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'Come on Arri, you have to go to bed now, otherwise Father Christmas won't be able to come and deliver your presents' Harry whispered as he tucked his very excited, red haired daughter into her bed. He pressed a kiss to the top of her head before standing up and turning off the light with a flick of his wand. He was about to leave the room, when something Arri asked caught his attention.

'Daddy does Ollie love us?' Arri asked

'Of course she does Arri-bear' Harry replied

'Then why isn't she spending Christmas with us?'

'Because she wanted to stay at Hogwarts' Harry stated with a sigh, having already had this conversation many times with both of his twins already throughout the holiday.

'How will Father Christmas deliver presents to Ollie if she is not here?'

'He knows where she is' Harry replied 'and he won't visit you unless you go to sleep' he added, straightening her Holyhead Harpies bedding and walking out of the room.

'Night Daddy'

'Night Arri'

'They are both asleep' Harry reported to his wife a couple of minutes later as he made his way down the sweeping staircase.

'But for how long?' Ginny asked as she moved around the living room, summoning all the twins' presents from their hiding places and placing them under the tree. 'They are guaranteed to wake us up at some ridiculous hour tomorrow morning'

'Don't worry, Winky said that she would be on duty tomorrow and would make sure that they didn't wake us up before 6am like last year, besides she's had plenty of practise with Ollie over the years'

'Good' Ginny replied with a tired sigh

'Arri was wondering whether Ollie was going to get any presents from Father Christmas because she's not staying here and it reminded me of a conversation I had with Ollie on the eve of her first Christmas with me' Harry stated as he sank into one of the sofa's by the fire.

'Oh' Ginny replied with interest as she settled down next to him. Since their argument last week they had been tiptoeing around each other, trying to put on a good show in front of their children but they had soon slipped into their old routine and it was like they could not stay mad at each other.

'She was so worried that she had not been good enough for Father Christmas to visit' Harry recounted 'so the look on her face when she saw presents under the tree with her name on them, was absolutely magical.'

'What did you get her?' Ginny asked

'A doll' Harry replied sheepishly as Ginny gave a snort. She could not imagine a girl like Ollie playing with a doll. 'I had no idea what to get a nearly three year old girl' Harry said, defending himself 'but I had not wanted Luna to get it for me. I wanted the present to be from so, so she could have the Christmas that I never did'

'Where is the doll now?'

'Colette, I think is either back in the villa in Italy, or is in her memory box. I haven't seen it in her room. What am I doing Ginny?' Harry asked suddenly out of the blue 'why can't I just accept that Ollie has grown up?'

'Because you're her father' Ginny answered, remembering what her mother had said about looking at things from Harry's point of view. 'So what have you sent Ollie this year?'

'Her memory box' Harry replied. 'It contains all the stuff I have got of her past. I know I should not keep it from her anymore, I talked to Remus and he knocked some sense into med saying that she reminded him so much of Sirius and that she would definitely do something spectacularly reckless if I continued to keep her in the dark. I just don't want to lose her' he whispered.

Ollie rolled out of bed of Christmas morning to find a substantial amount of presents piled up at the bottom of her bed. For the first time in her life she was actually hesitant to start opening her presents, as if waiting for another person in the room to start, before launching into hers. It was at that moment that she realised that she had become so accustomed to celebrating Christmas with such a large family.

Wrapping her Gryffindor red dressing gown around her (a present from her Dad and Ginny last year), Ollie sat down on the cold stone dormitory floor and began to methodically unwrap her first present from Susan, Dudley and Emmy.

Having now acquired a new Weasley jumper, homemade cookies, a beautiful charm bracelet from Jon, chocolate from Phoenix, a book on healing from Heather, ribbons from Ribbons, an adorable drawing from Ariana and Nicholas, plus an assortment of other gifts, Ollie turned her attention to the last present, which had been hidden at the bottom of the pile.

'To Ollie' she read off the label 'I hope you find this helpful. Merry Christmas, all my love Papa'

Slowly and carefully she unwrapped the present to discover an old cardboard box, however she was stopped from investigating further by the sound of people downstairs in the common heading down to the Great Hall for breakfast and the hungry growl coming from her own stomach.

'So did you get anything good?' Meredith asked, as she buttered a piece of toast.

'Yeah' Ollie replied now sitting with everyone else in the Great Hall, wearing her new violet jumper with the ribbons from Ribbons, woven into her hair. 'I got this from Jon' she stated, pushing up her sleeve to show the second year Ravenclaw her new charm bracelet.

'That's better than what my girlfriend got me' Gordon remarked glumly from his position opposite Ollie. 'She got me a locket with sweetie written on it'

Ollie snorted, trying to contain her laughter, to not make the sixth year Slytherin feel so bad, however his sister, Merry, who had no such qualms, started to howl with laughter.

'Jon and I aren't going out' Ollie stated, once Merry had calmed down

'But I always see you two walking hand in hand around Hogwarts and now he's given you a charm bracelet with a heart on it' Merry said

'It's complicated' Ollie replied, before returning her attention to her scrambled eggs.

'More potatoes Harry?' Mrs Weasley asked before piling more onto her son-in-law's already full plate.

'Thanks Molly' Harry replied, as he cut up the food on both Arianna's and Nicholas' plates. The whole Weasley clan was sitting around Mr and Mrs Weasley's dining room table. Even though it had been enlarged beyond its normal proportions it was still a tight fit for all the family to squeeze around it. However Harry still felt as if there was a gaping hole where Ollie should be. He just hoped that she liked his present and was having a good time at Hogwarts.

Ollie took off her snow encrusted hat and unpinned her damp hair, letting the long black ringlets fall down her back. She had just escaped from the large snow ball fight Merry, Gordon and the other members of her little defence study group had dragged her into after Christmas Lunch. Upholding her side of the bargain she had made with Meredith and Gordon after they had helped her break into the restricted section, she had started to tutor them in Defence Against the Dark Arts. Word of this little revision session had spread and soon most of the students who were staying at Hogwarts for Christmas now attended. Even though Ollie had had to drop defence, it was still one of her favourite subjects and she really enjoyed teaching the younger years how to duel.

Ollie settled herself down by the heater in the middle of her empty dormitory, trying to warm herself up before reaching over to the present her father had sent her, which she had had to abandon that morning. Curious, she slowly opened the old cardboard box to find an assortment of documents, photos and other objects carefully packed inside. She reached in and pulled out a doll, which she immediately recognised as the one her Dad given her on her first Christmas. This was quickly followed by pictures of her first Christmas, a picture of her grinning at the camera next to Luna on her first birthday with her new family, a couple of photos of her meeting Teddy and the rest of the Black-Lupin-Tonks-Malfoy family for the first time. After rummaging through pictures of her time at Beaubatons she finally found a battered brown file and a leather bound book.

Ollie decided to tackle the file first. Written on the front in a cursive script was her name, except it wasn't the name she used, it was her old name, the her Dad had changed when he had adopted her, Katarina Cecilia, with no surname. She opened it the file to discover several pieces of paper, browned by age, with the first one detailing how she came to live at the Orphanage. With her rusty French (she could speak the language, but she had not had to read it in a long time) Ollie read how her mother had been brought to the Orphanage after a farmer had discovered her lying unconscious, having obviously fallen down the mountain side near the orphanage and convent. Ollie then read how the strange woman had gone into labour and though the nuns had been able to deliver the child (a girl), the woman had sadly passed away after the birth due to postpartum haemorrhaging. The nun writing this document also recorded that a doctor had been sent for but due to the isolated nature of the convent at the snow storm, he had only arrives in time to declare the woman dead. The nun had then concluded the report by writing how the baby had been named Katarina after the name they had discover on the locket the mother had been wearing and how she was now in the care of St Cecilia's.

After that initial report there were various other documents detailing the progression of her development and the various bits of mischief she had got up to.

Putting the file to one side, Ollie now turned her attention to the leather bound book, which looked like some sort of diary or journal. As she opened the cover, a scrap of parchment fell out covered in her Dad's recognisable scrawl.

Ollie, she read

This journal belonged to Sirius. Your Uncle Remus found it in Grimmauld Place after the war when we started to make it habitable for life. Luna and I used this to find you as in it Sirius talks about a 'Rina who he met in France. From that we went to the French Ministry and after begging to see the magical birth records, we finally pinpointed your location to St. Cecilia's orphanage. When we finally arrived, your unmistakeable resemblance to by godfather, confirmed your identity. Unfortunately there is no point travelling back to the orphanage to ask the nuns about your mother, because as we left, Luna and I had to perform memory charms on the nuns. I know you might be annoyed by this but we did it to keep you safe. It was so soon after the war that we still didn't know if there were Death Eaters after us and I wanted to keep the knowledge that I had adopted a beautiful baby girl secret from the prying eyes of the wizarding world. I am so sorry, I haven't given this to you sooner, but I guess you deserve to know where you came from. I'll see you after the holidays.

Love Dad

Ollie smiled as she tucked the piece of parchment back into the journal and after finding a comfortable position by the heater; she began to eagerly read her biological father's journal. This Christmas wasn't turning out to be too bad.