Unlucky Number

Set during 7x07 as an alternate ending or added scene, I'll leave that part up to you ;)

With all those psychics around, how would you know when to listen?

E/O Challenge: Eighteen - 100 words on the dot!

Disclaimer: I own NOTHING!

"Really? Not 666?"

"Eighteen. Unlucky number."

"Um, oh-kay, thanks for the tip."

He avoids any more impromptu 'readings' on his way out of town.

Eighteen? That's random.


He did spend his eighteenth birthday concussed.

And there were those eighteen staples. Almost died that time. Looked like Frankenstein.

And then… eighteen wheels… attached to the thing that started his father's path to damnation.

He looks at his watch.


Eighteen minutes until midnight.

He fumbles for his key… to Room 18.

It probably took eighteen seconds for him to be ambushed and another eighteen to realize by whom.

Amy's son.

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