"Jess, are you there?" Matt spoke in a clipped tone into the comms as he sped towards the King's Cross train station.


"How long does it take to get the computer and comms and all that up and running again?" Becker asked him from the back seat of the car.

"No idea, but I'm sure it won't be much longer until we can hear her."

Becker frowned, "Matt, I… Are you sure it should take this long? It's been fifteen minutes. We should be able to hear her by now. You don't think something's wrong do you? What if the predators are still in the ARC?"

"Predators were destroyed, Becker."

"Something else could have happened. What if she was injured and didn't tell us? Maybe she'd hit her head while saving Lester."

Emily turned in the passenger seat to glance at Becker and then looked back at Matt, exchanging a glance with him. "Matt, pull over."

Matt sighed, "Emily, we've got more pressing matters right now. Problems that actually exist."

"And Becker's not going to be on his A-Game right now and you know that's a danger in the field."

"I'm fine," Becker mumbled, "It's Jess I'm worried about."

Matt pulled the car over while Emily reached Connor and Abby on her mobile. "Connor, listen, we've pulled over and we need you guys to stop too."

A moment later a second vehicle pulled up beside them and Connor and Abby emerged.

"What's going on, Guys?" Abby asked.

"Vehicle switch. You two come with us, Becker's going to take your truck back to the ARC."

Becker glared at them, "I said I'm fine."

"Yes, but if there's any chance your totally unjustified concerns are true, you might be needed back there."

Becker snatched the keys from Abby's hand and jumped into the vehicle, taking off without another word.

"What was that about?" Abby asked in concern.

"He's worried about Jess because we couldn't raise her by the comms."

"The comms are down," Connor stated, confused. "It'll take a good twenty five minutes for her to have everything back online and working. Anyway, couldn't he have called her?"

"It's been a long day for both of them," Emily said gently, "I think he needs to be with her now. We'll be fine without him."

"Right," Abby agreed, climbing into the back of the truck and sitting in the same seat Becker had been earlier, "Now, instead of sitting around here, let's go find that train, yeah?"

"Yep," Matt replied, giving her a friendly grin as he took the driver's seat again, "All aboard!"


"That's new," Matt said dryly as the team stared at the anomalies in front of them. The two anomalies were side-by-side, almost touching but not quite. They were separated by less than half an inch. Both anomalies sat directly on the train tracks.

Suddenly the comms crackled into life and Jess' voice came through them, "Matt? Becker? Can you hear me?"

"I can hear you fine, Jess. Becker's on his way back to the ARC now and the rest of us are at the anomalies."

"Becker's where? Wait… did you just say anomalies, plural?"

"Behind you," Becker's voice came over the comms too, speaking to Jess.

The rest of the team heard Jess' small exclamation of surprise and smiled a bit, but Becker continued to speak before they could tease them. "Matt, is everything okay over there? Jess still doesn't have any picture on her screens."

"Fine," Matt replied, "There are two anomalies here, but no sign of an incursion. Connor's just dating them now."

"I don't believe it!" Connor's voice came over the comms a moment later.

"What is it, Con?" Abby asked, leaning over his shoulder to read the dating calculator. "1999?"

"That's recent," Jess said in surprise.

"Jess' when were these train tracks built?" Matt asked.

"Long before 1999," was her reply, "Let me check."

"No, doesn't matter. Okay, so the train that disappeared probably didn't crash then. That's a good sign. It would have kept right on going.'

"But we need to get it back. Who knows what could change."

"I'm going through," Abby said. She met Matt's stern look with a stubborn one of her own, "I won't go far, I'm just going to go through, make a phone call, and have them to reverse the train so it can come back the way it went. Jess, can you make a few calls and get the rest of the rail line shut down?"

"Already done," Jess replied, and Becker saw the proud smirk on her face.

"Abby, I'll go," Matt said.

"This time it's my turn," Abby responded, disappearing through the anomaly before Matt's eyes.

Matt sighed and looked at Connor who was staring after her, "Connor, go with her."

Connor nodded and darted through himself, tossing the dating calculator to Emily as he did so.

Emily walked slowly over to the second anomaly and aimed the devise. "Oh you've gotta be joking!" She exclaimed a moment later, trying out a new phrase that Matt had taught her the night before.

Matt leaned over her shoulder and stared at the device.

At that moment Becker's voice came over the comms, "Pictures up! We can see you guys again. What is it?"

"The second anomaly leads to 2013."

"That's two years from now!" Jess exclaimed.

"Yes, Jess, I can count," Matt replied.

"Matt!" Emily chastised him in one word.

"Sorry Jess," Matt apologized immediately.


"I'm going through," Matt spoke suddenly.

"What? Why?" Becker said, "You can't Matt. It's against the rules."

"It's the future right? It's after convergence. I won't be long, I just want to take a look, make sure everything's okay. I want to see for myself that we really did fix the future."

"Go," Emily said.

"Not your call, Emily," Becker said firmly as he watched Matt give Emily a quick kiss and disappear through the anomaly on his screen. He sighed and placed a hand on Jess' shoulder, turning off his comms for a moment.

"Maybe I should have stayed there. Now Emily's the only one left on this side. How do you do this all the time Jess? I feel so helpless just sitting here watching."

Jess smiled at him reassuringly, "I know the exact feeling, but the good news is that you guys are all brilliant and never let me down." Then she narrowed her eyes at him suspiciously, "Why did you come back here anyway?"

Becker shrugged and then sighed. "Just didn't feel right leaving you quite so soon after everything that's happened," he admitted.

Jess looked delightedly surprised at him and quickly kissed his cheek before she could talk herself out of it, and then turned immediately back to the computers, ignoring the pleased smirk on Becker's face.

"Emily, how are you holding up?" She asked. She noticed Becker switching his comms back on beside her so he could hear her answer.

"Bored," the woman replied, "Seriously, not much for me to do here. But after the rest of the day, boring is good."

"Can't blame you there," Becker laughed. "Should we send backup?"

"What for?"

"To keep you company."

Emily laughed, "Sure, and you can be the one to tell Lester that we're paying the backup units overtime to come in when off duty to entertain me."

Jess giggled, "Well at least we know that the only predators likely to come through are nothing but choo-choo trains."

Becker raised an eyebrow and looked at her with an amused smile on his face. "Choo-choo trains, Jess?"


"Nothing, it's just, I haven't heard anyone call them that in awhile. Not since I was about four."

Jess playfully slapped his arm, "Shut up, Becker."

A moment later, Abby and Connor reappeared through the right hand anomaly. "Off the tracks!" Connor shouted at Emily. "Mission accomplished: One Choo-choo train on its way back through in five."