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Ben ran after Cal as he heard the second gunshot. He knew his friend was foolhardy and hot-headed but Gillian was the only one who could calm him. He knew if anything had happened to her Cal Lightman would be a loose cannon. He held his gun out in front of him as he heard quiet sobs from the room in front of her.

"Lightman?" He turned to see Cal laying on the floor as Gillian cradled his head in her lap. A thin trail of blood snaked itself down the man's arm and dripped on the polished wooden floor. Gillian raised her eyes to Ben as he approached her.


"I'm ok." Cal spoke hoarsely.

"Yeah? You don't look it. Gill?" He turned his attention to her as she closed her eyes, clearly summoning the strength to stop crying. She took a shuddering breath as Cal forced himself into a sitting position. "You hurt?"

"I." Gillian realised she had no idea if she was hurt or not. Cal had been her only focus. She knew she had been hit a few times, that her ribs were certainly damaged but she could only focus on her husband. "The girls?"

"Are fine." Ben smiled as he put his gun away and pulled out his cell phone to call an ambulance. He turned slowly as he realised the second gunshot wound had been Joseph Morgan committing suicide. The dead man's body lay a few feet away from where his friends were. He requested medical back up as Cal's cell phone sprang into life. Cal rolled his eyes.

"Can someone answer that?" He had a feeling his oldest daughter would be trying to get hold of had to admit she shared his habit of bad timing.

"I got it." Ben smiled slightly as Gillian pressed against the wound. She knew he had been injured by pushing her out of the way of the gun when Joseph had realised they weren't alone anymore. Ben knelt on the floor next to the couple and pressed his hand over Gillian's. Cal swore as the pressure on his wound intensified. He knew they had to do it, but it didn't make it hurt any less. Gillian closed her eyes as Ben spoke to the caller, it seemed it had been Loker on the phone and not her step daughter, which made the situation slightly easier to bare. For weeks she had thought it was some random stranger that had chosen to stalk her step daughter, now the truth had come out and Gillian had never felt so guilty in her life.


"Dad?" Emily marched in to the ER department with Laura in her arms. Torres ushered her to where Ben was sat waiting for news. The FBI agent got to his feet as the teenager clutched her baby sister to her.

"He's ok." Ben smiled. "He had a flesh wound. Gillian is with him now. To be honest, it is her I am more worried about."


"The man that attacked you." Ben knew Cal would hate him for telling her but he knew the teenager deserved the truth. "He was called Joseph Morgan. He's dead. He killed himself in front of her. She had given evidence against him years ago. He had promised to come back and destroy her, so it seems your attack was the first stage in that. Emily, she blames herself."

"What? Why would she do that?"

"Because she loves you." Loker rested a hand on her shoulder. "She loves you, Laura and your Dad. Don't ask me why."

"Eli." Emily smirked as he shrugged hs shoulders.

"She thinks he attacked you to hurt her." Ben explained as Emily shook her head.

"That is not her fault. That is his sick mind." Emily turned as she realised someone was behind her. Ben stepped back as Eli pulled Ria into his arms. Gillian stood in front of her, tear stains along her face as she tried to stop anymore falling. It was the first time Ben had really noticed the bruises on his friend's arms and neck or the fact she was visibly shaking. Emily smiled slightly as she saw her step mother. "I mean it. It is not your fault. You have a job to do."

"Not if it means the people I love are hurt." Gillian swallowed hard.

" Dad?"

"Having a dressing put on. The bullet went straight through, no need for surgery. Just a tetanus and a dressing." She smiled slightly. "I thought he was dead." She closed her eyes as Emily hugged her.

"No way, not Dad." Emily sighed. "Not Callum Lightman. He is too stubborn to let that be the end of him."

"That's true." Gillian hugged her back. She released the teenager and held her at arms length for a moment as Laura stirred. "Oh honey." She took her daughter from Emily as Ben and the others made a quiet retreat to the main waiting room. Gillian turned to see Cal in the doorway, his arm in a sling and a bandage over his left eyebrow. He smiled slightly as he saw the three women in his life stood waiting for him. Laura rested her head on Gillian's shoulder, her eyes sleepily looking around the waiting room at the various battered and bruised adults. It was clear the toddler had no idea what had happened and for that at least, Cal was infinitely grateful.


"Hi." Emily smiled slightly, her eyes growing wide as she saw the extent of her father's injuries. Memories of the time he had been involved in a car accident came to mind. Suddenly she felt sick and darted from the small waiting room towards the women's toilets. Cal frowned as he watched her go.

"I'll go." Gillian stated. She handed the baby to Ben before marching after her step daughter. Cal narrowed his eyes, he knew his daughter well enough to know when she was blaming herself. Sighing heavily it seemed a trait all the Lightman women possessed.


Gillian pushed the door to the women's bathroom open to find Emily resting her head against the wall with tears running down her cheeks.

"Stop this." Gillian spoke quietly. "It's over. He can't hurt any of us anymore."

"I know." Emily sniffed as she looked away. "But."

"But what?"

"When I came home." Emily took a shaky breath in. "I never thought he would come after you. He must have watched. That really creeps me out."

"Creeps me out too." Gillian stepped closer to her. "None of this is your fault. You know that, right?"

"Yeah." Emily blinked. "But."

"But nothing. This was something I should have expected but it's over now. I should have spent the last ten years watching and waiting for him to come and ruin my life. Not yours, not Cal or Laura's but mine. That's what he said he would do."

"Has he?"

"No." Gillian smiled. "No, he hasn't."


"Has he ruined yours?"

"No." Emily watched as Gillian stepped towards her, she knew having a step mum who was a body language expert meant there was no way she could lie. "No, just a bit of it."

"And you have a lot of living left to do. C'mon, Em. I need you with me on this. If we let him destroy us he wins. Even now that he's dead. He wins if we fall apart. That was what he wanted for his victims. I don't know what you think but I refuse to be a victim."

"So do I." Emily wiped a tear away as Gillian hugged her. "Gill?"


"Can we go home?"

"Good idea." Gillian smiled as she led the teenager out to the waiting room. She looked around and smiled as she realised the rest of the team had gone. Cal sat on the plastic chair with Laura sleeping on his lap. The baby rested against his uninjured shoulder.


"Yeah." Emily nodded. "Where is everyone?"

"Home." Cal kissed Laura's soft mousy hair. "Where we should be."

"You have a point there." Gillian lifted her daughter from his lap as Emily yawned. "Just do one thing for me?" She smiled as Cal raised an eyebrow.


"Don't ever get shot while trying to rescue me. Actually, how about you just don't get shot."

"I think I can manage that." He held her gaze for a moment while Emily rolled her eyes. "And you." He addressed her. "Don't ever scare me like that again. I can't function if anything happens to me girls."

"Sorry." Emily looked at the floor. Cal closed his eyes, realising his teasing was a little too close to home.

"Hey. "He hugged her as best he could with one arm. "None of this. Let's go home."

"Home." Emily confirmed as the four of them walked out into the night. Cal smiled slightly as Gillian and Emily began talking about everything and anything as Laura slept on. He had a feeling that whatever happened things were going to be alright."


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