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It had been over two weeks since they last saw each other, it had been the longest that they'd spent apart since they finally got together. Things were rough to begin with Spike still had to break down the barriers of the isolationist slayer crap as he called it.

They'd lived in bliss for nine months before Angel called to ask Spike for help, as bizarre as it sounded to Buffy the two had grown closer after the battle in LA

"can't you just tell him no to find somebody else?" she asked pouting

"luv there is nobody else I told you it's just him and Illyria now" he took her in his arms and kissed the top of her head "I won't be gone long... Promise you won't even know I've gone"

With that he packed a bag which consisted of a stock of blood a clean shirt and jeans and he was off in the DeSoto.

"any word on when Spike's coming home?" asked Dawn

"uh I got a call he should be here tomorrow"

she cleaned the counter top of the pizza boxes her and Dawn had feasted on since Spike left, Buffy wasn't kitchen friendly

"you miss him don't you?"

Dawn helped by sitting at the kitchen island telling Buffy when she had missed a spot

"yeah very much I can't wait to have him back" she smiled

"well im going to make myself invisible for the next few days"

"huh?" Buffy looked at her sister puzzled.

Dawn had been practising Magic with the guidance of Willow but as it turns out Dawn made a habit of mixing up spells and getting herself into trouble

"I know what your thinking and no... Uh Harry and a few of the others wanted to go camping for a few days"

Dawn and Harry had spent alot of time together he was the brother of a new slayer Lily and the three of them had gotten close

"okay so what are Harry's intentions exactly?"

Buffy put on her slayer face

"uh no intentions... We're just friends... Sort of"

Dawn babbled "sort of?"

Buffy raised an eyebrow living with Spike had definitely rubbed off on her

"well we've kissed I'm just not sure whether that means anything"

Dawn continued to babble nervously

"calm down I'm just playing with you"

Buffy smiled at her sister

"so not cool Buffy"

"your old enough to date but trust me you bring any babies in this house and your out on your behind"

"cross my heart hope to die stick a needle in my eye I will totally never bring a baby into this house" Dawn gushed

"good see you in a few days then?" Dawn shrieked and ran upstairs to pack

Dawn had just left the house all giggley Buffy was glad her sister was dating though she wasn't sure how Spike would take it he had always been over protective of his 'Lil Bit'

Buffy chuckled to herself folding laundry god when did she become a domestic goddess she thought

She turned on the radio to hear a song she hadn't heard in a while one of her favourites to dance to, so whilst folding laundry and stuffing more into the drier she turned the music up and started dancing around.

Spike pulled on to the driveway of the house, getting his duffle bag off the passenger seat he hurried inside. As he closed the door he dropped the bag about to holler for his girl he heard music coming from the basement

"probably the bit" he whispered to himself.

He walked through the kitchen and glanced toward the pizza boxes stacked on the counter "eatin' healthy I see girls" he said to himself

He opened the door to the basement and stalked down the steps he caught her scent, he stayed back in the shadows of the basement and watched her shake her hips.

Reminding him of the first time he saw her at The Bronze with her friends, her short blonde hair now longer and tied up in a messy bun the lilac halter top now replaced with a white vest top and grey yoga pants.

He thought back to that day he first saw her many times, then he thought he was stalking his prey like an eagle. Now he realised he was staring at her beauty, there was definitely something different about this girl and it was only years later he would discover just how different.

He stared at her with a look of lust in his eyes, watching her roll her hips to the music. He sauntered out from the shadows and cleared his throat loudly she whirled around and hit him in the nose

"ow!" he howled clutching his nose

"oh sorry" she said taking a look at his injured nose

"having fun without me Slayer?" he chuckled as she turned the radio off

"you shouldn't sneak up on me like that... You should know that more than anyone" he took her in his arms and kissed her passionately "your back early so did you miss me?" she asked him shyly

"you know I did" he smirked "I even brought you and the Bit something back from the City Of Angels

"presents!" she giggled "only the best for my girls" he smirked

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