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I've had a few ideas my friend threw my way since the last chapter. Good and even great ideas, but nothing that really made the randomness spark light up. Until I faced a similar scenario as what Jensen faces in the first two paragraphs… (oh, italics will represent Spanish dialogue in this chapter)

Jensen cursed at the screen for the twelfth time in a minute. His gaming enemy was relentless. He had already lost cities and was slated to lose more before the onslaught was over.

There was nothing much left for him to do, he had already asked his friends for help and had already moved his own armies into place. The best he could hope for was that the friends he sent a message to would log on in time.

The worse wasn't the enemy's armies, it was the war leaders that accompanied some of the troops, they were the ones who took care of taking over the cities while the troops only looted. He wished there was something or someone in the game that could take care of those pesky little war leaders…

"Tell me you're not hacking the school's system to check Beth's notes again," said Cougar.

"Me? No. This morning her notes were exactly the same as they were yesterday and the day before."

There was still a page of code, or programming, or something Jensen liked to mess with, open on the blond's screen. And since he was in a trouble making mood lately – hack into foreign government systems to find out if they're harboring alien fugitives kind of trouble – they all had to keep tabs on what exactly Jensen was doing when online.

"Sit, I'll show you," Jake invited Cougar, interpreting the sniper's silence.

Jensen pressed a few keys and up popped what Cougar recognized as the medieval game Jake played. He could see the dozen enemy armies approaching, and suddenly the four war leaders dropped like stones one by one. That was something that wasn't supposed to happen.

"You hacked the game."

"No way, I don't want to get banned. I copied their program to my computer and made changes there. It doesn't affect their game or servers at all. Want to know what killed the leaders?"

Cougar nodded and decided to temporarily drop the issue of illegally copying of a game. Jensen zoomed the screen – something else not included in the game mechanics – until a small dot was visible atop the city tower.

"Taking out the war leaders is what we call 'sniping'. I just took it to another level."

Zooming in a bit closer revealed an animated Cougar tipping his hat to them.

"He's cute. I would play a game if it had that guy in it."

Jensen suddenly had a look of illumination, not unlike the kind one would have after discovering the meaning of life. "Careful what you wish for, Cougs."

"On a more serious note, about the game copying…"

A/N: Jensen's game is based on one I play, and after losing several cities, not being able to do anything and being frustrated beyond belief, this popped into my head. All the game's terms except one were changed and some game mechanics were exaggerated (It was just more fun for Jensen's game to be able to see the war leaders fall).