's good enough for me.

Well enough of about that. I suppose what you all really want to know is how I got to this point in my life. When I was 15 years old a tragedy struck my high school. A female student had been raped and police were interrogating every male student. I knew I had nothing to do with the crime and went along with the investigation so they could get to work finding the real culprit. To cut to the chase the police compared the victim's sketch of her attacker to my face and to my surprise there was a match. I found myself in a jail cell, a place I never thought I would be in. My mom was freaking out, her heart breaking. My dad, being the loyal knight of order and peace wanted me to get out of this mess legally. So I remained in jail for a couple of weeks believing that I would be proven innocent at my trial.

The trial came and all seemed to be going in my favor until to everyone's surprise the prosecution pulled out of nowhere DNA evidence that seemed to connect me to the crime. Convinced I was a monster the jury sentenced me to prison. Needless to say I was afraid but my father insisted he would find a way to get me out legally. I kept that hope alive but as the years went on that hope died and though I could have escaped at anytime I had just lost the will to try, its like my mind was shut out from the world.

15 years went by and I missed so much. No graduation, no prom, no dating or finding a wife, no college, and I missed my beautiful niece's birth. At the age of 30 I found myself in court once again but this time I was finally set free. Turns out the DNA results were mishandled. I was robbed of the best years of my life all because of the incompetence of some scientists. It goes without saying I was consumed by pain, anger, and hatred.

Nightmares filled my sleep for a long time, even to this day I have them once in awhile. Back at home things seemed to be better. I was finally with my family and friends again, then she came into my life. My mate, my wife, the mother of my newborn. Sure it wasn't easy for us to get to this point. In fact she hurt me, she hurt me more than anyone ever has but I couldn't help but love her and standing where I am today I don't regret it, I can't regret loving her. Like I said before I don't think time heals all wounds…I think love is what truly heals our wounds. But enough of everything that was robbed from me. It's time to focus on the future.

(Note: For those of you who have not read the first story Robbed, I would suggest you read it since there are references made back to it through out this story.)

The Story Continues:

Goten stood at the hospital door watching Roza cradling their newborn. "All that was robbed from me has been restored more than I ever imagined, and they're right in front of me." He whispered to himself.

Roza jerked her head up and smiled at her husband, "Are you okay? You ran out of the room crying."

Goten nodded, "Roza, I'm felling a lot better than I have in a long time. For the first time in years I feel free from the pain and the anger."

Roza looked at her son sleeping in her arm, "Well it's like they say, a baby changes everything."

Goten walked over to the hospital bed and wrapped his arms around his mate. He looked compassionately at his sleeping baby boy and smiled with pride, "Our little Kakarot."

Roza kissed Goten's hand, "I think that name is so appropriate. Your dad really was our rock. He really helped you deal with the heart ache. He loved me like a daughter even after all of my mistakes. He really brought us to this moment. It's only right we name our son after him."

"Well that's my dad. He's unlike anyone else in the whole universe and his heart is so pure." Goten said with pride.

Kakarot wiggled in his mother's arms and awoke gently to the faces of his parents. The small infant smiled softly and wrapped his monkey tail around his mother's arm.

"Aw that's so sweet." Roza said and gave her son a kiss on the head.

Goten examined little Kakarot's hair, "It looks just like dad's hair when he goes super saiyan except little Kakarot's hair is black."

"Yeah no kidding!" Goku said as he sneaked into the room.

Goku kneeled next to the hospital bed and stared at his new grandson in Roza's arms.

Goku gently rubbed his grandson's spiky hair, "Hey there little fellow! I'm your grandpa Goku!"

Kakarot looked up at his grandfather curiously, giggled and then reach his hands toward Goku. Roza giggled and handed her son to his grandpa.

Goku tickled the infant's tummy causing the happy baby to giggle loudly, "He is so precious! You can tail he's a real saiyan from the top of his spiky hair to the tip of his tail!"

Roza sighed sarcastically, "I bet he eats like a real saiyan too which means I'm going to have a lot of cooking to do."

Goten grinned, "You can't blame it all on Kakarot and I. You're a full blooded saiyan so you eat just as much as I do, maybe more."

Roza clenched her fist, "If I wasn't so exhausted from giving birth I would punch you for that but this time I'll let you off easy."

Goku laughed, "Uh oh you better watch it, son. If you want peace in the home it is best to keep your wife happy. Trust me I know."

"Oh really Goku?" Chi-Chi said as she sneaked behind him.

"I didn't mean it, Chi-Chi!" Goku tried to defend himself.

Chi-Chi smiled, "Oh calm down. I'm too happy to be mad at you. Now let me see my grandbaby."

She took Kakarot from Goku's arms and held her new grandchild, "Hi there little one. I'm your grandmother." She whispered to him in a gentle whisper.

Kakarot yawned and smiled at his grandma. He cuddled up in her arms and snuggled his head against her chest.

"Aw how sweet. He's a cuddling little boy just like his daddy." Chi-Chi remarked.

Goten blushed, "Mom, shut up."

Roza giggled, "Oh honey I already know you're the cuddling type. I sleep with you and every night in your sleep you role over and cuddle me close to you like the baby you are. But that's okay. I may be a saiyan but I love feeling the strong arms of my mate wrapped around me, holding me close to his chest, and knowing he'll always protect me."

Goten blushed even more and Chi-Chi smiled, "That's so romantic. My little boy has grown up to be such a Romeo." She said.

"Hey Chi-Chi, where is Gohan, Videl, Pan, Bulma, and her family?" Goku asked.

"Oh they're downstairs in cafeteria getting some lunch. They knew Goten would probably want some time alone with Roza and little Kakarot." She answered.

Goku licked his lips, "Cafeteria? You don't say huh? Well why don't I go get them then."

Chi-Chi handed the sleeping Kakarot to Goten and then grabbed Goku's ear, "Not so fast! You can eat later. Bring them up here and get Roza and Goten something to eat. I'm sure Roza is hungry after giving birth."

Roza smiled, "Oh you don't have to do that." Then her stomach growled, "On second thought maybe a little food would be nice."

Goku nodded and rushed down the stairs. Chi-Chi thought he might try to stay for his own lunch so she followed him.

"This is so nice. Having a baby, having a family here to celebrate our son's birth." Roza whispered just enough to where Goten heard her.

He leaned over and kissed her cheek, "For the longest time I didn't think I'd ever get to experience this day. I'm so happy I'm a father and that you're my wife and our baby's mother. I love you, Roza. Don't you ever forget that."

She rested her head on his shoulder, "Thank you for loving me when you had every reason to hate me. Thank you for giving me your love and a family I belong to."

Downstairs Goku sneaked into the cafeteria to try and grab himself some lunch but Chi-Chi quickly stopped him. She was tapping her foot on the ground and looked very angry.

"Goku, you're unbelievable! Your youngest son and his wife who just gave birth are upstairs hungry and all you can think about is your own stomach!" Chi-Chi yelled at him.

Goku backed away sheepishly, "I'm sorry. I was just grabbing a little snack for myself."

She shook her head, "No way Goku! Fix a plate of food for the new parents and take it up to their room then you can come back and eat as much as you want."

Goku did as his wife said and made a plate of food for Goten and for Roza. Chi-Chi stepped over to the table where her family and the Briefs family were eating.

"Hey mom! How is Roza and the baby doing?" Gohan asked.

"They're both tired and hungry but mom and child are doing just fine." Chi-Chi responded.

Pan took a sip of soda, "That means little Kakarot and I are cousins, right?" She asked without raising her head.

Chi-Chi nodded, "Yes that's right, sweetheart."

Chi-Chi motioned for Gohan to follow her into the hall. He did as she said and looked concerned.

"Is something wrong, mother?" He asked.

Chi-Chi looked down and then back up at her oldest child, "Well you tell me. Is Pan okay? I mean after the rape I know she hasn't been the same but she seems to be getting worse."

Gohan looked down, "To be honest she just seems to be getting worse. I don't know what to do, mom. How can I help her? I think she blames herself for Goten getting sent to prison a second time."

Chi-Chi looked shocked, "She does! Gohan, you need to help her understand that no one blames her. If she needs help or needs anything at all she needs to be honest and just ask."

"I know. I'll talk to her when we get back home." Gohan promised her.

Back at the table Vegeta was very slowly eating his food, "Why am I here exactly, woman?" He questioned.

Bulma sighed, "I told you, Vegeta. Goku's family is basically like our own family and families stick together. I think it was only right we were here with them."

Vegeta scoffed, "Sentimental rubbish. That's all this is."

Bulma was about to say something back to Vegeta when she notice Videl looked sick.

"Videl, are you okay?" Bulma asked.

Videl was breathing heavy and sweating a lot, "I don't feel normal. My stomach hurts. If I didn't know any better I would think I was…AAAAH!" She yelled.

Gohan, Chi-Chi, and Goku rushed over to her. Gohan took his wife in his arms and was shocked at what he saw, "Her water broke!" He said completely taken back.

"Her what! But that means she's pregnant!" Chi-Chi said in shock.

"But how? I mean I didn't even know she was pregnant and she hasn't shown any signs of being pregnant." Gohan said.

Videl screamed, "I can't believe this….I'm pregnant…Aaaahh!" She yelled again.

"Get a doctor! She's in labor!" Gohan ordered.

The doctors in the cafeteria jumped from their tables and rushed to help the daughter of Hercule. Some nurses rushed to get a stretcher and Gohan gently placed his pregnant wife on it and followed the doctors to the delivery room. On the way there they rushed passed Roza's room sending a gust of wind through the doorway which woke baby Kakarot.

"Hush now little one. Momma is right here, baby." Roza tried to calm her crying newborn.

Goten looked confused, "Was that Videl on a stretcher and Gohan with her?"

Roza got Kakarot to calm down and looked at Goten, "It couldn't be. Videl isn't sick. Why would she be on a stretcher?"

Goku ran into the room out of breath, "This is why Chi-Chi should have let me eat. Now I'm tired."

"Dad what in the world is going on?" The young saiyan hybrid asked.

Goku looked at Goten and answered, "Vide is having a baby!" He said still finding it hard to believe himself.

Roza's eyes widened, "What! Why didn't anyone tell us she was pregnant!"

"No one knew not even Videl until she started going into labor downstairs in the cafeteria." He answered.

"You're kidding me! This is nuts, two babies born in this family on the same day!" Goten commented.

Roza looked concerned, "Goku she hasn't shown any sign of being pregnant lately."

Bulma stepped into the room and explained, "It's rare but not impossible for a woman to be pregnant and never even know it until she gives birth. That isn't what worries me. What worries me is that more than likely her baby is going to be premature and I don't think I need to explain what that means."

Everyone looked horrified, "You mean her baby could die?" Goten asked sadly already knowing the answer.

"The chances are higher than normal. All we can do is pray, you guys." Bulma told them.

Praying was exactly what everyone was doing. Even Vegeta couldn't help but let his concern for the girl and her soon to be born child show. It wasn't more than an hour that they would get the answer to their prayers.

Gohan came out holding a very small baby girl in his arms. She was cuddled in up in a pink blanket in her father's arms. Gohan gave everyone a reassuring smile.

"The doctors said she was born premature but that with the proper care she is going to be just fine. They want to get her to an incubator to get her warm." Gohan explained to everyone.

Goku and Chi-Chi gathered around Gohan and looked at their very small granddaughter, "She is so tiny. Poor baby she has had it rough." Chi-Chi gently kissed her tiny head.

"I'm just so glad she's alright. I was worried I was going to lose her and Videl." Gohan said never taking his eyes off his precious new daughter.

Goten patted his older brother's back and asked, "How is Videl?"

Gohan looked at his brother and answered, "Very tired but she's okay."

"Thank God. Roza will be happy to know everything is fine." Goten said as he took a sigh of relief.

Goku, Chi-Chi, and Pan went to watch over Videl. Bulma and her family checked on her and Roza before heading home. Goten returned to Roza's room to inform her of the good news.

"Is everything alright, Goten?" Roza asked nearly asleep and holding her sleeping son.

Goten smiled softly, "Yeah. Videl had a baby girl. They say both Videl and the baby will be just fine."

Goten took little sleeping Kakarot into his arms and sat next to his tired wife, "What a day, huh?"

She nodded, "I'm glad everything turned out okay. Now we have two new members of the family."

Goten stood up and laid his newborn in a crib provided by the hospital. The new father grabbed a blanket out of the cabinet and cuddled up in the chair.

Goten leaned over to kiss his mate goodnight but she was already asleep. Goten smiled and soon fell asleep himself.

In a special ICU nursery Gohan watched his new daughter sleeping peacefully in an incubator. The saiyan hybrid placed his hand on the incubator and closed his eyes.

"Sleep well my little angel. Daddy is right her with you." He whispered to her.

On this night two children with saiyan and human blood, two cousins, have been born. Little did anyone know how close their destines were tied to each other.