AN: Ok so Hunger Games is my new obsession because my other favorite couple just got broken up on Victorious (Dan you suck) so now all I have to live for is Hunger Games and I could really use some happy new drama. Sorry for my ranting.

This takes place before the games.

Dance With Me

Katniss was stubbornly decided that this mascaraed was a horrible idea. She wanted absolutely no part in it. Unfortunately thought it was mandatory for tributes. It helped you get sponsors or something so begrudgingly she let her prep team into her room when they knocked on her door. They dressed her up in beautiful clothes, her dress was gold with black glittery lace over it, ya she looked good, but it wasn't her style.

Katniss sat on her vanity seat and waited as Cinna did her hair and then tied her elegant mask on. She looked at him and he smiled "beautiful," he whispered.

"Thanks I need to be to get sponsors, I have nothing else going for me."

"That's not true," Cinna said stroking her cheek before helping her stand. "Let's get you down to the ballroom," he said escorting her down. He had to release her hand when they got to the double doors though so that she wouldn't be recognized from him.

Katniss inhaled deeply as the spotlight shone on her illuminating her gorgeous form. People were in awe by her and there was quickly a man by her side offering to sponsor her. The effect was immediate between Cinna's wonderful job and her anonymity with the mask. Sponsor after sponsor asked to dance with her, she was a shining ray at the party.

It wasn't until perhaps the fifteenth song that finally Katniss had a moment to sit down. It was a pleasant surprise and she was somewhat infuriated when someone sat beside her, more chitchat as some would say.

"Hi," the rough male voice said as he took a sip from the nice goblet given to party members.

"Hi," she returned. She sighed knowing that she needed to say something else too. "Are you enjoying the party?" she asked fishing out another smile, they were getting harder and harder to find.

"No," he replied.

"Really?" suddenly the dance became a little better.

"Yes it sucks," he said downing the liquid in the goblet.

"I totally agree," she said smiling brightly at him.

"Nice to find someone," he smiled back at her "would you like to dance?" he asked holding his hand out.

She thought about it for a moment and then nodded taking his hand and letting him lead her to the dance floor. They danced to the annoyingly slow music and his hand rested on the small of her back pulling her close to him. "You look great," he whispered in her ear. She shivered as he licked the outside of her ear. His hand pulled her closer against him "this music is so boring," he whispered.

"I agree," she whispered back.

"Then here we go," he grabbed her hips and started dancing like the music was fast paced. Katniss laughed happily as he spun her around and around and pulled her hips close to his. Some people were staring at them but Katniss was having fun dancing with the mystery man.

She was laughing and almost doubled over as he continued to make fun of some of the people in attendance. He was holding her steady as she tried to regain her sanity. She was finally able to stop laughing and she looked up at him. Their eyes met and a spark lit and suddenly they were both leaning forward. The kiss was heated and passionate and both fought for control. When they broke apart Katniss was panting. She locked eyes with her mystery man again and was disappointed when someone tapped her shoulder and asked for a dance.


Midnight finally came and as the gong sounded for masks to be removed so that sponsors could see whom they had chosen Katniss looked around furiously. She was trying to spot the mystery man's mask. She finally found it and they locked eyes as they both reached up and untied their respective masks. Her mouth dropped, Mass Murderer from 2 was her mystery man, her best kiss ever, her knight in shining armor! Cato from District 2 was the one who had stolen her heart.