"Avera!" I called as Edward and I walked out of the gate and she and Doc were waiting for us.

"Isabella!" She squealed and hugged me close. Edward and I were spending our honeymoon in Thailand. He wanted a getaway for the two of us like a normal couple, but when Doc and Avera came to see us for my bridal shower Rosalie and Alice threw, he liked them a lot and decided it wouldn't be too bad to spend a few days with them just seeing Thailand.

"I've missed you!" Avera said.

"Honey, you just saw them last month." Doc reminded. That was another thing; we couldn't take a honeymoon until a month after the wedding because we had to go back to Forks for Charlie's wedding. Charlie and Sue Clearwater were engaged and now married. We left to come here right from Forks.

"Good to see you again man." Edward greeted Doc as Avera and I were now talking and walking out to the car with linked arms. "Women." Edward and Doc said together and laughed.

When we got back to Avera and Doc's home we sat down around the house and started to catch up.

"So how's married life?" Avera asked.

I mused at the thought, "Hmm. I love it, I love Edward I love the family, I love everything about it."

Avera smiled, "That's great."

"Edward's going to build me a castle." I said.

"Is he now?" Avera giggled.

"Right honey?" I called to Edward who was playing chess with Doc.

"Yeah uh huh whatever you say." He muttered fully focused on Doc's mind space and the game.

Avera and I laughed at him, "What about you how are you guys doing?" I asked.

"Well, Doc and I are thinking about moving to the states." She said. "It's time to start over again."

I huge smiled played on my lips, "Where in the States?" I asked.

"I'm thinking Ithaca New York; it's always dark and rainy there. It's perfect." Avera said.

"WE have a house there I think…" I said. "Babe, do you we have a house in Ithaca?" I called for my husband.

"I think Carlisle does, not sure." Edward said.

"If the two if you started out there, and then Doc and I moved there, that would be awesome!" Avera imagined. I squealed at her.

"What is going on in here?" Doc asked as he and Edward came in.

"Who won?" Avera asked.

"I did." Doc said.

"I was winning, but my wife decided to block me out." Edward said with a frown.

I smiled at him, "You cheat that's why."

"I was not." He said like a baby and pulled up a chair.

Avera and I laughed at him and we told Doc and Edward the Ithaca plan. "You two are going to get sick of each other eventually, you know that right?" Doc pointed out. Avera and I looked to each other seriously and then smiled and shook our heads.

"Never…" Avera smiled.

"No I think Doc is right, even Rose and Alice need time apart." Edward said.

"Avera has seen me at my all-time worst, I don't think so." I said and Avera nodded in agreement.

Our husbands chuckled at us and we started to talk about dreams of eternity.

"Bella and Edward are home!" Alice shouted to the rest of the house as we walked in. Edward and I just got back from Thailand and were in Forks for a bit before headed to Ithaca where we didn't have a house but we were going to get a big huge one, almost like a castle. I still voted for a castle.

"Hello to you to Alice." I said with a smile and she jumped into an embrace.

"You two have a lot to tell us." Alice said.

"Cheater." Edward muttered.

"No, Bella blocked me out just enough to know there is news, I don't know a thing, and it's ticking me off." She said as she gave her brother a hug hello. Esme and the rest of the family came pouring into the living room as Edward and I sat down.

"What is it you want to tell us?" Carlisle asked.

I looked to my husband who was already looking at me. "We have some news that could change a few things." I said and nodded toward Edward.

"We are leaving…" He said.

"You just came back…" Emmett said. "That's silly, why didn't you guys just fly somewhere else then come home."

"That's not what we mean." I said.

"We are leaving the coven." Edward said. There are gasps that flood the air and faces of surprise cover the room.

"Why would you do that?" Esme asked.

"We are going to join Avera and Doc, start a new coven." I said.

"Where?" Rosalie asked.

"Ithaca New York. Avera and Doc are looking for a new change in scenery, and well Bella and I are still newlyweds and aren't attached to one place in particular," Edward said.

"Edward you just met these people a month or two ago." Jasper said.

I gawked at Jasper, "Avera and Doc are wonderful people, and I may have only met them two months ago, but they have been nothing but wonderful to Bella and myself. They are pleasant people and very close friends." Edward said seriously.

"They are practically my brother and sister, I expected you guys to be happy for us." I said astonished because no one was taking this well.

"We are happy for you guys, I just never thought you guys would leave us is all." Jasper said. "Everyone is just feeling a bit confused and happy all at the same time."

Esme shifted and then spoke. "Jasper is right, I'm just a bit surprised is all, I didn't see it coming, I thought you guys would come home and stay with us, Bella I figured you want to stay for Charlie and Jacob and Edward would just follow you wherever. But that is no longer the case. When do you guys leave?"

"In a few months, in the mean time we need to start looking for houses online and maybe take a few trips out there. Bella needs to say her goodbyes to her family, and Avera and Doc need that time to work on federal papers and visas and all of that jazz." Edward said.

"Are you keeping the last name?" Alice asked. This was the first time she had spoken since we walked in. Edward and I looked at each other and he squeezed my hand.

"No, we aren't keeping the Cullen name. We are Mr. and Mrs. Edward Masen." I said with regret in my voice as soon as it left my mouth. Their faces looked so hurt. I looked for reassurance from one of them but it didn't come to me.

"We aren't falling off the face of the earth." Edward said.

"We know that Edward…" Carlisle said. "It's a lot to cope with, you've been my companion for over 100 years and now I have to find out that you're starting your own life, with a new name. It's like watching my son leave the house like any other father would have to do, I just figured I'd never have to go through it,"

"This isn't permanent," I said.

"Nor is it temporary." Rosalie said. "You know, I jumped too quickly when it came to thinking Bella could never destroy this family. Shame on me." She got up and started to leave.

"How dare you!" I seethed. Edward was livid now as well. He got up and gripped her shoulders and got up in her face. Emmett looked lost on what to do, he knew she was wrong for what she said but he knew he needed to protect his wife from Edward.

"Bella isn't the only one calling these shots." Edward said. "You disown her, you disown me and this whole arrangement will be permanent."

"Edward, I –" Rosalie was going to speak but Edward pushed her back and Emmett caught her before she could fall.

"Bella, let's go, we'll stay with Charlie and Sue tonight, or find someplace where we are welcome." Edward said reaching his hand out for me. I was a bit hesitant because I didn't want to leave on this bad note, but I had no choice. I was married and I had to follow my husband. We walked out the door and got into his Volvo. Luckily we left the bags in the car and didn't unload. Edward drove, but instead of turning into town to head to Charlie and Sue's we blew right through town and headed into the city.

"Avera, I don't know what to do, they were hurt, and acting out on hurt feelings, they didn't mean any of it." I said as I looked out the window for a sign of Edward coming back. I sent him down to the lobby to get more towels, which we didn't need, I just needed to talk to Ava without him around. We checked into a bed and breakfast near the border of Washington and Oregon.

"Isabella, I don't know, I've never had a family to get into an argument, you should be lucky that there is a family out there that wants to fight for you." Ava said.

"That's true but you should have saw his sister's face." I said. "She was so hurt, and when she called me out, my face probably mirrored her hurt."

"Doc and I never wanted to cause you guys any drama with his family." She said. I shut the curtain as I saw Edward coming.

"I know and it's not your fault nor is it Doc's fault, I just needed someone to talk to." I said.

"I'm always here." Ava said.

"Thank you, but I got to go, Edward's coming back with towels."

She laughed, "Alright, keep me posted, and Doc and I think we found a home you might like so I'll send you pictures."

"Sounds good, talk to you later." I said and hung up as I heard the key card slid through the handle and Edward entered.

"Who was that?" Edward asked.

"Avera." I said. "She and Doc are looking at homes and said they'd send us pictures."

He wasn't enthused by it. He was still upset by what happen. "Edward, Avera made a good comment about the subject." I said. He looked at me as he kicked off his flip flops.

"What were these magical words Avera spoke of?" He asked and landed on the bed on his back. I sat next to him, "Doc and Avera never had a family to fight for them, we should be lucky that there we have family to fight for us." Edward took them in and a smile played on his lips. "She's right and you know it."

"I know she is." Edward said. "And that makes me feel a little better."

"Good, it made me feel better too." I said and leaned over to kiss him. My phone shook in my hand and there was a text message from Avera. I looked at it and it was a picture. "They found it." I said.

"Found what?" Edward asked

"Our house, they found a castle!" I shrieked. "Or at least a big house that looks like one." I showed it to him and he smiled.

"You're nuts." He said and kissed my forehead.

"Call Doc and tell him to get it, we'll split it 50/50." I ordered.

"I was already on it." He laughed.

Life was going to be okay, I had a family who has been fight for me since the day with Alec, I had a wonderful husband, I had a wonder set of friends, I had a wonderful life and would spend eternity trying to thank the heavens for it.

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