'Give me the Crystal Katya'

'No Father'

'Katerina, give me the crystal!'


'Ivan, hold her still'

'Alexander what are you doing?'

'Be quiet Xenia, your daughter needs to know her place'

'Father don't make me do this'

'Katya, just give him the stupid crystal'

'But Ivan, what the crystal does is wrong, we shouldn't use it, it's barbaric, using it to control them like that'

'Katya, just give it to Father'

'Do as he says Katerina'

'Mother, don't tell me that you believe in this too?'

'I'm warning you girl, don't try my patience, one last time; give me the crystal'

'Mother, Father, Katya, Ivan, what's going on? What is all the noise? Why are you all fighting?'

'Just stay out of this Nadia'

'But Father, Katya's crying, Ivan why are hurting her?'

'And if I don't give up the crystal, will you kill me and unclasp the pendent from by dead body?'

'Well isn't that a good idea. Ivan hold your sister still, Xenia, take Nadia away, she shouldn't have to see this'

'You can't kill me father, the crystal won't work without me'

'I'm sure that your sister would be able to use it'

'Don't you see father, Grandmama gave it to me. Only I have the ability to use it. Nadia doesn't have the eyes.'

'Then I'll just have to make you! Imperio!'

'Alexander no! Not on your own daughter!

'Father, why isn't she doing anything?'

'Be quiet Ivan. By Rasputin! Why am I cursed with such an insolent daughter, she's fighting the curse'

'I cannot allow you to take the crystal father'

'Well I'll just have to fight you for it'

'Alexander, be careful you're going to hit Nadia!'