Brother of the Blade: Link 593-621

Link was the youngest of five. His exact age is unknown due to a Knight raid that destroyed a great number of records after his death. While this has hampered us in our research, it also gives us a view at the hatred between the two groups.

He was born in Castle Town to a Brother of high standing. Raised to love peace over war, the lessons failed when during a visit to family that lived on the banks of the Zora River a group of Knights attacked his family. Link and his oldest sister were the only survivors.

In 593 Link was admitted into the ranks of the Brotherhood of Heroes. He quickly excelled in his sword work and became among the fiercest warriors known to have belonged to the Brotherhood of Heroes. He is also one of the finest archers known to have lived. He was given the nickname Fire Blade due to his lack of mercy for his enemies.

He was awarded the Order of the Lost Honor by the King in the year 600, due to valor showed in protection of Royal Family of Labrynna during a treaty signing from radical elements opposed to the Treaty of Alliance. He was graced with the Gorons Gauntlet in 603 for the defense of the Goron Mines from a Lizalfo tribe who had attempted to take them over. In 620 he was granted the Triforce Citation by Queen Zelda after a Gerudo incursion in which her husband died was repelled by him and a force of twenty Brothers.

It was unknown if he ever married or fathered any children. He is known for having created three different sword-training regiments for new recruits and current Brothers, some of which are practiced today for tradition. His mark, a hawk holding a sword, is inscribed on the swords given to high-ranking Brotherhood commanders, and is the official seal for important documents of the Brotherhood of Heroes.

He was killed in single combat during a battle with the Knights of the Night, as the Knights of Hyrule decided to rename themselves in 599. His death is credited to Lord Vitan Maor who was commander of the Knights until 630 when he was killed by a contingent of Zora Brothers who had tracked him down in vengeance for the slaying of Link.

Link is credited with the deaths of somewhere between three hundred and fifty to five hundred Knights. He was posthumously awarded the Queens Token for service to the Royal Family during his life, and the Brother of the Blade for valor upon the battlefield.

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