A little note: As seen on Dokuga! For 'The Spectrum Challenge' found on dokuga_contest. This will be a seven-chaptered story about how Kagome captivated Sesshomaru in one short week.

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Inside and Out

"I have to go," Kagome muttered after a heavy silence. Sesshomaru frowned, while his father merely smiled. Kagome glanced between the two once more, then stepped back, turned around and got out of there. She passed Rin on the way to the door.

"Are you alright, Kagome? I heard a scream," Rin asked, worried, but Kagome ignored her and ran right past and out the front door. Rin blinked in confusion.

Sesshomaru and Saitou retreated indoors, neither speaking a word. Rin spotted her step-father and realisation set in. She knew the old youkai all to well, he probably appeared in front of Kagome and freaked her out.

"What did you say this time? That she's not Sesshomaru's usual taste in women?" Rin asked.

Saitou looked hurt. "That's mean, Rin. How could you talk like that to your father?"

"I don't care, what did you do?" Rin demanded.

"Kagome is a priestess," Sesshomaru interrupted, his back turned to them, "she saw him through the youki barrier."

Rin's eyes widened. She had no idea that Kagome could have any spiritual powers, and if things were serious, they would have told her about their youkai relations sometime in the future. Having this happen must have been a shock to the poor girl.

"She'll come around, Sesshomaru," Saitou stated, "I know women like her; they can't stay away."

Kagome couldn't sleep that night. She wasn't sure if it was the fear or the confusion, but sleep never came. By the time the first sun peeked in through her window, Kagome's eyes felt heavy. Giving up on tossing and turning, Kagome stood up and opened her window, allowing the crisp morning air to kiss her skin. She had a spectacular view of Tokyo from her bedroom, and this morning it looked amazing.

"Sesshomaru isn't human," Kagome whispered, still not comprehending the fact. It made sense. She had always felt that he was different and somewhat inhuman. Turns out her instincts were right. Kagome turned to her computer, her curiosity now peaked. She didn't know much about youkai...maybe she should do some research.

"Kagome!" Mrs Higurashi's voice came from downstairs. Kagome bolted up, having fallen asleep at her desk. Groaning in pain since her neck was now stiff, Kagome stumbled downstairs and into the kitchen.

"Yeah?" she grumbled while she rubbed her neck.

"Can you go buy some milk?" Mrs Higurashi asked as she handed Kagome some money.

"Sure," Kagome agreed, "do we need anything else?"

"Probably rice," Mrs Higurashi noted, "and miso. That should be all for now I think."

Kagome pulled on her shoes and a jacket, then excused herself and headed to the supermarket. The walk would do her good.

Kagome grumbled as she tried to reach the top shelf where the miso was packed. Why was it on the top shelf today? Miso was a common ingredient and therefore very popular on the market. Wouldn't they place it on a more convenient level to reach? Annoyed, Kagome stood on her tippy toes to reach the product, only to knock over a collection of canned tomatoes on the second shelf instead.

"Ugh, the world hates me!" Kagome shrieked in anger. Laughter echoed behind her. Blushing, not having realised she was being watched, Kagome spun around. It was Saitou. She froze.

"Cute," Saitou finally breathed between his laughs, "you remind me of Izayoi. She was very much like you."

"Who is Izayoi? And what are you doing here?" Kagome asked.

"They have this sale on green peppers," Saitou exclaimed, "and I love green peppers. And sales."

Kagome raised an eyebrow. "How old are you again?"

"That's a bit personal," Saitou chuckled, "but I'm well over a 1000."

"Uh huh," Kagome narrowed her eyes. He acted more like a five-year-old. Saitou stepped closer, causing Kagome to nervously step backwards. When he reached out, she panicked, but instead of him grabbing her, he reached for the miso instead.

"Here," he held it out to her, "you wanted red miso, right?"

Kagome nodded and took the miso from him. Saitou smiled.

"I'm sorry if I scared you yesterday."

"Yeah, well," Kagome sighed, "I've always known Sesshomaru was...different. I just can't imagine Rin..."

"She's human," Saitou interrupted. Kagome looked up, alarmed.

"Rin is human," Saitou repeated, "and Inuyasha is half-human. I assume you know of my second son?"

Kagome nodded. And then it dawned on her. "Izayoi...she was Inuyasha's mother, wasn't she?"

Saitou merely smiled. It was a sad smile, so very sad. Kagome felt her heart ache for him. How could a youkai look so incredibly human?

By the time Kagome got home, she felt much better. She handed her mother the groceries, while explaining how inconveniently the miso was placed.

"A package arrived for you," Mrs Higurashi stated, pointing to a small box on the dining table. Curious, Kagome tore off the paper and opened the small box. It was a pair of earings with indigo-coloured stones. A smile formed on Kagome's lips, while her mother watched her with an odd expression.

"Do you have a boyfriend?" Mrs Higurashi asked.

"I wish," Kagome laughed, "he's my friend."

Mrs Higurashi was not convinced.

It was Monday again and Kagome felt like the song Mood Indigo from the 1930s. In other words, she felt blue. Nervous, tired and frustrated, she slumped her way to her desk by the time she reached school. She was tired from her lack of sleep and nervous because she was going to see Sesshomaru again. She wanted to apologise for her ridiculous reaction and thank him for the earrings.

He never showed up. It just made her feel worse.

Feeling brave, Kagome decided to visit his home. Swallowing the lump in her throat, she knocked on the door. She expected Rin to open it, but a young man that resembled Sesshomaru, only with more boyish features, opened the door instead. He stared at her with wide eyes.

"Kikyo?" he asked, then frowned, "No, you're not Kikyo. You look like her though. Weird."

"Uh," Kagome stammered, "is Sesshomaru here?"

"Sesshomaru?" the young man blinked, then his lips turned into a very wicked smirk. "Yes, he's here, come in."

"Are you Inuyasha?" Kagome asked when the door shut behind her.

"Yeah," Inuyasha replied, surprised that she knew his name, "did Sesshomaru tell you? That's new, he never talks about me to others. Especially women he is interested in."

"Yes, well," Kagome shrugged, "he did talk about you."

Inuyasha watched Kagome in interest. Yes, she did look very much like his beloved Kikyo, but now that he looked closer he could see a resemblence to his mother as well. He didn't know his mother, but he had seen enough photos to see the slight resemblance this girl had to her.

"You're half-human right?" Kagome interrupted his thoughts.

"Yep," was the simple reply.

"So is it..." Kagome trailed off, "is it hard to be with a youkai if you're human?"

"I don't know," Inuyasha shrugged, "ask my dad."

Kagome sighed. "Let me rephrase that...is it hard for a youkai to be with a priestess?"

Inuyasha was even more surprised now. She was a priestess too? This couldn't be a coincidence...

"Yes," Inuyasha replied, "Kikyo is a priestess."

"Kikyo?" Kagome echoed, "As in my cousin Kikyo? How do you know her?"

"Ah," Inuyasha laughed, "no wonder. Kikyo's my girlfriend."

Kagome's eyes widened. She had not known that!

Sesshomaru was watching the sun set on the balcony, just like they had done a few days ago. He looked different though. His hair was no longer short and dark, but long and silver instead. Kagome stared at him in amazement. How could a man have such beautiful hair? Kagome glanced at Inuyasha for confirmation. He nodded.

Feeling bold, Kagome approached him and placed her hand on his. He did not move. She glanced at him from the corner of her eye. His face looked different too, more mature and with strange markings. But Kagome concluded that she liked the markings, especially the crescent moon on his forehead.

"Do you fear me now?" Sesshomaru asked out of the blue.

"No," Kagome replied quickly. Sesshomaru turned to face her.

"Are you sure?" Sesshomaru asked, lifting his hand and cupping her cheek. "I could easily lose control and kill you."

"You won't," Kagome whispered, "you're just saying that to scare me."

Sesshomaru smiled and moved his hand to her ear where the indigo earrings he got her were dangling. Kagome did not miss spotting his long nails. He had claws.

"You're beautiful as a youkai," Kagome murmured, her eyes locking with his.

"I'm not beautiful on the inside."

"You are," Kagome smiled, "otherwise you wouldn't spoil Rin so much. You have a good heart Sesshomaru. You are beautiful - inside and out."

"Not as beautiful as you," he whispered in her ear, sending a shiver down her spine. Kagome reached out and grasped onto his shirt. She could feel the heat radiating from his body. He smelled amazing. Sesshomaru pulled away and looked her in the eyes. And Kagome could see it. The adoration he had for her. It was the most emotion she had ever seen in his eyes, and she knew she should treasure it, because he was not bound to show it often. It was with that in mind that she kissed him. And he kissed her back with much fervour. She loved him, just like he loved her.

And all it took was one week.

Prompt: Spectrum Challenge - Indigo