Faith of Fall 8

By: Female Heero Yuy

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Frances looked over the device intently. Ciel had just purchased it. And she was looking it over. "A rather handy device I should say. It's alot smaller than I thought it would be. But it's nice that it's portable."

"Indeed." he stated as they were walking back to the inn. That's how small the town was. Ciel supposed there were perhaps 30 or so people in the town. Which was why a carriage wasn't needed to get around. Though he did raise a brow when he saw one near the inn. But he supposed it was some traveler passing through. As they went up the stairs towards Frances's room he noted the inn keeper was not at the counter. Perhaps he was in the back doing some work.

"We were gone a long time. I hope Sebastian ate lunch." Frances stated as she dug into her purse for the key.

"You seem awfully worried about his food intake of late. Any reason to it?"

"Of course. Sebastian is far too skinny for his height. Bard is thicker than he is. I'm merely concerned that our servants are in good health is all."

"So concerned that you do not wish for him to speak to strangers?"

Frances stopped digging in her purse for a moment, realizing Sebastian had mentioned her recent action. "That was out of protection. You never know who could be the enemy." she looked at her hankerchief for a moment. The one used on the night that she'd used Sebastian to satisfy her own lust.

"I see. Then I can see good reason for such a thing then. But don't you think that your being abit over protective?" he saw she wasn't digging in her purse anymore.

"Perhaps. Or maybe being so cautious is a good thing." she finally found the key and put it in the lock. Opening the door slowly.

"Depends on the situation." Ciel replied.

Frances gasped and dropped the device and her purse on the floor after she'd entered the room. "Sebastian?" she called. Looking around with worry. Going into the bathroom to see if he was there. "Sebastian?!"

"Is there something wrong ma'am?" the inn keeper asked as he peeked in from the open door.

"My ward...did she leave?" Frances asked with haste.

"I don't believe so. Though..perhaps the doctor took her to his medical office. He was rather worried about her condition."

Frances ran out of the room without a moments hesitation. Only grabbing her purse from the floor.

"Aunty!" Ciel called to her. "Damn it." he started to run after her. He'd run past his servants who were coming in.

"Young master!?" Bard stumbled out of the way.

"Don't loose sight of aunt Frances!" he ordered. They started running behind him in an attempt to catch up with the woman. But she was fast even though she was in a gown and heels. The moment she made a turn in a corner, was the moment they'd lost sight of her when they'd caught up to the corner. "Damn! Where did she go?!" he looked around. There weren't many places she could of been. And to loose her so quickly unnerved him.


Frances glared at the person before her. Her arms were being held behind her back by another man. "Dioness...I should of known." she stated with venom.

Lord Dioness had his hand clamped over Sebastian's mouth and his other arm wrapped about his torso to pin his arms. Sebastian had a hand at Dioness's arm in an attempt to pull it away from his body. "Good day to you Marchioness. A pleasant day isn't it?"

"Let her go! It's me your after."

"Indeed this is true. But i've come to like the little flower you brought to the party." he rubbed his nose into Sebastian's hair. "Though I must say i'd rather this hair be natural and not a wig. He passes off for a woman very nicely if I do say so."

"You knew?" she was shocked.

"This is my kingdom. Everyone in this town obeys me, so finding out certain information isn't difficult." he leared at her. "But your taste in dressing him is wonderful. A corset suit's him nicely."

Frances was forced into the carriage to sit across from him. "Your disgusting."

"Am I? I seem to recall information being stated to me that you had indulged yourself with this lovely vixen." he stated. Sebastian's eyes showed he was confused as he didn't understand what he meant. "And on the very night i'd intended to indulge myself with him. Your quite greedy Marchioness. Going against your god to make use of someone before I."

"You are no god."

"Ahh but I am. That is why all the beautiful people live with me and are my toys to indulge in my pleasure. Even my wife enjoys her indulgences. She was very disappointed that i'd claimed this one so quickly with nothing but a mere look. But she has many toys, while I am rather...picky of mine. Although i'm not as picky as you. I can see why you saved yourself for so long. He's quite a looker. And he reminds me so much of your brother who died...what was it? 3 years ago?" he stated and as if he was hit with a revelation. "Ahh! But now I see. You had an incestual love for your brother didn't you? What better way to compensate than to use a look a like who's not blood related. Did this put your mind at ease? To know you didn't give yourself to such a lust?" he snatched her purse from her and pulled out her hankercheif. "Ahh and you even took a memento of the occasion! Look here my dear. It's your seed from that night you were drugged? Do you recall it? It was quite a show I hear. I've heard she rode you like a wild woman."

Sebastian's mouth hung open as he was simply shocked. He couldn't believe that he, a demon had been sexually molested. And by none other than Ciel's own aunt. "Your lying..." he muttered, now that he was able to speak since his mouth wasn't covered.

"I'm afraid not." he held the cloth at him. "See, it's still got the scent of lust on it. Ask her yourself. Ask her how she used you to satisfy herself."

"Marchioness..." he looked at her.

Frances had a look of shame on her face. "Sebastian...I...I can explain..!"

Sebastian was stunned by those words. For it meant what the man had said was true. "What is there to explain." Dioness replied. "You took advantage of him while he was drugged. And to think you've been claiming you were trying to protect him. But it doesn't even matter. You'll accept your punishment ten fold Marchioness. And this one will be jointing our society. He's already completed the request to join."

"What?" she was now shocked. "No...he couldn't have! I threw it away before he could complete it!"

"Ahh, but he did an embroidery in secret last night without your knowing." he showed another cloth with the black rose. "My servant gave him the material and thread while you were out. As well as another copy of the pattern."

"What are you talking about?" Sebastian asked. "It was just a pattern for knitting or embroidery. I didn't do any requests to join anything."

"Ahh but you did, for you see, this was the request." he held up Sebastian's work to his eye level. "And i'm happily accepting your request to join the Orgion. You'll be my own personal companion for use. I think you'll love it. As a member it's your duty to worship me by experiencing some of the greatest pleasures your body can accept."

"Your society is nothing more than group sex." Sebastian stated as it finally dawned on him the meaning of orgion. "Orgion...another word for Orgy...i'm such a fool not to have realized it sooner."

"You can bask in pleasure as I fill you with my manhood...Sebastian wasn't it? Although, I did rather like the name Alana as well. Both suit you very nicely. I'll have to make sure you grow your hair out like this. I love this long hair on you." he played with it. He smiled slyly at Frances as he saw her become enraged. "I'm so excited, I don't think i'll be able to leave the house for days. That's how much I want to have you."

Sebastian shuddered in disgust.

"Just let him go. I'll take double the punishment." Frances stated.

"A mere toy shouldn't make requests of a god." he replied. "And besides i'm quite fixated on this one." he held Sebastian close to himself. Rubbing his hands along his body. "Ahhhh I want to take him now." he whispered as he rubbed his face against Sebastians. "Do you feel it my dear? My throbbing manhood. It beckens for you."

Sebastian shuddered in disgust.

"But I can wait. The wait will be worth it." He sneered.


Sebastian had been taken to a room and was made to lay on his belly. A elderly person had come in and had pricked his skin on his left shoulder blade to create a permanent mark on his skin. A tattoo of a black rose. Just like the one he'd embroidered on the cloth. This was how one knew if someone was a member of the society. For only members were given such a mark. While he was being marked Frances had been stripped of her dress, in nothing but her mint colored undergarments. She was getting lashings on her back in the very room he was in. And that's when he saw her own tattoo on her right shoulder. Apparently the placement had no signficance so long as it was on the persons body. His mark was covered with bandages and he was taken to another room along with Frances and while she was being held to stand by two men. He was tossed to a bed. He cursed himself for still not having the use of his legs. If it weren't for that he could of gotten away with Frances in tow.

Dioness was in a robe as it was only him, and a few other male servants in the room. He was drinking some wine at a table as he gazed upon Frances. "I have decided your punishment Marchioness." he stated boldly. Swirving the wine in his glass. "I shall impregnate you with my seed so that you may carry with you for the rest of your life the humilation of carrying another man's child. That child every time you see it will be reminder of your folly."

"You...aren't supposed such a this order..." she panted.

"Ahh but you forget, as I have said I am the god of this order. Whatever I decide shall be as I wish. Your husband is aware of your punishment. And accepts the task of raising it. He's so honored that my child will be in your house." he took a drink from his wine. "But you should be pleased. Because as I take you, I shall take him as well at the same time. You can have your punishment while basking in the same pleasure along side my newest addition." he started to remove his robe. "And once you are impregnated with my seed, you shall accept the girths of my other toys in a constant pleasure until I deem it fit for them to stop. But you'll never get to feel Sebastian with your loins. He will be strictly for my own pleasure." he stood nude before her. "Lay her on the bed and spread her." he ordered. His servants did as they were told. As she was spread he ripped her panties off her to reveal her womanhood to him.

Sebastian jumped in surprise, and attempted to punch the man in the face but was grabbed from behind by another servant.

"Now, now my dear, please wait your turn. You'll be enjoying my girth just as much as she very soon." he kissed Sebastian on the lips. Sebastian fought against it. And when he pulled away he hacked in disgust. His mouth was forced open again as some pills were poured into his mouth and he was forced to swallow. "This will ensure your ready for me after i'm finished." he gave Sebastian a last quick peak on the lips. Frances was being forced to swallow the same pills as he was.

He stood before her as his girth was erect. The anticipation of having the Ice Queen's warmth on his manhood enticed him. Thrilled him. As he dropped to his knees he saw her attempted to close her legs. "Oh my dripping already?" he put a finger between her legs. Pulling away it was covered in her juices. "I can see your so excited to receive your punishment. This pleases me." he stated as he grasped at her thighs, and slowly entered her with his manhood.

Frances threw her head back in a scream as she was penetrated. The pills had caused her to become sensitive at the touch. And they worked quickly in her system. She cursed her body for being taken so easily, but at the same time she told herself it was only fair. She'd done the same to Sebastian. It was her turn now. But she only wished that she'd been drugged to sleep as he had been. As he started to thrust into her. She could only feel intense pleasure. The feel of him was on par with Sebastian's own. She could feel herself dripping heavily as he continued to pleasure himself with her body.

"Ahhh, your so wet Marchioness..." he grunted as he continued in his pace. He pounded into her with no mercy. Tears falling down her face as it became flushed from the pleasure she was receiving.

Sebastian blushed heavily as his own body started to react to the pills he'd been given. His legs trembled slightly as he felt an urge of need. He tried to take his mind off it to prevent himself from becoming aroused. But to see such an act of pleasure being performed right in front of him. It made it impossible. He could feel himself becoming hard with each second that passed. It'd only become worse as he saw Dioness arch his body as he spilled his seed into Frances. Frances had arched her body as well as she'd climaxed at the same time. He was stunned when the man turned her over to have her on her hands and knees and redid the act with the same amount of force. The man's libedo it must of been enormous to continue so quickly after a release.

"You like it don't you Marchioness." he stated between grunts as he thrust into her. "Say it.. you love what i'm doing to you." he stated as he continued on.

"I...I...I loove itt.." she responded.

"Come now you can do better than that." he continued. "Show Sebastian how much you love being treated like nothing more than a slave."

"Ahhh thank you... master! Thank you for granting me your seed!" she shouted in lust.

"Ahhh, i'm going to pound my memory into your body.." he continued. "Accept my memory!" he released into her again.

"Aaaahhhhh!" she screamed as she was filled again. She trembled as she gained a second release of her own. Collasping as soon as her body was finished.

The man laughed as he pulled out of her. "You can't be finished already? This day is young, and Sebastian is in need of pleasure. Look at him, seeing you in such want has made him excited. Can you not see he wishes to join us."

"Nooo.." Sebastian whimpered, he was trying to fight his body's want. "I don't want anything..."

"Oh? But your body is saying otherwise." he went over and shoved the servants away from Sebastian. Ripping his underwear off as well. "See look, your extremely hard."

"That's because you..." he panted as soon as the man touched his arms. He was so sensitive that any touch granted him pleasure.

"Come now, i'll take you to heaven with my girth." he put Sebastian to a wall and hooked him under his legs to lift him. His manhood pointed at his opening.

"NOO!" he shouted as soon as he felt the man entering him. "Aahhh! AAAHH!" he trembled as the man lowered him onto his manhood. He jolted when the man was fully inside him as he'd hit something inside that granted him pleasure. He didn't thrust right away as he'd done Frances. But Sebastian already had tears flowing down his face as he felt himself being stretched by the mans huge cock. After a time he'd started off gently, hitting the spot that gave him jolts of pleasure like electricity. He found rhythm soon and Sebastian was soon shouting as he was being pleasured.

"See your enjoying it. It's like you were made for me. I fit inside perfectly." he panted as he took his pleasure.

"NOOO!" he shouted as his eyes grew wide.

"I'll pound my memory into you too. You can both remember me together." his thrusts grew faster and harder. "I'm going to break you into submission. Ciel Phantomhive won't even be able to bring you back from the world i'm taking you." he continued. "He'll be so jealous.." he panted. "That he wasn't the first to enjoy this delicous body of yours."

"Aaahhaahaaaa!" he screamed in tears. But soon the man had stopped only for a moment and made him lay on his belly on top of Frances and then returned to taking his pleasure.

"Aren't I kind Marchioness?" he mocked. "You'll get to have his seed over you. You should thank me for the gift. Come on, thank me for allow you to be covered in his seed!"

Frances wrapped her arms about Sebastian, as she felt his manhood between their bellies. "Thank you master!" she shouted as she seemed to get off though she wasn't being used at the moment.

"Come now Sebastian, release yourself on her, don't deny her the gift i've promised her." he thrusted a few more times, before releasing a third time inside of Sebastian. In return Sebastian gained his own release. Spilling his seed over his and Frances's bellies. He collasped on top of her as the man pulled out. He felt the fluids dripping out of him after he'd pulled out. "Thats enough for now. I don't want to break my new toys." he stated above them.

"Very good master." a servant stated.

Sebastian trembled as Frances embraced him. "Sebastian...i'm sorry...i'm sorry." she cried as tears fell from her eyes. She was disgusted with herself.

"Oh don't cry my dear." Dioness patted Sebastian on the head. "Soon you'll come to enjoy my love for you." he kissed him on the back of his head. Then stood up. "She may stay to allow my new pet to become adjusted. But do not allow her to bed with him."

"Yes sir."

Dioness walked into an open door. Leaving the room with it's occupants. Sebastian pushed himself to lay on his side, as did Frances, she held his face to her chest, and he wrapped an arm about her too. Using her arm to cover his face. "Forgive me, please forgive me..." she whispered as she rubbed his back. Sebastian still said nothing, he simply held her tighter as if it was his answer that he only wished for comfort.


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