"So what's been going on around here then?" Asked Spike

"Nothing, apart from Spike missage" Buffy grinned snaking her arms around his waist

"We'll have to fix that" he said seductively taking her by the hand and leading her up the stairs. The phone rang just as they made it to the living room

"Leave it" he said

"I can't, it might be Dawn. She's gone camping with Harry and the others" she said slipping away from his side and answering the phone

"Harry?" He questioned

"Hey Dawnie you get there safely? Good, uh yeah he's right here you wanna talk to him? Okay just a sec" Buffy held out the phone for Spike to talk

"Hey Nibblet, yeah all's well that ends well... Okay... I'm sure I can handle that see you when you get back. Bye" he put the phone down

"What she say?" Asked Buffy

"She told me to give you a night you won't forget" he winked grabbing her hand and leading her up the stairs

"So did not..." Said Buffy obediently following him up the stairs


Buffy lay basking in the afterglow of their love making "mmm so good to have you home" she smiled shuffling over and laying on his chest

"Good to be home pet" he said running his fingers through her golden locks

"Everything okay with Angel?" She asked

"I thought we had a rule against mentioning exes in the bedroom"

"Sorry... But I have to know why you were there so long, which may I remind you that you didn't keep to our agreement" she said in a huff

"Agreement?" He asked

"You said if I let you go you promised me that you'd call three times a day, I got four phone calls in the whole two weeks you were gone" she pouted

"Okay, yeah I let you down I'm a very bad man... I must be punished" he said with a wink

"You bad bad boy" she giggled straddling his hips "I wonder what your punishment should be" she whispered into his ear, nibbling on it a little before kissing his neck

"Well Goldilocks I do believe that's up to you, you are the wronged party" he chuckled


The sound of the front door slamming and Dawn yelling for them to come down to the living room was a bit of a kill joy. Spike sighed as Buffy quickly threw on her pants and shirt

Buffy barrelled down the stairs closely followed by Spike "what's all the screaming about?" Asked Buffy

Dawn along with Harry & Lily were in the living room, all crowded round what looked to Buffy like a bassinet that sat on her coffee table "Buffy..."

"Oh my god! Is that a baby?!" Asked Buffy

"Yeah..." Said Dawn

"What did I tell you no babies in this house!" Said Buffy

"It's not mine! We found her in The Woods, we were looking for the best place to camp when we heard her crying" said Dawn

Buffy and Spike took a step closer to look at the baby who was sleeping soundly despite the raised voices "where are her parents?" Asked Spike

"We dunno we looked around a little. We found this..." Said Harry placing a gold disc in Spike's hand "it was right by her"

"What is that?" Asked Buffy

"I dunno... Prolly a protection device? The engraving isn't in any language I know" said Spike studying the disc

"This is gunna sound weird but... Y'know when you King Arthured the scythe out of the stone in Sunnydale? You said the moment you held it if felt like it was yours?" Asked Dawn

"Yeah I don't know what that's gotta do with... Oh wait you're saying this baby feels like yours?" Asked Buffy

"No, not mine exactly but like a part of the family sorta... Here" said Dawn scooping up the baby and placing her in Buffy's arms "do you feel it?"

Buffy looked down at the tiny baby that laid in her arms "whoa... This is so not happening" said Buffy giving the baby back to Dawn "the baby isn't ours... It's like when you were five and we found that puppy and you wanted to keep it so badly that you told Mom that it felt like ours" said Buffy in a huff

"No this is totally different... You felt it right?" Said Dawn

"I don't understand..." Said Buffy

"Me either"

"Maybe we should call the gang?" Said Lily

"Good idea pet, I think we need to know more about this sprog" said Spike looking curiously at the child

The baby started to cry "oh shhh little one" said Dawn rocking the child back and forth

"She must be hungry" said Harry

"Want me to go to the store get some supplies?" Asked Lily

"Sounds like a plan" said Dawn giving the crying baby to Buffy before rushing out of the front door with Harry & Lily

"Hey guys! Wait a minute" Buffy protested. She noticed Spike eyeing her carefully "what?" She asked

"Nothing love... Just you look damn hot with a baby in your arms" he smiled

"Shut up, this is serious we have to figure out who this baby belongs to and fast" said Buffy

Spike came closer and looked at the child in his lovers arms, the baby looked up at him with piercing blue eyes "uh Buffy?... I think she's ours" he paled