Don't Ever Let Go

Hahaha, FINALLY. I finally get to start on one of my Pokeshipping stories! This is inspired by a deviantART picture. Here's the link:

http:/ .com/ ?q=pokeshipping&order=9&offset=144#/ d4fgowb

Just put the spaces together. And here's the other part it won't show up: . It is soooo cute! xD This is my most recent idea, so I hope you like it! I don't own ANYTHING!

Misty tried to loosen Ash's grip on her hand. But every time she did that, he would hold on even tighter.

"Ash? Are you okay?" she asked, worried. But he didn't answer. He kept pulling her along. She stumbled after him. "Ash!"

He wouldn't meet her gaze, he wouldn't even look at her. Misty tugged at her bangs and gave up. She let him pull her along the forest path. She looked at Pikachu, who followed after her, looking worried. Misty forced a smile at Pikachu, and he relaxed, a bit.

"Ash, tell me, what's wrong?"

"Pika pi…"

Ash stopped. Pikachu must've sense the tension, and back away from the two. Misty looked at him. And it happened all so fast. Ash turned around and Misty found him hugging her. She cringed lightly.

"Ash?" she whispered.

"Don't ever let go, Misty," Ash replied in her ear, "You left once, and I was struggling. Don't ever leave me again." He held on tighter. "I-I…, love you." Misty smiled, and felt tears in her eyes. She's been waiting for those words for years, but Ash was too dense to know. He didn't even understand what love is, as in, love love. She hugged him back and whispered in his ear,

"I love you too, Ash."

Misty turned back to look at Pikachu, and… was it her imagination, or was Pikachu giggling?

I just got this idea before I went to sleep. Freaky. O_o I thought it was cute! xD Although it is short… epilogue is next! Review and I'll try to update! ARRGH! The thing won't show! it's browse . deviantart