Faith of Fall

By: Female Heero Yuy

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There WILL be adult situations in later chapters, thus why I have marked this fic with a mature rating.


Frances was looking through her mail until she stumbled upon a rather familar emblem. Cutting it open she pulled out it's contents and a letter. She looked at it with great distain as she read it. Then looked at the two passes in her hand. She tossed them to her desk. Thinking on what she should do with her passes, as they were clearly an invitation to a party she visibly did not want to go to.


Sebastian was about the manor cleaning various rooms when he suddenly heard his master shouting.

"Aunt Frances i've told you many times to please send word when you are coming to visit!" came his words.

"I have no time for such formalities." Frances stated as she was clearly coming up the stairs.

Sebastian started walking toward them to see if anything was required. And to make some tea, when he'd gotten to the edge of the stairs.

"You!" she pointed at him when she got to the top of the stairs. He was only a few feet from her.

"Yes?" he asked nervously. He wasn't sure what it was that had her so upset. Sure he knew he wasn't there to open the door, but from the sounds of it she hadn't even knocked. And sure he wasn't immediately there when she'd clearly shown up unannounced. But that didn't mean he should get a lecture should it? He was sweating abit as he could only thing of many situations.

"Come with me." She grabbed him suddenly by his wrist and started dragging him downstairs. He could only look dumbfounded as she pulled him along. His master looking at them confused. But Ciel could tell Sebastian didn't even know what was going on. He started to follow them, attempting to catch up as his aunt who was walking hastily. She'd dragged Sebastian outside to the awaiting carriage. This was the only time she'd let him go as she opened the door grabbed a rather large bag and shoved it in his arms. He almost dropped it with how fast she'd shoved it at him.

"Ummm.." he started just as his master had caught up to them.

Frances grabbed at Sebastian's wrist again, dragging him back inside the mansion. He looked back at his master who was sighing in defeat. And attempted to catch up to them again. Frances was dragging him back up the stairs and into a random guest room. She'd practically flung him at the bed while he still held on to the bag. He landed on the mattress on his rear and looked at her dumbfounded. He didn't know what was going on. And he wondered where she'd gotten her strength to nearly toss him.

"Aunt Frances!" Ciel shouted. Holding onto the door frame for support in an attempt to catch his breath now that he'd finally caught up. "What's going on?"

"I'm taking Sebastian." she stated bluntly.

"Eh?" Sebastian and Ciel looked at her confused.

She dug in the bag Sebastian was holding for a moment and took out an envelope and tossed it at Ciel who'd barely caught it. He pulled out the two passes and a letter, reading it aloud. "You are cordially invited to the Orgion, hosted by held by Lady Dion..." he didn't get to finish as the letter was snatched from him a moment later. "Oie!"

"As you can see i've been invited to..." she thought for a moment. "A very prestigeous party. And as I have two passes and my husband will not be attending. I require an escort...a bodyguard so to speak to go with me."

"You do not seem like you wish to go, Marchioness." Sebastian stated as he put the bag on the bed.

"That I do not. This sort of event is not something that I wish to attend. Unfortunately I am unable to decline such an invite."

"For the Marchioness to be unable to decline such an offer. This person must be very important." Sebastian stated as he stood off to the side.

"I can understand your situation Aunty. But why my butler?"

"I require someone that the hostess will not recognize me to sort of...pull me out of the event." she stated as she had a gleam in her eye. Ciel could clearly see she was plotting.

"So basically you want to use Sebastian in some sort of lie to assist you in leaving early. Is that right?" Ciel smiled.

"In a matter of speaking yes." she went to the bag. She dug inside of it for a moment. "Of course, Sebastian will be in disguise. I can't have her recognizing him as your butler after all." She pulled out a dress. It was the type that was similar to a corset at the top. With a ballgown bottom, that flared out abit. It's colors were lavander and black. Lavander being the main color of the gown. Sebastian took one look at the gown as he stared at it wide eyed.

"I did not think the Marchioness would wear something so...youthful." he chose his words cautiously. Ciel nodding in agreement.

"Don't be silly, this dress isn't for me." she stated bluntly as she laid it out on the bed. It had beaded lace along the top of the dress, some of which went about the arm like an off the shoulder sleeve. He saw the dress had a ruby surrounded by diamonds at the center where a broach would norminally be put. The bottom was trimmed with the same along the hem.

"Who is that for then Aunty?" Ciel asked, as he wasn't getting the hint.

"Sebastian of course. I stated he would be in disguise." she started pulling out a corset, shoes, and other things.

Sebastian's eyes went wide in shock and he did the one thing he could think of after he took a single look at his master. He bolted.

"Sebastian!" Frances shouted at him as she saw nothing but his back as he ran down the hall. "Get back here at once!" she ordered. But he was already no longer visible.


Sebastian couldn't believe it. He'd been running around the house to avoid Frances for nearly four hours now. And she was still chasing him. He thought for sure she'd give up after perhaps two hours. But on she went, and showed no signs of giving up. Because of her, lunch was now delayed by two hours because he couldn't afford to stop for very long considering her stamina. He was currently looking around the corner to see if she was there. He took a moment to sigh in relief when he didn't see her. It meant she had yet to find him for the moment. He leaned against the wall as he used his arm to wipe at his brow of sweat. "Honestly. The schedule is now completely delayed for such a thing." He sensed her on the right side of him. He looked over and she'd noticed him suddenly. "Ah...!" he started running again.

"Sebastian! Damn you! Stop!" she ordered as she chased him down the hall.

He looked behind himself for a moment. He could see her determination to catch him. He looked forward, and something unexpected happened. Someone was opening a door a head of him. He had to stop suddenly or crash into it as it'd been opened litterally at the last second. He stopped only centimeters from hitting it with this face. He let out a breath of relief at his own luck of being able to stop himself. Bard looking at him abit confused from the other side of the door. Unfortunately this gave Frances the moment she needed to snag him from behind.

"Got you, you bastard!" she panted. Sebastian could see he'd litterally been close in getting her to give up her endevor. The opening of the door to stop him at just the right moment must of given her a last bout of stamina.

'Damn.' he thought as she wrapped her arms around him from behind. She locked her wrists to ensure he couldn't escape. She forced him to walk forward from behind him. Making him go back to the room where she'd put the dress on the bed. Ciel snickered as he saw her making Sebastian walk into the room. It was a rather awkward way of doing it, but it was serving it's purpose. When Ciel had attempted to follow them into the room however the door had promptly been closed and locked.

"Honestly, now we only have a few hours to get you ready." she stated in distaste as she continued to hold onto him.

"That party is today?" he looked surprised as she led him towards the bed.

"Of course it's today! Why on earth were you running if you weren't aware?"

"To simply make the point that I was not going to wear a dress." he stated bluntly. "I assumed this was only a sizing of some sort."

She kicked up her knee to hit him behind his own, making him faulter. Both fell to the ground, Sebastian yelping at the action. Frances still holding him tightly. She gripped at his right elbow with her left hand, as it was wrapped about him. Using her right to reach for his shoes to remove them. He was surprised she thought to do such a thing. But jumped when she starting unbuttoning his pants. He struggled, but she would not loosen her grip in the slightest. He wasn't trying to hurt her. Only trying to get her to let him go. Which was difficult when he couldn't use his normal strength.

"Be still! Your doing this and that's final!" she scolded him.

"I will not. I have a contract with Ciel Phantomhive and no other." he felt his pants being tugged down. He used his hands to keep them up. Managing to get onto his knees with her clinging to him. Unfortunately she shifted on him and made him fall to his side.

"Even though you have a contract with my nephew. You are a servant of the Phantomhives. My name may have changed, but I was born a Phantomhive. As such you are to obey me as well."

"Tch.." he scoffed. He turned his face away from her as his closed his eyes.

"You know this to be true. And frankly I do not care if you do not like it. But a fact is a fact. You will do this and endure it."

Sebastian said nothing as she continued in her work. His eyes, though closed, trembled as she removed his pants to reveal his naked legs. Moving his socks as well. She touched his legs for a moment to see if he had any hair. Nodding in satisfaction that there was none. "Sit on the bed and remove your coat, tie and vest." she ordered, getting up off him and walking over to the bag.

"Geh.." he got up in disgust and did as he was told. She held rolled up black stockings, starting at his toes and going up, ending at his upper thigh. Not once did he even look at her.

"Stand up." she ordered. He did as he was told. She unbuttoned his shirt and removed it. Putting a corset on him and pulling it's strings tightly to give him a more womanly shape. When she was finished tying him in, the corset was black with lavander lines on it.. He gripped at the beds post.

"I can't do this." he whispered. "It's too humiliating."

"You can and you must." she stated, holding a pair of ladies panties that were black at him.

He shook his head as he held onto the beds frame. "I'm humiliated as it is already. For a lady to see me in my's so..."

Frances made him sit and tossed a towel over his area. She reached under it and pulled off his pale blue boxers. He trembled as he gripped tighter. She could see he was clearly uncomfortable. But slid on the womans underwear on him. She picked up the dress and held it to him. "This is uncomfortable for me as well. But once it is over you'll never have to do this again." she held it at him.


Sebastian was now in the dress. A wig on his head to give him a long mane of black. The front of his hair the same. He sat in a chair completely in distain as Frances brushed the hair out of any tangles. He had a simple black choker with a ruby on it of the same design hanging from it. A hair band of lavander in his hair with simple gems hanging from it to match. He still wore his butler gloves as she had yet to have them removed. He jumped when she started to however.

"Sebastian i've had enough. We must leave in a few minutes if we are to make it in time." she stated as she held some long lavander gloves in her hands.

" the very least allow me to do this much myself. I don't wish for you to see my scars." he made up an excuse to keep her from seeing on contract. Holding his hands to himself to emphasize it.

"Ahh...I was not aware that your gloves had something to hide." she muttered empathetically. "Very well." she handed the gloves to him and turned around.

Sebastian quickly put them on to ensure she would not see his part of the contract. They went up to his upper arms. He was really starting to loathe the woman. Feeling completely humiliated. He could already hear his master's taunts. He wanted to throw up at the thought of being seen in public. Never before had he felt such humiliation. Perhaps it was due to spending so much time with humans, but Sebastian could honestly say he was indeed embarrassed. "I'm finished." he said so low that it was a wonder that Frances could hear him at all.

Turning around she looked him over with a finger to her chin and other arm crossed. "Very good, very good indeed." she walked around him to ensure everything was in place. "I hate to admit it, but you make a gorgeous woman Sebastian."

Sebastian's eyes trembled as he closed them. He did not want to hear such a thing. As much as he enjoyed getting attention, this was not one of the ways he wanted it.

"We'll have to work on you gaining some weight." she muttered. "Now that I see you in your outfit, it's worry some that you fit so easily in women's garments. Especially when they are about a size smaller than my own. You have been eatting have you not?"

"I have." he replied. Though the food he ate was for show. The other servants would be suspicious if he wasn't seen eatting human food. So he'd ensure to eat something to simply keep them from wondering.

"Hmm...perhaps you are simply small boned for your height." she stated, "But no matter, we must leave. Not chit chat about your feminine figure." she turned to the door. "Lets go." she opened the door. Watching as Sebastian walked toward the door as if he was heading to a death sentence.

Ciel stood up from his seat on the floor by the wall, the moment he saw the door open. He gasped when a raven haired woman came out. "Se...Sebas...tian?" he asked abit unsure. The depressed look on her face was his hint that it was indeed Sebastian, but he simply wanted to be sure.

"Yes, young master?" he spoke with meloncholy. He braced himself for it. The taunting. The mockery. He was rather sure even when his master was in his stomach he'd still hear the taunts. He was rather surprised however, when he looked at his master. Ciel was blushing instead. And had a light bloody nose. He had to ponder if he really made such a pretty woman. He'd avoided looking at all mirrors even when make up was being applied to his face. He looked to the window and saw his reflection. His eyes grew wide as he saw the woman in the reflection do the same.

Frances smiled as she watched Sebastian's reaction. He'd finally seen what he looked like. She saw him simply be stunned at his own reflection. "That's enough of that now." She put her hands on his shoulders and pushed him a little to make him walk. "We must be going if we're to make it on time."

"Aunt Frances, what on earth are you intending?" Ciel gawked.

"As I have said, I am simply borrowing him so that I may leave such an event early." Frances pushed Sebastian along, snagging her purse from the table as she walked by. "Do not worry I shall have him back by tomorrow in the least, and he'll be fed." she smiled at Ciel. "We aren't staying for the week as per the invite, so there is no point in having a change of clothes." she pushed him til he stood before the carriage.

Ciel snorted as he imagined Sebastian having nothing else to wear but the clothes on his back for the moment. If Sebastian had the choice he'd probably of brought a change of clothes for after they'd left. "Bring me a souviener Sebastian." he giggled, as he waved him off.

"I hope you like charcoal for meals young master." Sebastian responded as he sat in the carriage. "Because that's what your having with Bard being left to make your meal."

Ciel shuddered as he realized this was an important factor he'd forgotten. "Aunt Frances, perhaps Sebastian could..."

"No time." she closed the carriage door. The carriage pulled out quickly. Not even waiting for a moment. Ciel stood befuddled as he watched the carriage leave hastily.


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