Damien Todd's POV – District 12

then all hell breaks loose.

My legs had a mind of their own: they started running before I realized what was going on. I headed in the direction of the first bag in sight. The snow slowed me down and made it hard to move. I couldn't run as fast as I wanted to…no, I couldn't move as fast as I needed to! Mother Nature, you bitch.

After what felt like forever, I reached a bag and then hurried over to the nearest torch. Once I grabbed it, I finally took a few seconds to look at where the other tributes were.

The girl from District 9 and the boy from District 5 were already running away, no weapons in hand. The girl from 6 was also starting to run away. A couple of the tributes were starting to meet up, such as the boy from 11 and the girl from 10. The boy from 6 was leading the push towards the weapons, followed closely behind by the careers. And once they get weapons…

It's too dangerous to go for any.

Sure I may need a weapon to win, but I need a life in order to use one! And there are many people in the center of the cornucopia to risk getting one now…

With that realization, I hurried over in the direction of the forest to the west. I had to hurry and get away! Before anyone dies. Before I die! Dying in the bloodbath after getting a ten would be too ironic for me to find even the least bit funny! That thought pushed my legs to new limits and I was able to start running away from the cornucopia and towards safety.

Topovska Hrana's POV – District 6

I've never ran that fast in my life. I didn't know it was possible! But the second I saw that bow and arrow set, I knew I would have to go fast. I hurried to the center of the cornucopia to grab the weapon. My allies will get the supplies and torches, but we need a weapon to survive in order to fight off the careers and to hunt! If I can't get my hands on it, then I will die!

I was the first person to the weapons. I grabbed the bow and arrows and started away. Now that I had it, I needed to get away before one of the careers could grab something and come after me.

Before I could get out of the cornucopia, though, I felt something large make contact with my back. Something heavy! The pain knocked me over to the snowy ground, causing me to almost drop my bow.

W-What? Who? What was that?

I pushed myself up quickly only get knocked down by the same powerful blow to the back. This time, though, the blow burned me in addition to knocking me over on to my stomach.

W-What's going on?

This time, I couldn't get up. A foot stomped hard on my back before I could. I coughed up blood into the snow. I then felt myself getting kicked. A leg pushed me up. I was now lying on my injured back and facing my assailant: the boy from District 2, Cannon. He was standing over me, gripping one of the torches in his hand.

He's using a torch as a weapon? Damn. Dammit! He uses blunt force as a weapon. Of course one of those torches would be a weapon to him! I should have seen that coming.

"Well, look what we got here? Nerd boy's on the ground! Weren't you supposed to be some big shot? Some surprise contender to win the Games this year?" Cannon asked with a taunting grin on his face. He slammed his foot onto my stomach. I choked on more blood, which caused him to start laughing. "Heh, I guess not. It was all a lie. You were never anything special!"

He then slammed the unlit end of the torch into my stomach, causing me to choke more. I…I…I've never felt this much pain before!

T-This…This is hell!

I tried to curse him and push back, but I couldn't. He was stronger than me. He felt my attempts to push back and he started to laugh harder.

"It's useless. You can't do anything. You even got your stupid bow and you can't fight back! Pathetic!" Cannon taunted, his laughter turning more hysterical. "You know, I realize why I hated you so much! There was a lot of talk about you behind the scenes. Your brother's a victor, you're smart, you're good with a bow: there were people here thinking you were going to pull an upset and win. But look at you! It's the bloodbath and you're going to die! You were no threat! You were nothing. You were nothing more than cannon fodder!"

N-No! I stood a chance! I still stand a chance! With newfound strength, I tried to push back again. I'm able to get his foot off me and knock him back. I tried to get up, but he was able to compose himself too fast. He swings the torch at my face. I fall back to the ground and scream. My face was on fire!

I'm burning!

"Not gonna happen!" He growled, inching back to me.

"G-Go to hell." I gather the last bit of strength in me to curse him.

I'm sorry Poklon…

Cannon swung the torch right at my face again. All I could feel was my face burning and a sharp pain in my head…and then nothing.

Nelson Sieg's POV – District 11

"No! Topovska!" Ellie sobbed. I wanted to cry with her.

That's not how these Games were supposed to start. Not even a minute into them and our alliance lost a member…


We got to get out of here. Ellie and I went in to grab a few weapons. I grabbed a machete, she picked up a hand axe that was next to it, and we both had backpacks. We just needed to get out!

"Come on Ellie!" I said to her as I grabbed her hand and started running. She followed behind, sobbing to herself. I wish I could do something to help her…but I can't. We don't have the time. We need to get out quick!

The two of us head in the direction of the mountain. Iago and Aki can meet us up there when they get out. They're…they're good. They'll get out alive. But they'll trust us to live as well! My priority is to get Ellie and myself to safety…

Our pace to the mountain increased when we saw a spear fly in our direction. It barely missed us. I took a second to look behind me and I saw the girl from District 1, Audrina, chasing us. She was holding another spear.

"Damn! I missed!" She cursed loudly.

"That's…" Ellie mumbled nervously.

Shit! Isn't she pissed off at Ellie cause of the interviews?

We needed to shake her and get away. Now!

Ellie and I continued to run. She continued to follow, a little slower. The snow may have been slowing us down, but it was slowing her down more!

Eventually she got tired of chasing and chucked another spear at us. This one made contact with my leg. I fell to the ground in pain, the spear sticking out of it.

"NELSON!" Ellie screamed.

"Finally!" Audrina shouted in relief.

The spear wasn't too deep, so I pulled it out and forced myself up. D-Damn, this'll be hard to walk on! I shrugged off that thought for now and turned back. The girl from 1 had finally caught up to us. She also had retrieved the first spear she had thrown and was holding it tightly in her hands.

I didn't even have time to rect. She charged the second I saw her and impaled me with her spear, this time in my stomach. I screamed from the pain as I fell to the ground


"G-Get away from him!" Ellie yelled. She raised her axe and charged at Audrina.

The career blocked her attack and shoved her out of the way. She groaned as she fell down hard to the ground.

"Y-You bitch!" I hissed. She…She hurt her! She frickin hurt Ellie!

Audrina responded with a stupid, cocky grin. I tried to get up from the ground, to wipe that damn grin from her face, but I couldn't. My body was resisting…I couldn't move!

I was at her mercy…

She pulled the spear out from my stomach, causing me to grit my teeth from the pain. She then held the spear at my chest.


Ellie…please, don't die…

I closed my eyes, bracing myself for the finishing blow. It…never came.

I opened my eyes again. Ellie had gotten up and attacked her. She had swung her axe at Audrina's side. The career was forced to use her spear to block the attack.

"Psh! Want to die first? Fine! I wanted you dead anyway!" She said.

N-No. Ellie, run!

Ellie doesn't. She swung the axe again at the career. Audrina dodged this one easily and impaled Ellie with her spear straight through the chest.

No! No! "ELLIE!"

She gasped in pain. Blood was pouring out fast.

"N-Nelson…live…p-please…I lo-" Ellie whispered before her eyes closed forever.

She's dead…she's really dead…

I turned my head towards Audrina. She…she looked like she was about to laugh as she pulled the spear out of her body. You…you…

"I'LL KILL YOU!" I growled at her.

Audrina finally started to laugh as she walked closer to me. I…I NEEDED to get up and kill her. I needed to avenge her! But I couldn't. My body…my useless, broken body…

I braced myself, once again for her to finish me off. Once again, it didn't come. A knife flew by fast. Too fast for her to react. It hit her in the arm, causing her to wince in pain and nearly drop her spear.

"Wh-What the hell?" She hissed, looking around for the assailant.

Another knife came flying by. This time, she avoided it. I struggled to turn my head in the direction they were coming in…

Iago and Aki were running in. Iago had a handful of throwing knives in his hands while Aki was holding a torch. Both were carrying bags on their shoulders.

"Hmph! This doesn't look too good." Audrina grumbled, more to herself. "Guess I have to leave for now. You got lucky eleven. You won't be next time!"

With that, she left. She probably didn't like the idea of taking on more tributes all at once…


"Are you okay Nelson?" Aki asked as she rushed over to me.


The other living members of the alliance picked me up and carried me off. We headed towards the mountain. They were concerned with getting me out of here safely.


Inara Abusi's POV – District 2

The second the gong rang and the Games started, I felt possessed. Something had taken over my body and it started to move faster than my mind. My legs ran to the cornucopia and my hands grabbed in axe. My eyes then searched for the nearest tribute.

It didn't take long for them to find one: the little girl from District 6. She was running away in the background, a bag on her shoulders.

Years of living in District 2, years of watching the Hunger Games, years of listening to my father telling me to volunteer, years of training…all of it had taken over my mind.

My body pushed through the snow towards her. It didn't take long: she wasn't that far ahead and the snow was really slowing her down.

I reached her quickly and my hands pushed her down to the ground. My body then got on top of her and my hands raised my axe, ready to cut the girl's head off. My eyes took one final look at the girl. Her head was pressed into the snow, but I could hear her crying…

At that point, I no longer saw the girl from 6. My mind had replaced her with another little girl crying: my little sister, Serenity.


This little trick my mind pulled on me finally helped it catch up to my body. I no longer felt possessed. I looked down on the ground and saw the girl from 6 with my own eyes…

what the fuck am I doing? I…was about to kill her without even a second thought: just on instinct only…

What the hell is wrong with me?


I turned my head and saw the red-headed girl from District 3. She had no weapons on her: only a bag and a torch. She had shouted probably on reflex, seeing that her ally was about to die…that I was about to kill her…

Father would want me to…but I never wanted this. I never wanted anything to do with these damn Games!

…I need to kill to get home. I need to get home to take of my little sister. But I can't kill someone who, for even a moment, reminded me of my sister!

I got up from my position, freeing the little girl, Sermina. She got up quickly and stared at me. Her eyes were still wet with tears, but they were also filled with confusion.

Why is she just standing around staring at me? Someone will get you!

"Move dammit! Unless you want to die, get out of here!" I hissed at her.

My words sparked something in her head. She rushed over to the girl from District 3 and the two ran away towards the forest to the west. I caught Sermina giving me looks though as she continued to run away.

I almost killed her without a single thought…

I feel relieved that I could myself: that I stopped my body. But the being that I stopped, the metaphorical District 2 tribute within me…she's pissed. She's shouting that only one tribute can win and that I can't afford to spare anyone. She's shouting at me that mercy will kill me…and I know that could be true…

Aqua West's POV – District 4

The first thing I did after collecting a set of throwing knives was look around for targets. I saw Audrina had chased after the girl from 10 and the boy from 11. Cannon had just killed the boy from 6 and was now getting more weapons. Benedict was doing the same thing: collecting weapons. Celsius was going after the boy from 7 and Inara went after the girl from 6. And Kai…Kai had run off with the tributes from 8…

Kai? You aren't working with us…

no. I didn't see anything. I respected him and he respected me. I'll let him get away for now. The other careers will realize he left soon anyway: I'll let him have a head start before they come for him.

My eyes turned from his retreating figure and focused on a tribute running away: the little girl from 5. Viz I think her name was? She had no bag: she was only carrying a torch in one hand and a few knives in the other.

I'm in the Hunger Games. I know what I have to do.

I followed the little girl, readying my knives. She's fast, I'll give her that. She's already approaching the forest that was to the east. I made sure to follow though, trying to line up the perfect shot: a shot that would kill her instantly.

It didn't take long before I had it: the perfect shot. I tossed one of my knives at the back of her head. She can't dodge it!

As I thought, Viz doesn't dodge. Instead, she used one of the knives in her hand to deflect my knife.


Viz was now looking at me. Her eyes were not the scared, innocent eyes that I saw on her before during training. No…these were the eyes of a cold, merciless hunter.

She then charged at me.

I immediately started throwing more of my knives. All of them should have hit her! But no, she blocked them all. Hell, some of my knives were missing completely! H-How is this happening?

What's going on?

Viz was able to get up to me. She jumped onto me, knocking me to the ground and causing me to drop the rest of my knives. I tried to get up and reach for them, but she stopped me. Viz slammed a knife straight into my arm, cutting through layers of skin and sticking into the ground.

"AHH!" I screamed.


Viz wasn't finished. She then used another knife and stabbed my other knife and stabbed my other arm. I screamed again, this time louder. I tried to push back, but I couldn't get up. It…It hurt! She…She pinned me to the ground!

T-This…what the hell is this…

"For a trained killer, you made a few mistakes. Two major ones exactly." Viz commended. Her voice sent a shiver through my back. It was colder than this damned weather! "The first was that you got sloppy. After I blocked your first knife, you were shocked. You let that shock take over. After that, you started throwing your knives with no grace. You were just throwing them frantically. The girl from eleven or even my own district partner could have thrown better than that!"

Viz picked up one of the knives I had dropped and placed it against my neck. "Your second mistake was much more fatal, though. You underestimated me. You saw me as a little twelve year old girl with no chance in the Games. You saw a girl that earned a one. You saw a girl crying to Caesar in her interviews. I doubt you saw any trace of deception." She brought the tip of the knife into my neck a little. I winced in pain, gritting my teeth. This caused her to smirk. "Yup, quite the fatal mistake indeed."

W-Who the hell is this? This is no little girl! This…

This is a monster! Not even the other careers act like this!

Nothing's going right! Nothing at all! My mother, Beck, the rest of District 4, myself…no one expected this!

"Well, all mistakes come with a price." Viz spoke again, the cold edge of her voice replaced with a more bored tone.

It was the last thing I heard before I felt steel enter my throat.

Celsius Potens's POV – District 1

The top priority of the careers should be to eliminate all threats outside of our alliance. That's why after I grabbed a dagger and a sword from the cornucopia, I began to search for the tribute I thought would be the biggest problem in the long run: the boy from District 7.

It doesn't take long to find him: he grabbed a spear from the cornucopia and is about to leave. I also note that the girl District 11 is right behind him, scared out of her mind.

Targets found!

I put the dagger in my coat's pocket, gripped my sword, and rushed at them. The little girl saw me first and whimpered immediately. The boy from 7, however, turned around and blocks my sword. He then pushes me back, putting distance me and them.

He's good. I smirked. Good. This'll be fun!

"Jay, run!" The boy ordered the girl as he prepared to strike at me.

"B-But, Brock…" The girl, Jay, mumbled.

I swung my sword at him, stopping whatever he would have said back to her. He blocked me again and counterattacked this time. My blade was able to stop his spear from impaling me barely. Damn, he's even better than I thought! That's why he has to die now!

We continued our duel, constantly blocking the other while trying to land a good hit. I was on defense more than I ever thought I would have to be: blocking and evading his strikes to avoid damage. My adrenaline was pumping to a whole new level than I had ever felt before! This is what the Games felt like? This is great!

I have to kill this guy now! I have to! I couldn't let this go adrenaline go to waste! No, I needed to find an opening. Then I had to kill him!

The little girl from 11, Jay, was standing like an idiot a few feet away, watching. It was like she was trying to decide whether to run away or if she should try to help her friend. Not like she actually could though! But still…

There's my opening!

I backed up, evading his spear again and putting distance between us. I then pull out the dagger from my pocket and chucked it at the little girl. He couldn't block it and she saw it too late. It made direct contact with her chest.

She let out a shrill, deafening scream. She then fell to the ground, the dagger still stuck deep in her chest. I had just missed her heart it seems…

"JAY!" Brock shouted, turning for a second to check on her.

I used that second to raise my sword and stab at him. He realized what was going on too late and couldn't really dodge or block. I landed a solid hit on side. He closed his eyes in pain, trying to contain his own scream.

Scream for me, won't you Brock?

I pulled my sword and watched him stagger backwards in pain. I then prepared to deliver another cut, this time aimed for his heart…

…my strike was interrupted, though, as a knife came flying towards me in my peripheral vision. I dodged it before it could hit me in my head.

The girl from District 12 ran up to us, clutching another knife in her left hand.

"Brock! Jay!" She screamed at the injured tributes.

"Roshan…go…get Jay out of here…" Brock said quietly, trying to compose himself from the pain.

"Brock, you need help!" The girl from 12 shouted back.

"SHE NEEDS HELP! She's hurt!" He shouted. He then raised his spear again. "Please…help her…please…"

The two exchanged a look. The 12 girl finally nodded solemnly before picking up the boy of Jay and running away with her, leaving Brock alone with me.

"How noble of you." I mumbled sarcastically.

"What do you know about nobility?" He yelled. "She's a little girl!"

"We're all in the Games, you know. One lives, everyone else dies! For you to live, she'd have to die!" I countered.

"You're sick." He spat out, pointing his spear at me. His stance wasn't nearly as refined nor as defensive as it previously was. I landed a really good hit on him it seems. The pain was affecting him badly.

"Maybe I am, but you know what else I am?" I asked, raising my sword and pointing it at him. "Alive!"

He's about to charge. Before he can, though, a tomahawk came flying from the side, away from our battle. Brock had no time to react; no chance of dodging. The axe's blade made direct contact with his neck, severing it from his head. Both his body and his head landed on the ground and drenched the snow in blood.

What the…

"Well, that was pretty cool! But I still prefer my swords."

I turned my head and saw Benedict approaching me. He had two swords attached to the sides of his pants. He also had that grin on his face that I absolutely despise!

"You!" I growled. Did he just…

"Hmm?" He looked over at me, faking innocence. "Oh, I'm sorry. Did you want to kill him?"


"Word of advice sexy: stop talking to the other tributes when fighting them. You give them enough time to fight back. Or give someone like me the opportunity to kill them!" He informed me with a wink as he picked up the tomahawk.

My…My adrenaline…the feeling…MY KILL!

"Just letting you know, the other tributes have fled the cornucopia. It's time we head out as well." He informed me.


Roshan Alicia Davis's POV – District 12

Jay was breathing hard. She was bleeding so much…I needed to get her away! I needed to find some place where I could treat her! I don't know what I can do, but there has to be something! Anything to stop the bleeding…anything to keep her alive…


He was a true hero. He stayed back so we could escape: so I could take care of her. He…his sacrifice can't go to waste!

I continued to run. Jay's breathing was fueling my legs. The harder it was, the faster I'd go. I…I just need to do something dammit!


I gasped, nearly stopping my run. Jay's voice sounded so weak. She was already quiet but now…she sounded less than a whisper.


"Don't speak Jay! Save your energy!" I requested her. It must hurt to speak! She shouldn't struggle.

"I'm…gonna die."

"Jay! Don't talk like that!" I screamed. Please! Please don't say that now!

"I…I'm sorry…" She continued. I could hear her crying in addition to her breathing.

"Jay!" My screaming became more frantic. "I…I can get help! I'll help you!"

"R-Roshan…stop…w-we know it was going t-to happen…" Her voice was getting weaker! No!

"It's not! IT'S NOT!"

"B-Brock died…trying…I-I don't want you to die too…p-please…live…"

Using whatever strength she had left, Jay pushed herself out of my hands and fell to the ground. I stopped running and picked her body up again. My eyes widened.

J-Jay…she's…she's not breathing. I brought her chest up to my ears. Her heart isn't beating…

I dropped her body again, this time in shock.

It feels like an eternity passed before I started to run again. Tears fell down my face.

I…I made the decision to have allies seconds before the Games started. And now…both my allies were dead…and I couldn't do anything to help them…

Adam Assange's POV – District 5

I…I can't die. I just can't!

The only thing I grabbed at the cornucopia was a bag. No weapons and not even a torch. I didn't have time! I…I just had to leave. I knew they'd kill me if I stayed for too long. I just knew it! So I ran. I ran as fast as I could through the piles of snow. I used strength I didn't even know I had to keep running until my legs wouldn't let me run anymore.

By the time I stopped, I can't see a single tribute coming my way. I…I think I did good.

My hands moved to the bag and I started to check my supplies. My face turned as white as the snow when I saw them. All I had were pieces of wood: some small, some large, some sharp, and some dull. All of this could be useful to use as firewood…but I didn't get a torch. All of this is useless to me! I have no weapon, no supplies, no fire…I'm going to freeze! It doesn't even matter if a career comes for me: I'm going to die. I am the last Assange and I'm going to die…

Monty…mother…you both died trying to save me! Why do I need to be saved? Why am I so useless?

I sat in the snow and cry. I don't for how long I cry. I eventually stopped though at the sound of loud footsteps.

"Finally! I found ya!"

My eyes darted upward and stared blankly at my soon-to-be-killer: the boy from District 10.

"B-Big Bob…" I manage to stutter. He's not smart, but he's big! He's tough! And the torch in his looks more like a weapon…

Oh God I'm going to die!

"Dis a game. We need ta kill ta win. Den I kill ya first!" He shouted as he stepped forward.

"W-Why me?" I whimper, more to myself then to him. I take out a piece of wood from my bag in the shape of a stake and hold it up in self-defense. It's…It's pretty sharp. Maybe I can use it…

The large man came forward, ignoring my question. He removed the distance between us and then grabbed me by my legs. He held me upward and dangled me from his hands like I was a toy. I now felt like throwing up in addition to crying…

"You so little!" He laughed to himself. He then held out his torch close to me. "Now ya gonna burn! Fire nice, but for you, it not be nice!"

N-No…no…I…I can't die yet…

wait! Big Bob was holding me by my legs: not by my hands. I can use them! And I had the wood in my hand…

I…have to live!

Before he brings the torch to me, I swung myself from my position in his direction towards his body. I then stabbed the stake into his throat. The large man screamed in pain. He dropped me and fell to the ground, dropping his torch. My stake didn't go deep into the skin to kill him.

I get up and stare at the giant on the ground. He…he wants me dead. He'll chase me when he gets up. He'll kill me!


I rush over to his body. The stake is still there, sticking out of the skin by his throat. I then push it in deeper. Big Bob tried to scream in more pain, but he couldn't. Eventually, the stake got deep enough and he stopped trying. The piece of wood and my hands are both covered in his blood.

He would have killed me if I didn't…

I killed him…


I'm alive.

I got up from his body, grabbed my bad and his torch, and ran off.

Lily Walden's POV – District 9

I knew there would be blood at the cornucopia. I knew that people would die. That was the reason I sprinted as fast as I could. I grabbed a bag and torch, yes, but I left immediately after. Did not want to be around there any longer than I needed to.

By the time I stopped running, I was near the foot of the snow-covered mountain. I knew could ease up just a little bit. Nobody else should have made it this far yet…right?

The mountain was intimidating! Every inch of it was covered in snow: more snow than the cornucopia. It was also tall: tall enough that I couldn't see the top! I could see a few holes scattered across the mountainside. Maybe there's a cave system there?

that'd be a good place to hide.

I was about to make my ascent up the mountain when a sound pierced my ear. That evil sound: the sound of cannon fire.

Even if I zoned out the actual Hunger Games while at home, I couldn't stop my ears from hearing the cannons. It blasted nonchalantly at random intervals to let everyone that some kid just died!

I heard that evil sound each year twenty-three times. And now I heard it go off…followed by another cannon…and then another…

It went off six times.

Six people have already died.

I fought off the urge to throw up and began my climb up the mountain.

It's really here…the Games are really here…

18 Tributes Remaining

24th: Topovska Hrana (District 6 Male): Beaten to death with a torch by Cannon Estate

23rd: Ellie Moon (District 10 Female): Impaled through the chest with a spear by Audrina Prescott

22nd: Aqua West (District 4 Female): Throat was slit with a knife by Viz Candela

21st: Baroque "Brock" Role (District 7 Male): Head chopped off by a tomahawk thrown by Benedict Letat

20th: Jamor "Jay" Lovet (District 11 Female) : Stabbed in the chest by Celsius Potens and died from blood loss

19th: Robert "Big Bob" Zorn (District 10 Male): Throat was slit with a wooden stake by Adam Assange

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