For The Greater Good

E/O Drabble Challenge, word: eighteen

Summary: If this was a crusade he couldn't be picky about the choice of weapons, right? He'd give it all – for his brother. Set between season 3 and 4.

A/N: Wow, that was a brain twister - thanks a lot :-) I wanted to write some easy-going brotherly banter - but obviously my muse had other plans. Enjoy...

He panted, the power surging through his veins, filling him with calm, drowning the taunting voice of evil.

He didn't feel his body going rigid, his breathing hitched, blood vessels exploding in this battle of wills. All he could see was a black pit that needed to be defeated.

Scorn was removed by fear, then by pleading, finally by screaming.

Something broke, and he stumbled with the sudden release, looking at the body in front of him.

It was the eighteenth Ruby had brought him – and the first survivor.

If only Dean could be here. He'd be proud of him…