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Harry sat on his small firm mattress staring out at the gloomy weather that seemed to have matched his mood as of the late. His mother had died a month prior and as a result he'd been dumped at St. Mary's House, a Muggle orphanage in Surrey. He'd spend the majority of his time cooped in his room staring at his mother's portrait reflecting back on the memories they had shared. Tears fell from his misty grey eyes.

With the (temporary) fall of the Dark Lord at the hands of Albus Dumbledore, the relatives he did have were either dead, fugitives on the run, or imprisoned. But that didn't mean he gave up on the possibility of a father out there ready to claim him.

True he had never met his father but he was aware of his existence. "James Potter, the lowly blood traitor Auror," mother called him. Regardless of his mother's harsh feelings for him, Harry still craved a father figure whom he could get into tons of mischief with. 'My father will come,' Harry told himself.

And he waited for him…days, weeks, months, and years. But his father never came.


Harry had long given up for the return of his father. He had spent 2 years at St Mary's House and James Potter had yet to even contact him. The reality was hard to swallow: James Potter had a new wife, Lily Evans, and together they had spawned twins, one of which was Mason Potter, the prophesized child, the 'Chosen One' destined to defeat the Dark Lord Voldemort once and for all and spare the Wizarding world from eternity under Death Eater terrorism.

In short, Harry wasn't all that important and didn't fit James Potter's ideal family.

Inside, Harry felt anger and also hurt. He developed a hatred for the father that didn't want him and the mudblood that took his heart. He was left behind in the empty world and they didn't even care in the slightest – they went about their lives and swept him under the carpet like a dirty little secret. It made his blood boil.

All he felt was utter misery at St. Mary's House. He loathed the other children and the nuns; they weren't like him. Just Muggles. They didn't understand him. However there were benefits. He enjoyed exploring the forest that wasn't far away from the orphanage. It was the same forest he met Isis, his speaking Taipan (humans can speak snake language, why can't snakes speak human languages?). Odd as it may sound, Isis was the only one keeping him sane in this prison. She was the only friend he had, the only one to talk to.

He'd also learn how to control his magic by mastering the concepts of concentration and cleansing the mind. He often manipulated his powers and used them against the defenseless Muggles who dared cross his path. Benny and Roger, his ex-bullies, scampered elsewhere whenever Harry entered the room and avoided his piercing grey eyes as if their lives depended on it.

The nuns and orphans alike were terrified of Harry. Very strange incidents occurred and he was always in the middle of them. Their fear fed Harry's determination to become a very powerful wizard someday.

And speaking of the Wizarding world, Harry desperately wished to return. The Muggle world as he knew it was dull and held little hope for his future.

It was a Sunday evening Harry packed his Mum's portrait and his teddy into his bag and alerted Isis of his plan.

"And to what do I owe your banter?" Isis flicked out her tongue lazily.

"I'm escaping," Harry told her, "I'm going back to the Wizarding world!"

"About time," Isis hissed, "And how are you going to pull this off?"

"I didn't say I was in this alone," Harry winked at the lazy Taipan.

Harry left his room and looked cautiously down the hall. Coast was clear. He went down stairs and peaked at the foyer. Four nuns were up and alert ready to tell off any orphan and send them off to bed. Harry smirked and gave Isis another wink.

"This is where you come in my friend," he whispered as the snake slithered off his shoulders and into the plaza.

Isis hissed menacingly at the nuns, who in return, panicked and caused uproar.

"SNAKE!" The nuns ran out of the foyer to alert the guards; Harry took this opportunity to escape.

He scooped up Isis and bolted out of the building. He heard the guards booming voices shout after him, a few of them even chased him down; Harry vowed never to go back to that prison cell, so he pushed his legs as fast as they could go. He concentrated so hard on getting away from the guards he didn't even realize his surroundings. He was deep in the forest, blocks away from St Mary's House, only noticing this setting until he heard distant voices and footsteps.

He held his breath and clutched Isis and his bag tightly to his chest. About six masked figures being led by a tall darkly clothed … 'man' with blood red eyes came into view. Harry froze in shock as the group approached towards him.

"YOU! BOY! What brings you?" demanded one of the masked men. Harry was too stunned to answer.


"I'm trying to leave…." Harry said with more confidence than he had felt.

"Leave where?" the man hissed.

Harry pointed in the direction towards the orphanage.

"Ah the orphanage," he replied silkily, "What a coincidence, our exact destination that we were heading for tonight," he chuckled and the rest of the group joined in except for the man or creature with the red eyes. The extremely tall man came closer to Harry so they were inches apart. A spidery hand reached his face ever so lightly.

"Such a handsome boy…" he said in a cold raspy voice. Cruel laughter escaped his lips as he raised his wand and aimed it at the boy's face.

Harry's eyes widened in horror as he stumbled backwards and tripped over a branch. As the man began the incantation, something … odd happened, which had all the masked members, even their leader, stunned. It was as if the boy had … evaporated.

Harry felt his body become weightless and as he looked down to examine what had brought this occurrence, he seen that his body had completely disappeared…it was as if he were traveling with the wind. When he tried to get a better look, unfortunately, his body had materialized once more, and he fell to the ground with a large thud, his bag severed, and Isis hissing like mad.

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Ch.2 Rescue: Harry's identity acknowledge by Death Eaters; Cassiopeia Black: Who is she?; Bellatrix and the Lestranges introduced; FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENS NEXT!