A/N: I was having trouble writing, so my very good friend suggested something to maybe get my ideas unstuck. Take what I did during the day and take a character and go from there. This idea popped into my head half an hour later :) Hope you enjoy

Clay had some laundry to do and Aisha had taken advantage of that fact to throw some of her things in his pile. The entire way to the laundry room, he held an interior monologue which consisted mostly of colourful swears and carefully chosen idioms.

He hadn't noticed the voices coming from behind the door. Not that the voices provided any clue as to what was happening.

It was very much a miracle that Clay didn't drop his laundry basket after he opened the door. Instead, he set it down and leaned in the doorframe. The first thing that had caught his eyes was Jensen doing push ups. That in itself wasn't unusual, except that he had a half full basket on his back. Cougar was sitting on the washing machine, occasionally pulling a piece of clothing out of the top-loading dryer and throwing it in Jensen's basket.

The tech suddenly said something totally unrelated. "4 Across, Goddess of Fertility" Clay noticed the piece of paper on the ground in front of Jensen. Cougar picked up a crossword book and wrote down something. Only after that did he raise his head and acknowledged Clay's presence. He gave him a nod in place of hello.

"What did I just walk in on?" he asked curiously.

One piece of clothing went in the basket.


"20 Down, Capital of France."

Clay raised an eybrow. "Do I want to know what he did?"

"Not really."

"Alright." He pushed his own basket to the washing machine. "You might as well take care of this for me. Keep him down there longer if he hasn't had enough."

Clay left before Cougar could say anything. If the sniper didn't do the laundry for him, he'd come back and take care of it later.