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Chapter One- The Train Ride

"Oh, it's so wonderful to be back at Hogwarts. Don't you think, Harry?" Hermione said, looking at her best friend sitting across from her in the compartment on the Hogwarts Express. He nodded excitedly.

"I can't believe McGonagall let us back to complete our seventh year!" He said smiling at his two best friends. He looked at their hands and he felt his grin grow larger. He was happy that Ron and Hermione had finally got together. Even if it was in the middle of a war. He chuckled to himself as he remembered that night last year at Hogwarts.

Screams filled almost every part of the gigantic castle. Spells, hexes, jinxes were flying out in all directions, hitting things at random, and bouncing off other objects. What terrified Harry the most was seeing all of his friends-dead- all because they were sticking up to help save him. He still had terrible nightmares at night. Seeing the red eyes, hearing the insane cackle of laughter of Bellatrix as she killed his godfather Sirius. The deaths of all of his friends, and family gnawed at his skin and heart for months after the war.
The look on Molly's face was filled with pure and utter anger as she rebounded the killing curse that was meant for his girlfriend Ginny. Harry always had heard the voices of Bellatrix and Voldemort in his head. It terrified him.

Harry was now eight teen. He shook those thoughts out of his head and touched the lightening shaped scar on his forehead, grimacing slightly. His friends looked worriedly at him.

"I'm fine, guys. I was only thinking." He reassured them.

He smiled again as they seemed to relax.

"Hey, Harry, Ron, Hermione!" Neville said smiling as he opened the compartment door. He was holding hands with his girlfriend Luna. Everybody smiled at each other and Harry moved his legs to make room for Seamus and Dean who had followed Neville into the compartment.
Hours seemed to go by as each of them talked and made jokes. It almost felt to Harry as if nothing even happened last year and that for once, he was a normal teenage boy. Well, almost normal.

Since the end of the war, Harry had lost almost all of his feelings towards Ginny, his girlfriend, who was also Ron's younger sister.

At first Harry had thought he felt different towards her because of what was going on around him. But he soon realized that his feelings for her really had changed. He was terrified to tell Ron or Ginny this because he knew the Weasley temper- and it was a short fuse to blow it.

But strangely, somehow Hermione had figured out that Harry had not loved Ginny, though he once had, and very deeply.
He confessed to her that he did not love Ginny anymore. It was Hermione who had convinced Harry to let Ginny know of his feelings.
Harry was downright scared to tell her. He stuttered and paused and cursed at himself as he told Ginny of his true feelings for her. When he had stopped talking, Ginny was silent.

He looked into her eyes and noticed -with a shock I might add- that Ginny was nodding, with a small smile on her face!

Harry was utterly confused.

"Gin?" He had asked her unsure of misinterpreting the smile for something else.

"Harry, honestly. I know you expected me to be angry with you. But I promise I'm not. The reason I had got back together with you was because I didn't want Ron to blame you for 'breaking his sisters' heart'" She said smiling.

Harry had let out a sigh of relief. "And...you're okay with this?" He asked unsure.
"Of course, Harry! I'll let Ron know that I broke up with you so he wont kill you." She said teasingly. Harry chuckled.

All too soon, as the friendly group were having fun, laughing and playing around, there came a voice from the compartment next to them and they all scowled, well, all of them, expect Harry and Hermione. Sitting next door to them, was none other than Draco Malfoy.

"...Zabini, I do not care what the bloody hell you did over the summer with Parkinson. She's a bloody cow and I have no effin idea what the hell you see in her." The group heard Malfoy growl at his best friend.

Harry smiled secretly to himself as he remembered the owl that he had gotten from that blond haired boy. It was quite a shock to Harry when that brilliant owl came pecking at his window in the early hours of twilight one summer morning this past summer.

It was a few days after his eighteenth birthday. Harry was sitting in Sirius's old bedroom, reading a magazine. He had looked up curiously as he heard the familiar peck- peck of an owl tapping on the glass. He had thought that the owl was from Hermione or Ron, but had remembered that neither of them had an eagle owl.
He had stood up quickly and opened the window, letting the owl inside. The owl flew gracefully once around the small bedroom and then landed on Harry's shoulder. He stuck out his leg and Harry quickly grabbed the letter that was attached and the owl flew quickly- but just as gracefully- out of the open window.

He had looked curiously at the bundle of parchment in his hand and turned it around. With a slight shock, he had realised that the letter was from Draco Malfoy himself.
His Gryffindor curiosity taking over him, he opened the letter and began to read the letter that would change his view of his sworn enemy for the last seven years.

As he had finished reading the letter, he only felt grateful and kindness towards Draco. He was thankful that his mother had saved his life. He was thankful that she hadn't turned him to Voldemort. He was thankful for Draco saving his life at the Manor by not identifying him, though he knew Draco could tell it was himself.

As Harry was lost in his many thoughts he had realised that his friends around him were changing into their school robes. Harry quickly stood up and started to change into his own.
The rest of the journey to Hogwarts, Harry had joined in with their friends conversation.

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