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Winter Tale

Chapter III

Dr. John Watson and his flatmate, the only consulting detective in the world, the infamous Sherlock Holmes, were in the crime scene to help Lestrade with the case. The detective inspector had called them this morning and told them to come to Threadneedle Street.

Peter Randell, the star employee at Trust Investment, was found dead in his office by the cleaning clerk. There was no hints at all and Lestrade had to ask for Sherlock's help. Trust Investment was a wealthy management company, founded and managed by Bernard Trust, a big name in the financial world. The press were already outside and Lestrade wanted to solve the crime as soon as possible.

Now, Sherlock was busy examining things and John...well, he stood outside the crime scene, waiting for Sherlock to make his deduction. They now returned to solving case again. John also returned to writing his blog. It was as if the whole Sherlock faked his death thing never happened.

"John," Lestrade called suddenly.

He turned and to his surprise, he saw Harry Potter there. The young man was dressed in black with red scarf around his neck. But what was Harry doing here?

"Hi, John." Harry said.

John walked to the corridor to meet him.

"I had some business to do across the street earlier when Mycroft informed me that Sherlock and you are here. So, I decided to come and see," Harry explained. They walked to the empty spot near the corner. But from their location they were still able to see Sherlock through the transparent glass.

"And they let you in?" he asked in disbelief.

"Being Head of Britain Special Defence Force has its perks," Harry replied and looked at Sherlock. "This is the first time I see him in action actually."

John followed his gaze. Sherlock was definitely in his element. The detective now was busy inspecting the stack of documents that was piled neatly on the desk near the victim.

"He is brilliant, isn't he?" Harry said absentmindedly.

"Amazingly so," John replied.

"Very much like Mycroft," Harry said again. "Though they are in different profession."

John tried to picture Sherlock in three piece suits, sitting in Diogeness club and reading newspaper calmly while sipping scotch. Needless to be said, he failed spectacularly. "I really can't see Sherlock doing what Mycroft is doing," he said.

Harry laughed softly at that.

"Not that I know what Mycroft is doing," he said. "Well, aside of the whole government thing." John even didn't know that such thing existed in this world.

Harry looked at him thoughtfully. "Mycroft's position is unique," he said at last. "He has made it for himself. There has not been anything like it before, nor will be again. They began by using him as a short cut, a convenience, now he has made himself an essential. The most indispensable man in the country."

John stared at Harry.

"The conclusions of every department are passed to him, and he is the central exchange, the clearinghouse, which makes out the balance." Harry continued. "All the other men are specialists but Mycroft's specialism is omniscience."

"And you date him?" John blurted out.

Harry laughed again. "Mycroft is a very interesting man." Was his explanation.

"What is it with Sherlock and Mycroft actually?" John asked. He was curious about it for a long time. Where did all the sibling rivalry between the two brothers come from?

"Well...it's because Sherlock is Sherlock and Mycroft is Mycroft," Harry answered cryptically.

John wanted to groan out loud. Did Harry really need to talk in riddle like that?

"Unfortunately, when Mycroft realized that, it was already too late." Harry continued.

Okay. John didn't understand that at all.

"And no, Mycroft never nick his Smurf. Neither did he break Sherlock's action man." Harry said playfully this time.

"Mycroft told you this?" John asked in astonishment. He remembered mocking Mycroft this when he went to Diogeness Club.

"Yes," Harry replied.

Their conversation was cut by the commotion in the door. Bernard Trust insisted that the polices leave his office since they didn't find anything.

"I have clients waiting for me," the man said.

Lestrade looked like he was going to let Bernard Trust go when Sherlock cut him off. "And why such hurry?"

"I beg your pardon?" Bernard asked.

"Is it because you want to hide the evidence that you killed your own employee?" Sherlock asked sharply.

John blinked. What?

"What are you talking about, Mr. Holmes?" Bernard asked.

John was amazed that Bernard still managed to keep his calmness.

"Only this," Sherlock held a paper he just recently printed out.

It looked like financial statement for John but Bernard went pale at the sight.

"I knew you are the murderer the moment I saw you," Sherlock continued. "But what is the reason?"

Bernard went paler than before.

"Within five seconds, I knew that it is legally and mathematically impossible to achieve the gains that you claimed to deliver. The numbers simply didn't add up." Sherlock said. "Your wealth management business is nothing but a Ponzi scheme. You have deceived your clients for the last decade and Peter Randell found out about this. That is the reason why you killed him." Sherlock finished in flourish.

"I don't know what you're talking about!" Bernard said vehemently.

"Oh, some data are always revocable," Sherlock said, smirking.

"It isn't my fault!" Bernard exploded. "He is going to talk! He will ruin me!"

"Take him away!" Lestrade ordered.

They watched as officers took Bernard Trust away.

"Thank you, Sherlock," Lestrade said.

Sherlock shrugged and went to join John and Harry.

"That was brilliant, Sherlock," Harry said.

"Boring," Sherlock complained.

John rolled his eyes. Every case he could solve less than ten minutes was boring in Sherlock's opinion.

"How did you know that it was Ponzi scheme?" Lestrade asked, joining them.

"The return of investment was stable at twenty percent per annum for the last ten years. Even during the 2008 financial meltdown the gains remained high while FTSE 100 and world equity indices dropped like stone. God, people are so stupid. How could they don't realize this?" Sherlock ranted.

John rolled his eyes again.

"Sir, we're ready to leave now." Donovan came to inform Lestrade.

"Well, see you again, John, Sherlock, Harry." Lestrade nodded at them and turned to leave.

"Who was that? Another friend of the freak?" Donovan questioned.

John winced at that.

"Actually, I'm Sherlock's brother in law, Miss. Donovan." Harry said.

Both Lestrade and Donovan turned around.

Harry kept his focus solely on Donovan. "I have been informed that Scotland Yard called for Sherlock's assistance for solving crime. And yet, what I have just witnessed is a contradiction itself." Harry spoke again, in a tone that was deadly calm, and yet terrifyingly powerful. "Instead of showing your professionalism, you resorted to petty name calling. Sherlock might find it funny but I'm not. Whatever your personal opinion about Sherlock is, you should keep it for yourself. Rest assured, Miss. Donovan, shall this happen again, you shall regret this."

Donovan paled considerably.

Sherlock's face was expressionless.

At this moment, Harry reminded John of Mycroft so much.

Harry then smiled pleasantly. "Well, it's a pleasure to meet you too, Miss. Donovan. See you later, Greg." He nodded at Lestrade and then turned to John and Sherlock. "Let's go to lunch, shall we?"

Still in shock, John followed Harry's lead. Sherlock grumbled loudly but the man followed Harry too to the Italian restaurant located not far from the Bank of England. A few moments later, they were giving their order to the waitress. John stared at the price list in disbelief. But Sherlock, who almost never ate lunch unless John forced him, was now ordering everything in the menu. No, not everything. Further observation told him that Sherlock had carefully chosen the most expensive food in the list.

"What?" he barked at John.

"I didn't say anything," John protested.

"You don't have to," Sherlock muttered before returning his attention to the menu. "If I have to eat something, I will make sure that Mycroft pay for it." He said childishly.

John sighed but Harry merely smiled fondly at Sherlock in the way a brother watching his spoiled younger brother.

The food there really was delicious as John found out later. Even Sherlock ate his pasta without protesting.

"Why?" Sherlock said suddenly.

"I never like name calling, Sherlock." Harry said.

Sherlock didn't reply to that.

There was silence as they ate their food.

"So, John, do you have any plan this Saturday?" Harry asked suddenly.

"No," he replied.

"That's good," Harry said. "Mycroft and I want to invite you to come with Sherlock to our residence this Saturday."

"What occasion?" he asked.

"We want to introduce our children," Harry said.

"What?" John asked faintly. Did he just hear what he thought he heard? "Our children?"

Harry nodded. "Yes. Mycroft and I decided to adopt children."

Sherlock didn't look surprised so Mycroft must have informed his brother before.

"Children?" he asked again.

"Yes." Harry replied. "They're siblings." He explained. "Three boys, Ashford, James and Al."

"Wow, congratulations," John said.

"Thank you," Harry replied.

After lunch, Harry drove them back to 221B Baker Street.

"See you later this Saturday," Harry said cheerily before leaving in his white Bentley Continental.

"Do I have to?" Sherlock whined.

"Yes, Sherlock." John replied.


"I don't want three mini Mycrofts running around." Sherlock almost whined.

"They are my children too, Sherlock." Harry said patiently.

John and Sherlock were in Kensington Palace Gardens Number Three, Harry's London residence to see the children. They were still babies actually. Three of them had black hair but only Al possesed Harry's green eyes. Ashford and James had Mycroft's grey eyes.

Speaking of which, Harry had named his children Ashford Holmes, James Sirius Potter and Albus Severus Potter. Was this law in the Holmes and Potter family to name their children with that kind of name? John was beginning to think so.

"You're right," Sherlock brightened at that. "Don't let Mycroft influence them."

Mycroft sighed at his younger brother's behaviour.

John shook his head.

"They can't do anything yet." Sherlock complained.

"They're just babies, Sherlock." John warned his best friend.

"And three babies in one time, Mycroft? How old are you again?" Sherlock asked.

"Seven years older than you," Mycroft replied curtly.

"And you can't even fix your own tie now." Sherlock said. "You got Harry to do it for you this morning." He stated, having observed the perfect Windsor knot.

That effectively started the bickering between the two brothers. But Harry only smiled and sipped his tea calmly.

It was one weird family. But they were family nonetheless.


John and Sherlock had left after lunch. So now, it was only Harry and Mycroft. The man was standing next to the baby crib. Ashford, James and Al were soundly asleep.

Mycroft was surprised when Harry told him that instead of one baby, they were going to adopt three babies. But the man didn't object at all. They then blood adopted the babies, making them truly Potter and Holmes. Of course, Ashford, James and All were all magical. It was inevitable with Harry's blood flowing in their veins. Although whether they were going to be as brilliant as Mycroft was to be seen later.

Hermione, Ron, the Weasleys and his entire friend were delighted with the news. Teddy, too, was ecstatic because now he had three younger brothers. As for Sherlock, he thought Mycroft had lost his mind at first. Typical of Sherlock. Mrs. Holmes meanwhile couldn't be happier. She got three grandsons at the same time. And to think, that in the past she had resigned about Mycroft and Sherlock.

"I truly hope they won't behave like Sherlock in his childhood." Mycroft commented.

Harry laughed at that.

Author's Note:

Sherlock is my latest obsession now. So I decided to write about Harry Potter and Mycroft since Mycroft is my favourite character because of Mark Gatiss wonderful play in A Scandal in Belgravia.